Divorced Spousal Benefits

Does My Husband Have A Right To Any More Of My Payout?

I am 63 in 2020 and my soon to be ex will be 61. We do not plan to file for SS benefits until full retirement age. Our current SS benefit payouts show I will receive $2000/month and he will receive $1500/month. As I have read and tried to understand on the SS website, he may file for half of the difference between our payouts (so $250) which the government will take care of. Is that correct as of now? Do he have a right to any more of my payout?


Does My Ex's Benefit Rate Need To Be More Than Twice As Much As Mine For Me To Get Divorced Spousal Benefits?

I was married from 1965 until 1982, I am 72, & my ex is 79. I have our divorce decree, his birthdate, but not his ss#. How can I find out if he gets more on SS, & if he does, how can I apply for benefits if his monthly amt is more than mine? I get $1401.00 a mo, (that's b4 they take out for Medical insurance) Does his need to be twice that amt & then some for me to benefit from his?


Can I Receive My Ex's Retirement?

I have remarried but i was wondering if i could receive my ex retirement. Im already 65.


No, not if you're still remarried and if your ex is living. You must be unmarried in order to potentially become eligible for divorced spousal benefits (https://www.ssa.gov/OP_Home/handbook/handbook.03/handbook-0311.html), and the only way that you can be married and be eligible for surviving divorced spousal benefits is if you remarried after age 60.

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How Do I Claim Any Of My Ex-Husband's Social Security And Proceeds From The Sale Of His Business?

My ex went into his own automotive shop he is retireing in 3weeks I haven’t remarried. And I am on sis disability. He remarried he just sold his bessness and is retireing how do I clam any of this am I intitle to any of of his retirement and sis and the bessness he sold
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