Divorced Spousal Benefits

Will My Benefits Be Reduced If I Have An Ex-Wife Who Can Collect Benefits On My Account?

I'm 11 years older than my ex. We were divorced approximately 20 years ago, and I've made most of my social security wages since the divorce. I believe we barely made the 10 years of marriage but its close. I am now 70 and have waited to apply for my benefits so they will be higher -- approx $3300 a month. She will not turn 62 for 3 or 4 years, and also has her own Social Security earnings although less than mine and she underreports her income anyway. 1. Do I get my $3300 a month until she turns 62? Or do my benefits get reduced immediately even before / if she makes a claim?

Can I Get Benefits From My Wife's Social Security Record When We Get Divorced?

Dear Larry,
I am a seventy three years old and presently collecting Social Security. It's a very small check $668.00 and I depend on that check for my monthly survival. I am presently going through a divorce and was told I can get extra money added to my check from my wife's SS even though she is presently not receiving benefits yet. She just turned sixty five on July 3, 2020 and doesn't plan on taking her SS till seventy. I've called SS four times and received four completely different stories.

How Is It Recorded So That My Husband's Ex-Wife Can't Tap Into His Social Security?

My spouse turned 62 this year, he is 7 years younger than I am. He is not ready to retire and I am still working. He has an ex, they were married for 12 years. The divorce decree stipulates she cannot collect his social security. How is that recorded so that she cannot tap into his SS?


Do I Have To Wait Until My Ex-Husband Turns 62 To Collect Divorced Spousal Benefits?

My ex and i were married more than 10 years. My ex is seven years younger than me. Do i have to wait until he is 62 and i am 69 to collect spousal benefits? I have not remarried and do qualify for benefits on my own from working.


Probably, yes. The only way that you could potentially be paid divorced spousal benefits before your ex reaches age 62 is if he either starts drawing Social Security disability (SSDI) benefits or dies.

Will My Ex-Spouse Ever Be Entitled To My Social Security Benefits?

An ex spouse collects social security disability under his own name. He’s collected it for years. I was married for 10.5 years. I divorced him. I have always worked and paid the IRS but not him. It Was a bad relationship that hung on for 10 years. If I take my social security at 62 will he ever ever in his lifetime be entitled to my social security benefits.


If I Collect Some Of My Ex-Husband's Benefits At Age 62 Will It Affect My SS Benefits When I Turn 70?

My ex husband is 71, I am 60. We were married 13 years. I have never remarried again.
If I collect some of his SS benefits at 62 till I turn 70 is this going to affect my SS benefits when I turn 70? Can I still collect my full retirement benefits.
Thank you Larry


Can I Claim My Ex-Husband's Social Security Benefit If He's Married?

I was married for 10 years and If I am divorced Now at age 60 can I claim my ex husbands social security benefit if he is married and I am not ?


Unless you have a child in your care who is eligible for auxiliary or survivor benefits, the earlies you can claim divorced spousal benefits on the account of a living ex-spouse is at age 62. The fact that your ex is married has no bearing on your eligibility, but you must be unmarried to potentially qualify for divorced spousal benefits.