Divorced Spousal Benefits

Does Social Security's Statement About Divorced Spousal Benefits Refer Only To People Not Getting Their Own Benefits?

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My question is in regards to divorced spousal benefits:
According to SS's website (https://www.ssa.gov/planners/retire/divspouse.html), at age 62 I will become eligible for this benefit as I meet all the criteria. The wording on the site, however, is confusing.

Could My Wife Qualify For Divorced Spousal Benefit On Her First Husband's Record If We Divorce?

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We have computed that my wife's SSA RI benefits will be less than her divorced spousal benefits would be from her first marriage. I understand that she cannot claim these benefits, if she remarries, which she has. My question is: Would she be able to claim divorced spousal benefits from her first marriage, if she and I were to divorce? We've been married 5 years. She was married to her first husband for 27 years. Thanks.


Can I Qualify As Having A Child In Care If The Child Is Now An Adult And Disabled?

I wrote to you several days ago. I appreciate you answering me. I am having a difficult time with social security. I am already 62 and my ex will be 62 soon. I have a couple more questions.. I have two disable boys, one is 17 and one is 25. The older one is on SSI, the younger isn't because my income, unearned, is too high. However he has been on SSI in the past. If my income were earned, he would qualify now, as the income for earned income is higher. However, the boys needs are too great for me to be employed.

Will My Friend Qualify For Any Type Of Benefits When She Turns Age 62?

a friend of mine who is 61 years old was married for 25 years and a did not work much during her life but raised 5 children and was a stay at home mom. Now she is divorced from that man. She remarried at age 54 but that marriage ended after 5 or 6 years. Does she qualify for any type of SS benefit at all once she turns 62? She never had a career and does not get alimony and finds herself in dire straights right now. thanks in advance, pc

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When Can I Start Collecting Off Of My Ex-Husband?

I am going on 60 years old next month and I get SSI disability when can I start collecting off of my ex-husband I was married to him for 24 years


If your ex-husband is living, the earliest that you could qualify for divorced spousal benefits is at age 62. You would also need to meet the other requirements for entitlement: https://www.ssa.gov/OP_Home/handbook/handbook.03/handbook-0311.html.

Can I Collect On My Ex-Spouse's Social Security Record?

I will be 65 in August. I was just laid off ($50K) yr job. I was married Sept 1979 divorced Jul 1989
1. Can I collect my spouse's SSN? At least until I am 66?
2. If I take another lower paying job I assume it will not increase my SSN by waiting until 70?
3. What time period do I have to apply? Someone told me three months before your birthday?
4. Is that for Medicare also?
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Is There Any Way That I Can Draw On My Ex-Wife's Record?

I am 72 year old Retired Navy Vet. I started collecting SS when I turned 62. I was married to my first wife for 34 years. We were divorced in 2001. I remarried when I was 61. She waited until she was at full retirement age to draw her SS, which is considerably more than mine. I believe she was drawing on my SS while she built hers. Is there any way I can draw on her SS now that she has turned 70 and drawing her own?


Do I Have To Take Benefits On My Ex-Husband's Record?

I am on SSI and SA, I was told by Social Security that when my ex-husband reaches age 62 this Nov., because we were married over 10 years, I will be eligible for a percent of his SSI. I am only getting about $760. a month and I have Medicaid. My ex-husband is a Civil Engineer. I have 2 questions;
1. Do I have to take his SSI?
2. What is th e4cap on income before they take Medicaid away in WV?
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