Divorced Spousal Benefits

Will My Wife Be Eligible For Benefits On Her Ex-Husband's Record?

My wife and I are both divorced. I am an educator and draw teacher retirement. I do have 40 quarters in SS but do not have significant contributions. My windfall offset will eliminate any SS benefit that I would recieve. We both remarried after 30 years in prior marriages but we were both under 60 years of age when we remarried. Will my current spouse be eligible for her ex husbands SS benefit or widow benefits at any point? After I die or h the ex dies or after both of us pass on?


Will I Be Able To Benefits On My Ex-Husband's Record If I Divorce And Remarry My Current Husband?

I called SS and I'm entitled to x husbands ss benifits but I remarried and would need to get divorced from my second marriage to receive benefits from 1st marriage, can I do this and get remarried again to same husband to get the benefits,I think so I'm 65 years old and need the extra income and husband now doesn't have enough to ever receive from his, the SS office told me that. My question is do people do that ?


Can I Collect Divorced Spousal Benefits On My First Husband's Record If I Get Divorced From My Second Husband?

I have read GET WHAT'S YOURS, revised edition. I still have some questions to ensure I make the best decisions. I am legally separated from my second husband. I know in the eyes of S.S. this is still considered being married. The reason for being legally separated rather than divorced is strictly for health care coverage provided by my husbands employer. The plan is to divorce when I qualify for medicare when I turn 66 y 4m. I am currently 61. My 2nd husband is currently 63 and intends to wait until 70 to draw SS benefits.

Was The Information I Received From Social Security Correct?

I was born in May, 1952 and my ex-husband in September, 1952. We were married for 31 years and have been divorced for 5. I am still working, I do not know if he still is. As I will be 66 this year I would like to claim on his record and continue to work until I am 68 or so (as I am in my highest earning years) and I need to pay off my mortgage. Then when I retire, I would claim on my record which by then should exceed my ex husband's.

Can I File For Divorced Spousal Benefits When I Reach FRA Or Do I Have To Wait Until My Ex Reaches FRA?

2 Questions:
1. I'm 6 months older than my ex. Can I apply for spousal benefits when I reach FRA (66), or do I have to wait 6 months until he turns 66?
2. I've never had a non-social security job, but my ex has. As part of our divorce, I'm entitled to a portion of his govt. pension. Will 2/3 of the amount I get from his pension be deducted from spousal benefits(GPO)?


What Benefit Increase Can My Wife Claim After We Divorce?

My wife took early Social Security benefits at age 62 (about $850 a month). I was 74 and drawing full social security ($2400). We are in the process of getting a divorce (married 20 years). What benefit increase can she claim after the divorce? What benefit can she claim in the future when I die? I have read the "deeming" rules and am totally confused. Is she stuck with $850 a month for the rest of her life after being married to me for 20 years?


Can I Get Additional Benefits From My Husband's Record?

Hello. My husband and I separated after 32 years of marriage. I retired and started drawing SS at age 62. Ex husband is still working and not drawing. We are both 66 years of age. Divorce finalized in 2013. Can I now increase my benefits by the amount using the formula of half of my ex husbands full amount minus my present amount? I called SS and got a very quick “no” even before I could state all of the above info. Thought I’d ask a knowledgeable independent source. Thank you.