Would An Up To Date Analysis Benefit Me?

Apr 15 2018 - 6:13pm

I purchased your program back in 2014, but did not renew. I will turn 69 this year. I filed and suspended for benefits. My wife will turn 69 this year. Since 2015 she has been drawing benefits based on me having filed and suspended. I plan to continue suspending benefits until next year. I am planning to repurchase your program to have the benefit of a 1 hour consultation. I would like assurance that there is still some benefit in purchasing an up to date analysis from your company. Thanks, Walter

Hi Walter,

I don't know what type of information you'd be seeking, but it sounds like you are probably already on the right track. I just answer the general questions submitted via this forum, though, so I don't have access to the data that you previously entered into the software program nor your results.

Re-subscribing would permit you to update your results to include your recent earnings, which would likely give you a more accurate calculation of the benefit rate that you can expect to receive. You could also double check to make sure that your strategy is sound, but the results that you previously received should almost certainly still be reliable in that respect.

Best, Jerry