Divorced Spousal Benefits

When Can I Start Collecting Off Of My Ex-Husband?

I am going on 60 years old next month and I get SSI disability when can I start collecting off of my ex-husband I was married to him for 24 years


If your ex-husband is living, the earliest that you could qualify for divorced spousal benefits is at age 62. You would also need to meet the other requirements for entitlement: https://www.ssa.gov/OP_Home/handbook/handbook.03/handbook-0311.html.

Can I Collect On My Ex-Spouse's Social Security Record?

I will be 65 in August. I was just laid off ($50K) yr job. I was married Sept 1979 divorced Jul 1989
1. Can I collect my spouse's SSN? At least until I am 66?
2. If I take another lower paying job I assume it will not increase my SSN by waiting until 70?
3. What time period do I have to apply? Someone told me three months before your birthday?
4. Is that for Medicare also?
Thank you!


Is There Any Way That I Can Draw On My Ex-Wife's Record?

I am 72 year old Retired Navy Vet. I started collecting SS when I turned 62. I was married to my first wife for 34 years. We were divorced in 2001. I remarried when I was 61. She waited until she was at full retirement age to draw her SS, which is considerably more than mine. I believe she was drawing on my SS while she built hers. Is there any way I can draw on her SS now that she has turned 70 and drawing her own?


Do I Have To Take Benefits On My Ex-Husband's Record?

I am on SSI and SA, I was told by Social Security that when my ex-husband reaches age 62 this Nov., because we were married over 10 years, I will be eligible for a percent of his SSI. I am only getting about $760. a month and I have Medicaid. My ex-husband is a Civil Engineer. I have 2 questions;
1. Do I have to take his SSI?
2. What is th e4cap on income before they take Medicaid away in WV?
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Hi Tamara,

Can I Receive Disability Benefits On My First Wife's Income?

I was married for 17 years, remarried at 50 and separated at 60. My second wife and I have not yet divorced. My first wife is older than I and already drawing Social Security. My second wife is much younger than I am. Am I able to file disability on my first wife's income if separated from my second wife? If not, would I be able to if my second wife and I actually divorced? My social security based on me alone will only be about $450, I am also disabled and receiving SSI. I turn 62 in July.


How Much And When Could I Receive Benefits From My Ex-Spouse's Record?

I took early S S benefits at 62. My X spouse and I were married 17.5 years. I understand that after 2 years of divorce I may be entitled to some of his benefits. How much and when?
When he reached 70 and begins to take his benefit? Or, two years from the divorce when he is 68 and has not yet taken his benefits? thanks so much!