Divorced Spousal Benefits

Can I Collect Divorced Spousal Benefits When I Turn Age 66 And Still Work Full Time?

My birthday is 9-6-52. I am currently working full time and plan to continue so for another year. I make approximately 94,000 per year.
Can I collect divorce spousal benefits when I turn 66 and still work full time? I was married more than 10 years, and divorced more than two. My ex is currently collecting benefits on his record. Thank you


Is It True That Social Security Benefits Can Never Be Reduced?

Is it true that SS benefits paid to a person cannot ever decrease? Both my now-wife and I were receiving divorced-spousal benefits before we married. After we married, we have both continued to receive these under the POMS RS 00202.045 exception. My wife turns 70 four months before I do and will switch to her own SS retirement benefit at that time, which will have accrued DRCs.

What Should I Do Next?

independently divorced spouse benefit, approved, then denied. we divorced 12/2017, I was FRA, she was 7 months shy of FRA. I spoke to someone at SSA who said that because we were both eligible for benefits in the month before divorce, the 2-years divorced waiting period wold not apply, and received an email stating this, so I applied. 3 weeks later when I called I was told application had been approved and should receive a letter shortly.

When Can I Start Collecting Benefits On My Ex-Husband's Record?

I am 62 in September. I was married over 10 years. He is 6 years younger. Can I start collecting off him under spousal benefits? And can I start collecting when I turn 62? Or do I have to wait till he filess for social security before I can collect from him? Do I get to draw from his earning now or just the years I was married to him? Could you please explain ? Thank you , Sabrina

Hi Sabrina,

Can I Collect Anything From My Ex-Husband's Social Security?

i am collecting social security disability. I am 55yrs old. Can i collect anything from my exhusbands social security.


If your ex is living, the earliest that you could potentially qualify for divorced spousal benefits is at age 62. If your ex is deceased, then you may qualify for disabled survivor benefits now if you meet all of the requirements: https://www.ssa.gov/OP_Home/handbook/handbook.04/handbook-0403.html.

Best, Jerry

Can I Collect On My Husband's Retirement Even Though I Received SSDI?

I started receiving SSDI benefits at age 58; I am now 67 and retired. My husband, who I am in the process of divorcing after 15 years, just retired at age 66. Can I collect on his retirement even though I received SSDI benefits? I was told by a financial advisor that I cannot unless he dies. Please confirm. Thank you.


Can I Draw Spousal Benefits While I'm Still Working?

Is It Possible To Draw Spousal benefits from Social Security based on a 12 year marriage and divorce while I am still working? I am age 67, still working full-time, but planning to collect Social Security Benefits based on my own earnings when I retire.

My Ex is age 63, on disability, and collecting additional spousal benefits based on our 12-year marriage. Although legally divorced in 2011, we still live in the same Condo because she is dealing with advanced Myeloma Cancer.