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Would The Maximization Software Be Of Any Benefit To Me If I'm Already Drawing Benefits?

I turned 66 in January and had been on disability towards the end of 2016 because of a surgery - I was going to extend the disability but was told that when I turned 66 my disability would trigger my receiving social security instead. Even though my long term plan had been to wait until I was 70 to draw (continuing to work-I am self employed- until then once healed from surgery) . Thus my question is since I am already drawing would the Maximize My Social Security be of any benefit to me. I get conflicting information from the SS Office regularly.


Is The Social Security Calculator In The Maxifi Program?

Is the social security calculator in the maxifi program or do I need to prchase two separate programs?


The Maxifi program contains the same Social Security calculator as the regular Maximize My Social Security program, plus many additional features. Please click on this link for more information:

Best, Jerry

Which Of Your Software Options Would Be Best For Me?

Hi Larry, i was given your website by a dear friend and was thinking
I would perhaps like to buy one of the 2 financial planners you have;
Maximize my SS or Maxfit
I am a 63 year's old single, never married woman with low income (salesperson) from Brooklyn. I have
NO pension, no assets and little savings...Maxfit looks like it's for people with more financial heft?
Thank you,


Hi Kay,

Does Your Software Consider Start, Stop, Start Strategies?

Does your software provide for a Start, Stop, Start analysis?


Yes, the software can analyze all of your options and determine the best filing strategy based on your individual set of circumstances. By the way, for other readers start, stop, start refers to filing for benefits and then suspending them at full retirement age or later, then resuming them at age 70.

Best, Jerry

What Can We Do With The Software?

Larry, we just purchased your software license for households. My wife and I would like to know about different scenarios--such as I take SSA at 62, or FRA, even age 70--and my wife take it at different times at FRA,while I take it as above, or she waits till age 70, that possible with the software. We were overwhelmed with all the numbers....


Ron and Bets

Hi Ron & Bets,

Does My Wife Need To Wait A Year To Apply For Spousal Benefits?

I am 65 , DOB 2/9/1952, My wife is 66, DOB 2/9/1951. She did not work she was a homemaker with our 5 children. Does she need to wait one year until I reach 66, my FRA, to apply for her spousal benefits. I purchased your software. On the What If annual benefits it shows a full earnings deduction of all of our Social security benefits this year. It appears she should wait one year. I am thinking of applying for both our benefits next year and putting the money in my 401k.


What If I Have A Question About Calculations Made By The Software?

Hi Larry,
I am fun of your publications since 2014. I am 66 and my husband is 67. We are still working and planning to do so for couple more years. My current spousal benefit is $1,109. It was $1,106 in 2016 based on $2,212 PIA for my husband.
I am using your software for the second year and I just found a discrepancy. Per your calculation, my spousal benefit for 2017 should be $1,132 not $1,109. I hope it is not an error!