Would It Make Sense For Me To Purchase Your Program?

Jan 5 2017 - 6:30am

Does it even make sense for me to purchase your program to determine if claiming divorced spousal benefits would be recommended for me? I just read the new edition of "Get What's Yours," so I know I'm not grandparented from the new 2015 rules. I do know that I qualifty for divorced spouse benefits by length of marriage and time of divorce. I'm born 07/57 and my former spouse 11/65. I retired in 2014 and believe she had higher earnings for at least the last ten years and probably plans on working until her FRA. But due to the age difference, I'd actually turn 70 before she turns 62 the same year so if I have to wait until she claims her benefit it there would be no advantage in looking into a divorced spouse benefit - right? If that is the case, my next decision is claiming my own benefit early, waiting until FRA or waiting until 70. Your book is very interesting and I'm trying to figure out the numbers to my best advantage.


Even if divorced spousal benefits aren't in the picture for you, the maximization software may help you with your decision on when to apply for your own benefits. It allows you to run multiple 'what-if' scenarios based on your own projections of lifespan, future earnings and inflation, which should help you immensely in deciding on the best time to start drawing benefits.

Regarding divorced spousal benefits, your ex-wife would have to be at least age 62 or receiving Social Security disability benefits for you to be potentially eligible. And, your own full retirement age benefit rate would have to be less than half of hers. However, if she dies before you, you could be eligible for as much as her full rate as a surviving divorced spouse. Refer to the following reference for more information: https://www.ssa.gov/planners/retire/divspouse.html.

Best, Jerry