Does Your Calculator Include SSDI For Disabled Child Calculations?

Nov 28 2018 - 3:33pm

Does the calculator include SSDI for disabled child calculations? Will they be based on the higher earning parent only or will the benefit change once both parents retire?


Yes, our calculator can compute both Social Security disability benefits (SSDI) and disabled adult child's (DAC) benefits, as well as the combined benefit rate if a person qualifies for both types of benefits (i.e. dual entitlement). A person who is dually entitled can only draw the higher of the 2 benefit rates, though, not both.

A child can only qualify for DAC benefits on the record of a parent who is receiving Social Security retirement or disability benefits. If both parents are drawing Social Security retirement or disability benefits, the child could only be paid on the higher of the 2 records. However, if the child is eligible for benefits on more than one parent's account, the family maximum limit on those records could be combined in order to potentially allow more total family benefits to be paid. Our software can handle all of those scenarios, including combined family maximum cases.

Best, Jerry