Divorced Spousal Benefits

Can I Get Additional Benefits From My Husband's Record?

Hello. My husband and I separated after 32 years of marriage. I retired and started drawing SS at age 62. Ex husband is still working and not drawing. We are both 66 years of age. Divorce finalized in 2013. Can I now increase my benefits by the amount using the formula of half of my ex husbands full amount minus my present amount? I called SS and got a very quick “no” even before I could state all of the above info. Thought I’d ask a knowledgeable independent source. Thank you.


Can I Collect On My Ex-Wife's Record If She's Age 62 And Not Yet Drawing Benefits?

I am 63 1/2 years old I collect Social Security disability my ex-wife who I was married to for 30 years been divorced now for six or seven years she just turned 62 in December can I collect on her Social Security since she will get more she is still working and plans to retire at 66 do I have to wait


Does My Ex-Husband Have To File For His Benefits Before I Can File For Ex-Spousal Benefits?

My ex-husband turns 62 in May and I am hoping to begin collecting ex-spousal Social Security benefits at that point. I have been given conflicting statements about whether or not he needs to have filed for benefits before I can file for them. Is it necessary that my ex has filed for his SS benefits before I can file for ex-spousal benefits? (We were married for 24 years and I am not remarried.) Thank you for your help

Hi Wendy,

How Can I Receive My Ex-Husband's Benefits?

Hi Larry..my question is how can I received my ex husband's benefits...we were married 10 years and I am now remarried but am considering divorcing and remarrying to receive a better benefit..I am 53 and on disability. I have heard that I need to divorce before age 60 and remarrying after 62...my husband is a citizen of another country..your help is appreciated..Thank you