Divorced Spousal Benefits

Do I Qualify For My Ex-Husaband's Social Security?

I was married 6 days short of 10 years. My husband decided he didn't want divorced and moved home the same week. The judge said we had a year to change our mind. Do I qualify for his social security benefits?


It doesn't sound like you would. You'd need to have been married for at least 10 years to the day to qualify for divorced spousal benefits. So, if you didn't change your mind about staying married and your divorce was final anytime prior to your 10th anniversary, then you likely won't qualify.

Shouldn't I Be Getting A Higher Benefit Rate?

NEED ANSWER QUICK. MUST SEND REQUEST TO SSA BY 6/24!!!! Divorced Nov. 2018 after 60 years of marriage. (Not remarried) Ex receives maximum SS benefits based on his work record. I receive exactly what I received when married (with cola $740 / month) and was told that is all I'm entitled to because I started taking my benefits at 62. This doesn't seem right, considering all my years of marriage, during which my husband didn't want me to work. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE RESPOND ASAP. Thanks in advance, Phyllis

Hi Phyllis,

Can't You Get Remarried After Getting Your Ex-Spousal SS Benefits?

Can't you get remarried after getting your ex spouse ssa benefit


If your ex is still living, then the answer is almost always no. Divorced spousal benefits terminate if the beneficiary remarries, unless they marry someone who is also receiving certain types of Social Security auxiliary or survivor benefits (https://secure.ssa.gov/apps10/poms.nsf/lnx/0300202045).

Can I Collect On My Ex-Husband's Record When He Starts Collecting At Age 62?

Hi Larry im turning 60 in August. My X husband turns 62 this October I have not remarried but he has my question is when he starts collecting at age 62 can I collect off of his social security I am collecting Social Security Disability at this time. We were married for 16 years. Thank you Lori

Hi Lori,

How Do I Get Divorced Spousal Benefits?

Hi Larry, I am 56 yrs old and been on SSDI since 2010 . Previously, in 2001, I got divorced ( we were married 17 yrs.) He is about to retire this year ( he'll be 67) If I was married more than 10 yrs to him , how do I get the divorced spouse amount ? ( He always made alot more the I have ( I was mostly raising 4 children the whole marriage )
Right now I receive $890 a month on SSDI . I'm hoping that I qualify somehow for much more one day. He always made at least $60k plus a year
Thank you for a response and stay safe, Jennifer

Hi Jennifer,

Can I Get Benefits For Past Years When I Was 59 To 62?

I started collecting on ex husbands as. He was 100 % disabled for 30 + years while we were married. He is now deceased. I was told since he was disables that I could of started at age 59. I am now 67. Can I get the time from age 59 to 62 back played ?


The answer to your question is no. You must file an application in order to qualify for benefits, and if you filed now you couldn't claim benefits retroactively for more than 6 months.

Am I Missing Something?

In my divorce settlement it was calculated by the judge that I will receive $2,000 from SS per month at age 62 (I am forced to take it at 62 as required by the decree). My former husband has paid the maximum over the last 10+ years. I will be 62 in 2028. And I am assured that this SS at 62 for 2,000 combined with another 1,000 by my ex, that I will receive, at minimum, 3,000 per month. Since this is all that I can expect to live on, this is quite important to me. I was completely dependent on him as I stayed home to raise our kids.