Divorced Spousal Benefits

Does My Ex-Wife Continue Receiving The Money She Got Before Our Divorce?

I am on disability, my children receive benefits, my ex wife does as well. Social security agent told me she got caretaker benefits no spousal. I got divorced last year and was granted full custody of the children. I am now their representative payee. Does my ex wife continue receiving the money she got before? Or does she lose the benefits and the amount she was getting split and given to my 2 children?


Why Was I Not Allowed To Take Social Security Off Of My Ex-Husband?

Hi! I went into the Social Security office in April 2015 at age 63. I specifically asked the representative if I could collect off of my ex-spouses SS since we had been married over 10 years. She told me that because he was on SS disability I did not qualify to receive any monies from his SS. I ended up having to take an early retirement because of health issues and 3 years later was SS disability for myself.

When Can I Start Drawing As An Ex-Spouse If I'm Disabled?

I am 58 and my husband is 66. He is thinking about retiring within the next two years, and we are divorcing within the next year. I am disabled and have received SSDI for the past 12 years. From what I understand, I can draw off of my spouse's retirement benefits as a survivor at an earlier age if I am disabled, but when can I start drawing off of his benefits as an ex spouse if I am disabled? My current SSDI benefits are less than $700 a month because I spent more of my life raising children and tending to the household instead of working outside of the home.

Is There Any Way That I Can Collect From My Ex-Wife's Record Before She Turns Age 62?

Hi! I am 62 this March 15th! My Ex-wife is 53 today Feb. 7th! Married from Sept. 18th/1993--Dec.18th 2014! Married in Ontario, Canada and Divorced in Michigan. I know I can collect eventually as I have friends who have done this before! She started to work in Michigan in 2001 and is still working and living in the US since then! Is there any way I can collect before I'm 71 and she is 62??


Will I Receive Half Of My Ex-Husband's Social Security?

I have bern divorced for 5 years, but was married for 32. I am 60, my ex is 57. I was a mother of 3 and housewife only working the first 5 years of the marriage. My current monthly social security would be $425 when I reach 67.5 years. My ex was white collar, owning his own firm. I was his administrative assistant, but never earned an income. His social security should be close to the maximum. Will I receive half of that amount, and if so at what age will I have to be? Will I have to wait till he retires?

Could I Still Claim Benefits On My Ex-Husband's SS If I Remarry At Age 61?

I was married for 13 years to my ex husband and am now 61. He is 59. I am considering marriage again to a gentleman 7 years my senior. My ex husband has a much larger Social Security investment than I or my gentleman, as he has paid in the max for the last 35 years. Could I still claim on my ex husband's SS if I remarry at 61?


Can My Mother Draw Some Money From Her Ex-Spouse's Social Security?

My mom married a man that had been in a marriage for 10 plus years and divorced. So him and my mother was married for 5 yrs and divorced can she draw some of his social security?


If I'm understanding you correctly, then no. Your mother would need to have been married to her ex-husband for at least 10 years prior to their divorce in order to potentially qualify for divorced spousal benefits (https://www.ssa.gov/planners/retire/divspouse.html).

Best, Jerry

Am I Entitled To Some Benefits If My Ex-Husband Is On Disability?

My ex husband has been on disability for 18 years. We were married for 12. Am I entitled to some benefits also?


Possibly, but in order to qualify for divorced spousal benefits you'd need to a) be unmarried and b) either be at least age 62 or have a child in your care who is eligible for child's benefits on your ex's record and who is disabled or under age 16.

Best, Jerry

Is My Husband's Ex-Wife Entitled To Divorced Spousal Benefits?

My husband was married previously for 10 years to a Spanish citizen. They lived in the US for 6 of the 10 years and his first wife had a green card while here. After their divorce in 1980 she returned to Spain. My husband currently takes social security benefits. Is his ex-wife entitled to divorced spousal benefits?