Divorced Spousal Benefits

Can I Qualify For Benefits On Either Of My Ex's Records?

I am getting ready to turn 60 I know I can't draw till at least 62. I was married twice to the same guy. Those marriages lasted Less Than 3 years each (approximately 6 yrs total.) I remarried, that marriage lasted less than 4 years. I've never remarried. When I turn 62 can I draw on either one of my husband's Social Security? right now they are both alive but I think they are disabled I'm not sure how would I find that out. Please help. Thank you for your time.


How Would A Remarriage Affect My Benefits?

If I remarry, could that lower the amount of my social security retirement check, as compared to if I remained single? Does my age at the time of remarrying, also affect my benefit amount? I am 59, my ex spouse worked and earned less than I did during the course of our 20 year marriage, and my current boyfriend has been steadily employed his entire adult life and makes about twice as much as I do. Lastly, would my ex spouse benefit in any way from my remarrying?


When Can I Apply For Benefits On My Ex-Husband's Record?

Hi Larry I was married from July 1995. To november of 2007.. I was in an abusive marriage and divorced however in December 2007 I got brain disease and tumors.. I was a stay at home mother most of the time but was on my way to earning my nursing degree.. 3 months shy and was working as a student nurse when this happened as a result of seizures from brain disease I can't work and have been collecting social security disability benefits around 990 per month.since 2008 or 2009. I have never remarried ... My ex husband is 5 years younger than me..

Do I Have To Wait 2 Years After My Divorce To Receive Anything?

hi. i really need your help. i didn't apply for social security because i thought if i didn't need it why drain system! so, i waited till 70 years old- 2016 and applied for deferred spousal benefits-and same time, my husband decided divorce me. so, i got social security from july 2016 till now- and my question is...... final divorce date will be next month october 2017. even though i have been receiving benefits for year now do i have to wait 2 years after my divorce to receive anything? thanks sooo much.


Will I Be Able To Get Divorced Spousal Benefits?

Hello and thanks for you help
.My spouse of 18 years and I are divorcing. I am 66 and have been collecting S S since I was 64 . He encouraged me to take early retirement at 62 and early S S, which I did at 64. I am also collecting a my small work retirement. Each of these benefits were reduced around 30% due to our joint decision.He planned to take his benefit at 70. He is 67 now.

Can I Get Divorced Spousal Benefits On A Previous Ex-Spouse If I Get Divorced?

Larry, I can't get an answer. I am remarried.

If We get divorecd I am 64 can I then take my ex husbands ss. Yes we we re married 11 years. Can my husband and I re marry or sign partnership papers after the divorce? When should I start collecting? does it make a difference. I'm desperate but can't get answer's This will help my family my husband and I are desperatly hanging on.

Thank you... Joanna

Hi Joanna,

Can My Wife Get Medicare Coverage Based On My Work History?

Dear Larry,
I am now an immigrant with greencard. I plan to divorce soon. I and my wife have a marriage of more than 40 years. I have been earning SS credits since I got green card. I am 71 years old and my wife 72. I can have 40 SS credits in 2021 to meet the SS credit requirements in order to enjoy medicare as ordinary American seniors. My question is if my wife ( divorced status in 2021 ) can enjoy the medicare as I because of our 40 year marriage ?
Thank you.


Can I File For Benefits On My Ex-Husband's Record Even If He Hasn't Yet Filed?

I am almost 69, so could have started taking social security at age 66 but I was planning to take it at 70 so it would be at its max. At age 66 I looked into the idea of claiming on the basis of my ex-husband's earnings (we were married 13 years) but it looked like I could only do that if his social security benefits were higher than mine. He told me that because of the total taxed social security earnings ceiling he thought we would each get the same amount. However that ceiling in 2017 is $127,200. I'm sure he exceeded that but I didn't.