Maximize My Social Security Software

When Would Be The Best Time To Purchase Your Software?

Currently near age 59 and my wife near age 58, when would be the best time for us to purchase your software for evaluating our best case retirement strategies?


It's never to early to start planning for retirement, so you might want to start now. However, you can't apply for Social Security retirement or spousal benefits until age 62, so you could probably wait a while if the $40 per annum fee doesn't fit in your budget.

Best, Jerry

Would Your Software Help Us?

Hi Larry, I already purchased, read and highlighted your book, "GET WHAT'S YOURS". I retired 8 years ago and get my regular full SS retirement benefit. My wife still works at age 74 and will retire soon. During a period when she was unemployed, she applied for "early" SS retirement benefits at age 62, but later went back to work and now draws a reduced SS retirement benefit. I will happily purchase your computer program "Maximize My Social Security" if there is any way now to "maximize our social security" benefits. If I can't then there is no point.

How Can I Determine How Much My Social Security Benefit Will Be?

I am a Canadian, but found myself working the last years of my working life in the USA. If I work for 4 more years I will have 10 years into SS & eligible for a pension at age 66. I am wondering how/where I can find out what the estimated pension would be. I tried the calculator on the SS site, but it is hard to work, as it assumes you have been working for 40+ years, and I couldn't input just the years I had worked. Thanks, Gail

Hi Gail,

What Is That One Weird Trick to Get an Extra $1,000 per Month?

Hi, how do i apply for that extra $1000 benefit that i read recently to my social security check that is on page 9 of the Franklin Prosperity Report. Thanks, Calvin

Calvin, don't believe everything you read or hear about Social Security. Our software will show you how to maximize your lifetime household benefits and lets you enter other what-if scenarios to see how they compare to the maximized results and to each other. Thanks, John

Will Maximize My Social Security Software Handle A Disabled Child?

I am 60 now and I have a 27 y/o son with mental retardation. He is on SSI and has never earned any
wages. I plan on taking early retirement at 62 because my son will be able to draw 1/2 of the amount I would get if I retired at 65.
Will your program handle this special case? I need it to figure in family max when my wife retires and what my son will get after one or both of us die.
My wife and I have both worked our whole life.
It is very difficult to plan retirement for 30-40 years after you die.
Joe Potts

Can the Software Consider Our Situation?

Hi, I am 65 and began taking social security at 62. My wife is 63 and has not begun taking it yet. She receives a state pension for her time working for a city government (not paying into ss in those years), but has also accrued some benefits in the private sector over the years qualifying her for social security (well under $2,000 per month). Should she earn more in the private sector over the next few years to beef up the ss benefit significantly? If so, how many months should she earn this higher income?