Divorced Spousal Benefits

Can I Collect On My Husband's Retirement Even Though I Received SSDI?

I started receiving SSDI benefits at age 58; I am now 67 and retired. My husband, who I am in the process of divorcing after 15 years, just retired at age 66. Can I collect on his retirement even though I received SSDI benefits? I was told by a financial advisor that I cannot unless he dies. Please confirm. Thank you.


Can I Draw Spousal Benefits While I'm Still Working?

Is It Possible To Draw Spousal benefits from Social Security based on a 12 year marriage and divorce while I am still working? I am age 67, still working full-time, but planning to collect Social Security Benefits based on my own earnings when I retire.

My Ex is age 63, on disability, and collecting additional spousal benefits based on our 12-year marriage. Although legally divorced in 2011, we still live in the same Condo because she is dealing with advanced Myeloma Cancer.

Once We're Divorced Can I Claim 100% Of My Wife's FRA Benefit Amount?

I will be 66 in 4 months. My wife will be 65 in 5 months. We are working on a divorce settlement which is not yet finalized. So at this point we are still married. My wife's SS benefit at FRA will be higher than my benefit. Once we are divorced, can I claim SS and receive a benefit at 100% of her FRA benefit amount? Or am I better off claiming SS before we finalize our divorce?


Can I File A Restricted Application For Divorced Spousal Benefits Only?

Hello Larry!

I will turn 66 in August 2019 and plan to file a restricted application for divorcee spousal benefits in order to exclude retirement benefits on my own record from the scope of the application and maximize my final SS benefit. My ex husband also will have turned 66 years of age a few months before me.

My marriage lasted greater than 25 years, I have been divorced greater than 10 years and have not remarried.