Divorced Spousal Benefits

Is It Possible For Me To Get The Same Benefit Amount As My Ex-Husband Is Receiving?

Hi Larry, I am divorced after 23 years of marriage. I started collecting SS last year when I turned 62, my ex just applied at aged 67 and is getting almost twice what I am, is it possible for me to get the same as he is at this point? I had heard that is possible. Btw his rate is based on MY earnings record as he has either been a c-corp or gotten 1099 for 40 years. Any clarification on this issue would be helpful, thank you! Deborah

Hi Deborah,

Could I Start Drawing Benefits From My Ex's Record Now?

I was married for 28yrs before my divorce and the judge told my ex that I am the only woman to receive his retirement and I was awarded disability in 2016 and draw 772 a month, I'm 62 now also my ex is 64 and he became disabled and drawing his social security now and drawing over 2,000.00 could I start drawing from him now or do I have to wait until I'm 65? Sharon

Hi Sharon,

Is It True That I Can't Get Benefits On My Ex-Husband's Record At FRA?

Larry, I was married for 30 years and divorced in 2009. My husband always made more money than me during our marriage. After recently contacting the social security office, I was told I can't take any spousal benefits at my FRA from his record. He was born on 3/1/54 and I was born on 5/19/55. Is that correct?

Will My Ex Wife Get 50% Of My Benefit Even If She Took Her Own Benefits At Age 62?

Hi Larry. My (at that time) wife began taking SS when she turned 62 (nearly four years ago). Nearly two years ago we divorced. In a couple of months I'll hit my Full Retirement Age, but plan to continue working. She plans to apply for the Divorced Spousal Benefit when I hit my FRA (and we will have been divorced for two years at that point). Wiill she be entitled to the full 50% of my benefit? Or, because she filed for her own benefit early - before her FRA - will the DSB be reduced? (I cannot find a solid explanation for this!

May I Claim From Both My Husband And Ex-Husband?

Hi Larry
I was married twice and each lasted longer than 10 years. I am now at my full retirement age of 66 and ready to claim spousal benefits. May I claim from both husband and ex-husband?


You can't qualify for divorced spousal benefits on the record of a living ex-spouse if you are currently married. If you're unmarried and you are potentially eligible for divorced spousal benefits on the records of 2 or more different ex-spouses, you could only be paid the highest of the benefit rates.

Best, Jerry

How Do I Go About Filing For Benefits On My Ex-Wife's Record?

Hello Larry,
My goal is to file and collect spousal 50% of my ex wife’s Social Security.
• I turn 66 in October and my ex-wife turns 62 in early October.
• I have not signed up for my Social Security and my goal is not to personally file until my 70th birthday.
• We were married 20 years and now divorced about 20 years.
• My ex has been on Social Security Disability for about six years. She believes she will be on disability for the rest of her life.

Can I Apply For Benefits On My Ex's Record If I'm Already Collecting My Own Benefits?

I am now collecting as under my rates. Can I now apply for benefits under my ex's benefits or am I too late?


You can always file an application for Social Security benefits, but if you're already drawing your own Social Security benefits and your ex-spouse is still living you could only be paid divorced spousal benefits if your ex-spouse's primary insurance amount (PIA) is more than twice as much as your PIA. A person's PIA is equal to their Social Security retirement benefit rate if they start drawing at full retirement age (FRA).