What Can We Do With The Software?

Feb 27 2017 - 6:15am

Larry, we just purchased your software license for households. My wife and I would like to know about different scenarios--such as I take SSA at 62, or FRA, even age 70--and my wife take it at different times at FRA,while I take it as above, or she waits till age 70,etc....is that possible with the software. We were overwhelmed with all the numbers....


Ron and Bets

Hi Ron & Bets,

Yes, you can run all of the various scenarios you mentioned using the software. The filing options available to you differ depending upon your ages, but the software can handle virtually any set of variables.

If you have specific questions about use of the software or about the results you receive, please submit your questions via the online contact form on the help page.

Best, Jerry