Divorced Spousal Benefits

Would I Be Entitled To SS Based On My Ex-Husband's Record?

Female - DOB June 1953
Married Sept 1989 - Divorced October 2001
Moved to the U.K. 2006 - Kept US citizenship - Have Unlimited Leave to Remain Visa
Married a British Citizen - has never worked/lived in the USA, never paid SS or USA taxes so no entitlement.
I am both nearing SS age and considering moving back to the USA
Would I be entitled to SS based on my ex-husbands


Does The Fact That My Partner Started Drawing Her Own Payments Early Limit Her Ability To Draw Divorced Spousal Benefits?

Larry, my partner, who was born in 1950, started claiming Social Security at age 62 when she separated from her husband and needed the income. Eventually, she divorced her husband and a year or so ago, was sufficiently financially secure to suspend her Social Security income with the intention of claiming it when she reaches 70. In the meantime, she would like to obtain benefits from her divorced spouse's payment record but is getting pushback from her local Social Security office.

Can My Ex Husband Be Told That I'm Drawing Benefits On His Record?

Can my x husband have access to my drawing on his social security benefits


If you are drawing divorced spousal benefits on your ex-husband's record, Social Security could disclose that fact along with your name to your ex if he asks. They could not disclose your address or any other personal information, however.

Best, Jerry

Is It True That I Can Start Drawing Divorced Spousal Benefits Before Full Retirement Age Without Any Penalty?

Hi, I will turn 66 (full retirement age) in June 2018. I am divorced and was married to ex-spouse for 35 years. I am still employed. I was told I might be able to claim 50% of my former spouse's social security (without penalty) starting January 2018 since I will reach full retirement age in 2018. Is this true? If so, how do I apply (and when do I start process)? Thanks for your assistance. It is overwhelming and I don't completely trust the answers I get from SS office. I like to go prepared before visiting them. Chris

Hi Chris,

Can I Collect On My Ex-Spouse's Record If I've Remarried?

I was married to my ex for 30 years. Divorced in 2000. I remarried at age 51, 14 years ago. I am 65. I have collected my social security since age 62. My question is can I collect from my ex’s spousal benefit social security as his is more than mine. Thank you.


No, you wouldn't qualify for divorced spousal benefits as long as your remarriage continues. However, you could potentially become eligible for benefits on your ex's record if your current marriage ends in death or divorce.

Best, Jerry

Could I Start Collecting On My 1st Husband's Record Next Month And Change To My 2nd Husband's Record In 2024?

My first husband turns 62 on December 17th of this year (2017). My second husband (who will get far more than my first for social security) won't turn 62 until 2021. First marriage lasted 23 years, second lasted 13. I am 60. I had planned to start collecting on my second husbands SS in 2024 when I am 67 years old. Would I be able to start collecting on my first husbands SS next month and change it to my second husbands in 2024?


Will I Lose My Divoced Spousal Benefits If I Remarry?

I was married for more than 25 years and currently have low income. I am considering marrying my foreign boyfriend who does not have any income history (complicated) but if we marry and together we do not have income -- will I still lose my social security benefits based on my ex husband's salary? I feel that I deserve that benefit because my ex's social security benefit will be based on a business we built together where I was only paid 3 years out of 17. I know I was stupid. Trying not to be again.


Does My Ex's Benefit Have To Be Double My Benefit For Me To Collect On His Record?

Does my exspouse's benefit have to be double my benefit for me to collect ,the appropriate percentage from him upon my retirement? We were married 15 yrs and I will be 62 this coming May.


Yes, assuming that your ex is living, his full retirement age benefit rate (PIA) would have to be at least twice as much as your PIA in order for you to potentially qualify for divorced spousal benefits.

Best, Jerry