Divorced Spousal Benefits

Do The Divorced Spouse Rules Change From Age 62 To Age 66?

Six years ago when I first turned 62 I called the SSA to see if I could file for benefits based on my ex-wife’s work record. We were married for more than 10 years and divorced for 17 years. My ex-wife was also 62. I was told that I could not collect benefits. I believe the reason given was that it was because my benefit was greater than hers.

Could I Claim Benefits Under My Ex-Husband?


I am currenty applying for disability. I was married for 9 years and 10 months, so I do not qualify to file for benefits under the 10 year mark. However, I do have evidence that we lived together for 4 years prior to the marriage, such as the taxes and my oldest son birth certificate. We never entered into a common law agreement since in PR that is not valid. Would it be possible to provide proof and be able to claim benefits under my ex husband?


Is It Correct That My Friend Can't Draw Benefits On Her Second Husband's Record Because She Married Prior To A Certain Age?

Hi Larry,
A friend divorced her first husband after 10 years and remarried at 63. She divorced recently and her second marriage lasted also more than 10 years. She is currently receiving SS on the first husband and would like to apply for benefits of the second husband as the benefits will be higher. However, she was told by SS that she is ineligible to receive benefits on the second husband because "she was not of SS age when she married her second husband"... Is that correct? All information we can find online says she should be eligible.
Thank you!

Would My Boyfriend's Ex-Wife Be Able To Get Any Of His Social Security If I Marry Him?

Hi Larry, I've been with my boyfriend 19 years now, he was married before he meant me for 19 years and has been divorced for 19 years . My question is, if I marry him will his ex wife be able to get any of his social security benefits/ retirement? Or would i be able to ( I guess you would say draw off of it)?


How Long Can You Be Divorced And Still Restart The 10 Year Marriage Clock By Remarrying?

This is NOT a software question but rather a rules questions.
How long can you be divorced before it is too late to "restart the clock" towards the 10 years necessary to qualify on the benefits of a divorced spouse? If you are married 9 years then divorced for two days then married for a year can you still get benefits? how about if divorrced for 1 month before remarying for a year ? 6 monthss then remarried for a year? When is the line that produces an irrevocable reset of the term?
Part 2:

Can My Ex-Wife Get Any Of My Benefits While I'm Alive?

I am now 66 and collect SS and disability of about $2,500 per month. My ex wife is now 61 and still working likely making over $150k per year. We have been divorced for years but we never remarried. We we only married 13 years. My question is can she ever get any of my benefit while alive, can I get any of her benefit at this time, and can I remarry to make sure my benefit doesn't go to Uncle Sam in the event of my death as I have cancer. Thank you.


I'm sorry to hear about your illness.

When Can I Take Advantage Of Spousal Benefits?

I just turned 62 in December 2018 and filed for early SS for $761 per month. I got my 40 credits in when I was young. I became a Minister and stopped paying into SS for 30+ years, thus the low SS amount. I have been married for 22 years to a wonderful breadwinner the entire marriage. However, 1) I became disabled and couldn't work 8 years ago and could not qualify for SSDI (disability) for not paying SS for the previous 5 years. 2) Separated 4 years ago and haven't had an income since thus forced into early retirement.

Can A Woman Who Remarried But Is Now Divorced Collect Benefits On The Record Of A Prior Spouse?

If a women was married for 10 years and has since gotten divorced and remarried 2 more times and only the initial marriage lasted 10 years and she's currently divorced can she collect a spousal benefit (whether restricted or because it would be more than her own benefit) on her first husband where it was the only marriage that lasted 10 years?
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Do You Lose Your Divorced Spousal Benefits If You Marry Someone Who Isn't Drawing Social Security Benefits?

I've been doing some SS consulting for friends (pro bono) and recently helped a number of divorced people collect spousal benefits on their ex spouse (restricted application). I was under the impression that if you re-married you would lose those divorced spousal benefits. Now I read that if your new spouse is collecting on someone else's record that you can keep your divorced spousal benefits. That seems odd to me. What happens if your new spouse say is 68 and hasn't started collecting their retirement benefits as of yet and is not collecting on anyone else's record.