Divorced Spousal Benefits

Can I Receive Disability Benefits On My First Wife's Income?

I was married for 17 years, remarried at 50 and separated at 60. My second wife and I have not yet divorced. My first wife is older than I and already drawing Social Security. My second wife is much younger than I am. Am I able to file disability on my first wife's income if separated from my second wife? If not, would I be able to if my second wife and I actually divorced? My social security based on me alone will only be about $450, I am also disabled and receiving SSI. I turn 62 in July.


How Much And When Could I Receive Benefits From My Ex-Spouse's Record?

I took early S S benefits at 62. My X spouse and I were married 17.5 years. I understand that after 2 years of divorce I may be entitled to some of his benefits. How much and when?
When he reached 70 and begins to take his benefit? Or, two years from the divorce when he is 68 and has not yet taken his benefits? thanks so much!


How Much Of My Ex-Spouse's Benefit Rate Could I Receive?

I see I can collect off my ex-spouses amount. I am not clear if it can collect ALL his amt or only HALF. I am 66, he is 67. There is a section on SSA benefits site under "Divorced Spouses" saying if you were married 10 years, and divorced for 2, were born before 1954 and are both entitled to benefits than I can receive my ex-spouses amount. Again, full amt or half? Half of my ex-spouses is not more than mine. But his full amount is more than mine. I am still working, waiting to reach the "divorced for 2 years" to arrive.


When Can I File On My Ex-Husband's Record?

I have been divorced for 4 years now and i was married for 34 years. I received 1/2 of 401k and 1/2 of pension plan just this year. My ex-husband is planning to file for early retirement at age 62. Will I be able to file as well or will I have to wait until I am 65 years of age ? Also, will this 401K and pension affect me when I do file on his benefits as to how much I will receive or will I automatically receive 50% of his benefits? And when could I file on his benefits because I am not making enough income to survive.

Will My Wife Be Eligible For Benefits On Her Ex-Husband's Record?

My wife and I are both divorced. I am an educator and draw teacher retirement. I do have 40 quarters in SS but do not have significant contributions. My windfall offset will eliminate any SS benefit that I would recieve. We both remarried after 30 years in prior marriages but we were both under 60 years of age when we remarried. Will my current spouse be eligible for her ex husbands SS benefit or widow benefits at any point? After I die or h the ex dies or after both of us pass on?


Will I Be Able To Benefits On My Ex-Husband's Record If I Divorce And Remarry My Current Husband?

I called SS and I'm entitled to x husbands ss benifits but I remarried and would need to get divorced from my second marriage to receive benefits from 1st marriage, can I do this and get remarried again to same husband to get the benefits,I think so I'm 65 years old and need the extra income and husband now doesn't have enough to ever receive from his, the SS office told me that. My question is do people do that ?