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Divorced Spousal Benefits

What Am I Entitled To?

I married my ex-husband in 1998. We divorced in 2016. With nothing. We moved 9 time while I had to quit school 3 times, to follow his career. I was forbidden to work outside the home. Two children, whom I was a single married parent to. He traveled all over, once living 16-18 months in a different state. We filed taxes together. So where does a full time mother, with no vacation, no sick days, taxi driver, house keeper, dog sitter, fall in the tax bracket. I was with him when we had nothing. Now he is President of a pharmaceutical company.

Monday, December 28, 2020 - 09:40

Will I Still Be Able To Collect On My Ex-Husband's SS When I Retire At Age 62?

I was married to my ex husband for 16 years. I am now 60, he is 63. Due to Covid he was let go from his job and is now filing to collect his SS. We have an adult disabled daughter who was just cleared to collect on his SS as a DAC. My question is will I still be able to collect on my ex husbands SS when I retire at 62?


Sunday, December 6, 2020 - 09:16

Is It Possible For Me To Obtain A Spouse Benefit With Regard To My Ex-Husband's Social Security?

I lived with a man for 10 years and then we married. We were married for another four or five years before divorcing. Is it possible for me to obtain a "spouse" benefit with regard to his Social Security benefits? We signed a prenuptial agreement when we moved in together. I quit work when we moved in together so it cut into my social security contributions. His high income would really help increase my social security benefits. Thank you.


Sunday, October 25, 2020 - 08:24

Am I Entitled To Any Of My Ex-Husband's Social Security Or Pension?

Hi Larry, I was married March 11, 1987, in Brooklyn, New York..Was divorced September 1995.. I had an accident at work, 9/9/12 and sustained back, ankle and knee injuries.. Due to my injuries I was forced out on early social security... I’m 63 and my exHusband is 65. He has been collecting his pension for the pas 9 years, I don’t have a pension.. Am I entitled to any of his social security or pension??


Sunday, October 4, 2020 - 17:26
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