Divorced Spousal Benefits

Is There Any Way Around Having To Obtain My Ex-Wife's Birth Certificate?

Hi Larry - I loved your book on How to Get Yours... - incredibly informative and useful!
One issue I've run into that was not mentioned is this:
I'm FRA 66 and trying to apply for my ex-spouse's benefit (she's 64). Social Security is telling me I have to provide a certified copy of her Birth Certificate from New Jersey in order to prove her age.
She is not co-operating by returning the NJ form that permits me to get the certified birth certificate and NJ says I need a court order.

Shouldn't I Still Qualify For Divorced Spousal Benefits As Long As I'm Not Married To A U.S. Citizen?

Hello Larry.
My question is about divorced spousal benefits.
One of the prerequisite is that I am not suppose to be married now, but it does not indicates as what ( American or foreign citizen marriage? ) in order to apply for divorced spousal benefits.
Just like I can not apply for this benefit, if my previous spouse was a foreign national and not an US citizen? Then

Can My Sister File A Restricted Application For Divorced Spousal Benefits At Age 62?

My sister will be eligible for divorced spousal benefits. She would like to start at 62, due to low income, and her former spouse is the same age. Her FRA is 67. I believe she can still file a restricted divorced spousal benefit application. Her income is about 30K, so I am unsure if her monthly benefit will decrease the month she hits the 17040 income limit or is that decrease figured differently?


Am I Due More Social Security From My Ex-Husband's Record?

I will be 65 in March 2019. I started to take Social Security Jan. 2018. I was married 25 years to an Orthopaedic Surgeon. Presently I am getting an additional an approx. $300/mo from that marriage to my $717.00/mo Social Secuity check. I was recently told I should be getting more(half of my ex-spouses S.S. benefits). Is that true? I am retired and from the my assests and investments getting $3,500.00/mo. If I am due more from my Ex-spouses S.S. benefits how can I apply for it? I was never given this information when I signed up for benefits at my my local S.S.

Am I Entitled To Part Of My Ex-Husband's Social Security?

I was married for 16 years and then got divorced. Then I remarried and was widowed we were married for 10 years I think or maybe a little more then he passed away from cancer I get a Widow's pension for about $1,500 a month. I was just wondering my ex-husband is still living but retired he's 70 am I entitled to part of his pension?


Can My Friend Continue To Collect Disability Payments And Also Collect Part Of Her Ex-Husband's SS?

My friend is disabled and receives disability payments (for over 25 years). She was married more than 10 years in her thirties. She has been divorced for many years. She is 62. Her ex is older than she is. Can she continue to collect her disability payments (which are meager) and also collect part of her ex-husband's SS since she was his spouse for more than ten years? She has no other income and is not married now.