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Do Short Term Disability Insurance Payments Count Toward The Annual Income Limit?

Do short term disability payments from an employer disability insurance plan count towards the social security annual income limit

Hi. By 'annual income limit', I assume that you're referring to Social Security's earnings test ( In that case, the answer to your question is no. Any type of insurance payment that is not subject to payroll taxes would not count as earnings for purposes of Social Security's . . . Read More

Category: Earnings Test
Posted: May 15 2023 - 1:24pm

What Do I Do If I Overpaid Medicare Premiums?

What Do I Do If I Overpaid Medicare Premiums? How do I go about requesting a REFUND and is there a Statute of Limitations on how far back I can go? Medicare was supposed to STOP my Medicare Part-B Premiums back in 2014. They failed to notify me of this fact and as a result I have been paying Monthly Premiums ever since. They said I need to file an APPEAL and they would look into the matter. Is this a matter for an attorney?

Appreciate any assistance you can provide.


Hi Brenda. You don't explain why your Medicare premiums were supposed . . . Read More

Category: Medicare
Posted: May 14 2023 - 9:51pm

Will I Get The 2023 COLA If I'm 65 And Not Yet Collecting Benefits?

Hi I am over 65 and have not started collecting Social Security yet. Will I get COLA for 2023. Why sS website is not reflecting this?

Hi. Yes, your Social Security retirement benefit rate will be credited with the 2023 cost of living (COLA) increase regardless of when you start collecting your benefits. Social Security retirement benefit rates are increased by all Social Security COLAs that occur after a person turns age 62, even if they aren't yet drawing benefits.

I'm not an expert on Social Security's website, so you'll need to contact them for . . . Read More

Category: Cost Of Living Increases
Posted: May 14 2023 - 12:28pm

If I Get My Real Estate License In Florida Would The Commission From Selling My Condo Affect My SSDI Benefits?

I collect SSDI. IF I GET MY REAL ESTATE LIC IN FLORIDA, and list my condo for sale. Will my commission from the sale effect my SSDI benefits ?

Hi. I'm not an expert on income tax regulations, but if the fact that you have a real estate license requires your to report your income from the sale of your condo as self-employment earnings, then yes it could affect your Social Security disability (SSDI) benefits. The specific effect that it may have would depend on a) the net profit from the sale of your condo and from any other real estate related sales that . . . Read More

Category: Disability Benefits
Posted: May 13 2023 - 1:23pm

How Much Can I Get On My Ex-Spouse's Account If I Claim Benefits At Age 62?

Hi. First of all, if your ex-spouse is still living and if you were born after January 1 1954, then you could never apply for divorced spousal benefits without being forced to claim your own Social Security retirement benefits at the same time. Therefore, assuming that your ex is living, then no you couldn't draw divorced spousal benefits at age 62 and switch to your own benefits at age 67.

Furthermore, whenever you do apply for benefits you'll only be eligible for divorced spousal benefits during your ex-spouse's lifetime if 50% of his primary insurance amount (PIA) is more than . . . Read More

Category: Divorced Spousal Benefits
Posted: May 12 2023 - 9:40pm

Will My Friend Still Draw The Same Amount When Her Oldest Child Turns Age 18?

I was asking a question for a friend if u draw SS for two kids say each one get 500 each when the older one gets 18 goes off her part the check goes to the younger one correct like they will still draw the same 1000 for one same as 500 for two. Just was asking they won’t lose no money correct. Thanks

Hi. Not necessarily. The only way that your friend's younger child's benefit amount would increase when the older child is no longer eligible for benefits is if the children's current individual benefit rates are being reduced due to the family maximum . . . Read More

Category: Child Benefits
Posted: May 12 2023 - 1:37pm

Can My Husband Draw Benefits From His Dad?

I am married my husband draw SS and SSI trying to dry from his dad he has never done that before I have never worked and have been signed up before 21would I have to get approved before he can draw or can he still draw from his dad if u understand what I am trying to ask. Pray u do thanks

Hi. If I understand you correctly, you're wondering if your current husband can collect benefits from his father's Social Security record. The answer to that question would be no, because a person must be unmarried to be able to qualify for child or disabled adult child . . . Read More

Category: Child Benefits
Posted: May 12 2023 - 1:32pm

Can I Get My Own Check And Half Of My Dad's SS?

I have been disabled at 19 been married but never drawn SS from my dad someone said even know I draw my own check I can still get half his. That true after I divorced someone said go then sign up

Hi. The fact that you were married and divorced wouldn't prevent you from qualifying for disabled adult child (DAC) benefits from your father's account as long as you've never previously collected benefits from his record. However, if you're drawing Social Security disability (SSDI) benefits based on your own earnings history, you could only receive additional . . . Read More

Category: Disabled Adult Child Benefits
Posted: May 11 2023 - 6:46pm

Was I Legally Divorced?

I was married in March 1977 my spouse filed for divorce in July 11, 1983 the court acquired jurisdiction on august 15, 1983 an interloculatory judgement of Dissolution of marriage was filed Jan 11, 1984 neither my spouse or I filed for final Judgement which the court paper copies I have say one of us must do for the final dissolution of the marriage I have a faded copy notice of the notice of entry of judgement clerks certificate of mailing Feb 17 1984 which is a notice of entry of judgement but neither of us filed that. So was I divorced or is that standard with the courts? as . . . Read More

Category: Survivor Benefits
Posted: May 11 2023 - 2:20pm

How Do I File An Appeal?

My husband died last November I was sent a letter stating the amount I would receive them a week later got a different notice stating I would not receive it because of the cola increase and I didn't come across anything on social security site that claims this is a valid reason for denial and I want to appeal the decision.

Hi. I'm sorry for your loss. I can't make sense out of what you were apparently told by Social Security, but you can potentially file an appeal online at the following Social Security website: . . . Read More

Category: Filing An Appeal
Posted: May 10 2023 - 1:27pm
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