Divorced Spousal Benefits

Is It True That I Can Receive Half Of My Ex's Benefits Even If He Remarries?

So, I was married for 20 years and have been divorced for 3 years. I am 60.5 years old. My ex is 55 and will not be retiring soon. I was told even if he remarries, which he is planning to do since ge just got engaged, that I can still recieve 1/2 of his benefits. Is this true, and when would I need to wait till. I know if I wanted to start at 62 years ut would be less, but the money would really help me. What if I plan to remarry before 62. Any advice?


Does It Matter That My PIA Is Higher Than My Divorced Spousal Rate?

Will soon be 66, I was born prior to Jan. 2, 1954 and haven't started receiving any benefits yet. If applying for divorced spousal benefits, (1/2 of ex's PIA) and want to wait and then at 70 start receiving my benefits. Does it matter if my PIA at 66 is larger than the divorced spousal benefit? Just want to do what is best and will help me out financially in the long run. Ex is 70+. Divorced for 20+, never remarried. Thanks for your knowledge. Have a good weekend.


Can I Apply For Benefits On My Ex's Record At Age 66 And Then Apply For Mine At Age 70?

Getting ready to apply for social security this year @ 66 and want to know if can apply for ex's (married 10 +) portion (1/2 of his), he is 7 yrs older, and let then apply for mine at 70. How to find out if his is higher, or does this impact my situation? Thank you in advance for your time.


Can I Get Benefits From Any Of My Ex's?

Can I collect Social security from any of these men? Help me figure it out..

I am 69 Retired at 65, 2015 from US Postal Service. after 29 years of service. I receive CRS Postal Pension and 1/2 of my social security benefits.

I divorced EX # 1 after 1 year (1971). He died at age 64 ( 2 months shy of 65).

I remarried 3 years later (1974). #2 is 74 now retired. receiving Social Security
I divorced EX #2 after 30 years( 2004).

Must I Wait Until My Ex-Husband Turns 63 To Get Half Of His Benefit?

Two questions:
My ex-husband is 8 years younger than I, and I am 68. We were married 28 years. I started taking benefits when I turned 65-my benefit is minimal, as he was the main breadwinner. Is it true that I have to wait until he turns 63, and then I will get half of his benefit?

2nd question: I have a small state retirement benefit (Colorado PERA), and my SS is reduced as per the bogus "Windfall Provision". Is there any hope that that will go away? And, when I do receive his benefit, will it also be reduced per the Windfall Provision?

Can I Still Collect Off Of My Ex-Spouse's Record If I'm Living With Someone?

Hi....my question is: I was married to my 1st husband for 18 years then we divorced. I have not remarried but have lived with someone for 13 years in Oklahoma. I dont plan on getting married. So when my ex husband and i reach retirement age.....can i still collect off of his SS?
THANK YOU.....Kristin

Hi Kristin,

Will My Ex Be Able To Claim A Divorced Spousal Benefit Even Though I Became Eligible For Social Security After We Divorced?

Hi Larry,
I worked for the government most of my life. I married (over 10yrs) and then divorced. After the divorce I retired from the government and began to work in the private sector. I was able to earn the last of my 40 credits for a social security benefit at that time.
I understand that any social security benefit to me will be offset by my pension. I am 62 and plan to wait to file for social security at 70. My question is:

What Are My Options For Collecting Auxiliary Benefits Now?

I was born in 1956 and I am 64 now. I have been divorced after being married over 10 years and i am
unmarried. My ex spouse is 63 and has been on SSDI . What are my options for collecting auxilliary benefits now versus waiting until full retirement, and how does each choice effect benefits in the present and going forward.
What happens in either case to the auxillary benefit if I wait to collect at 70. What happens
to my auxillary benefit if she does the same when she turns 65?