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How Should I Complete My Application In Order To Be Assured Of Getting My Full Age 70 Rate?

Hi Larry/Jerry--

Thank you for sharing so much useful information via your books, the website, and patiently answering our many questions! Fortunately, I've been able financially to wait to file for Social Security until my 70th birthday which is upcoming in a few months. I will file on-line as my local SSA office seems to recommend this approach when I went to their office in the past to file for Medicare. For my on-line Social Security application, I want to ensure that I use the correct wording in the Remarks section to avoid my benefit starting before my 70th . . . Read More

Category: Filing For Benefits
Posted: May 20 2023 - 1:49pm

Can An Ex-Spouse Decline Her Portion Of An Ex-Husband's Benefit?

Can an ex spouse decline her portion off ex husbands benefit

Hi. The answer is basically yes. No one is required to apply for Social Security benefits, so an ex-spouse can simply choose not to apply for benefits. Or, if they've already applied, they could either withdraw their application or waive receiving benefits.

However, when an ex-spouse collects divorced spousal benefits, they aren't paid a portion of the worker's benefit. Divorced spousal benefits are paid in addition to the worker's benefit. Therefore, if an ex-wife elected not to . . . Read More

Category: Divorced Spousal Benefits
Posted: May 19 2023 - 12:20pm

Is Social Security Allowed To Withhold My Back Pay?

I recently was approved for ssdi benefits but was receiving ssi payments. They say they are witholding my benefits from feb. 2022 until apr. 2023, can they do that?

Hi. Yes, at least potentially. Supplemental Security Income (SSI) payments are needs based, and they are offset dollar for dollar by the amount of any Social Security benefits that you are paid. As a result, if you are awarded Social Security disability (SSDI) back pay for a period of time during which you already collected SSI payments, Social Security withholds from your SSDI back pay any . . . Read More

Category: Supplemental Security Income
Posted: May 18 2023 - 8:49pm

Is There An Average Acceptable Cost From Savings To Defer SS Until My Wife And I Are Both Age 70?

We are both mid 60's in good health about to retire. We have 1.2 m in savings, no debt and are evaluating the costs from savings for different SS claiming times. Is there an average acceptable cost from savings to defer SS till we are both 70? What is an acceptable percentage of our portfolio to spend over the next 5 years deferring SS till 70?

Hi. Your best option with regard to claiming Social Security benefits depends on numerous variables, perhaps the most important of which in your case is your and your wife's comparative primary insurance amounts (PIA . . . Read More

Category: Filing Strategies
Posted: May 18 2023 - 1:00pm

Am I Eligible For My Ex-Husband's Benefits?

Married 5 yes. Got divorced. Ex-husband never remarried. He passed away 6 yrs ago at the age of 62.
I did get remarried but got divorced.
I am 63. Am a eligible for his benefits please?

Hi. If you were married to your spouse for less than 10 years and if you were divorced from him at the time of his death, then the only type of benefits that you could qualify for from his Social Security record are mother's benefits. In order to qualify for mother's benefits, you would need to a) have your spouse's child in your care, b) the child must be . . . Read More

Category: Survivor Benefits
Posted: May 18 2023 - 12:51pm

Will Social Security Use My Medicare Earnings If They Are Higher Than My Social Security Earnings?

I noticed on the social security earnings record that my for three years my social security earnings where different/lower than my Medicare earnings. For example in 1989 my ss earnings were $4,217 but my Medicare earnings were $26,183. I am unsure why there is such a disparity in the earnings. Will social security use the Medicare earnings if they are higher than the social security earnings? If not how can I correct the record if I am unable to locate my W-2 or tax forms? Thank You

Hi. No. When computing your benefit rate, Social Security will only give . . . Read More

Category: Calculating Retirement Benefits
Posted: May 18 2023 - 12:34pm

Am I Subject To The WEP Or GPO?

I am divorced and have part of a federal pension. I have my own earned social security benefit. Am I subject to the wep or gpo?

Hi. Your federal pension could only cause the Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP) or Government Pension Offset (GPO) provision to affect your Social Security benefits if the federal pension is based on your own work and earnings that were exempt from Social Security taxes.

Our software is fully programmed to handle benefit computations involving WEP and/or GPO, so it sounds like you should strongly consider using our . . . Read More

Category: Non-Covered Pension - WEP / GPO
Posted: May 18 2023 - 12:30pm

When Should I Start By Benefits To Get My Full Age 70 Amount?

I will b e 70 mid June, 2023 waited until this year to commence SS benefits (medicare since age 65). Unsure if payments should begin June or July to r eceive full Delayed Retired Credits. Searched exhaustedly - including your books, articles, etc. Thank you

Hi. Your age 70 rate will be payable if you elect to start drawing your benefits effective with the month in which you reach age 70. So, if you turn 70 in mid-June, you'll want to select June as your month of election to begin benefits. Social Security pays benefits a month behind, though, so your June . . . Read More

Category: Retirement Benefits
Posted: May 18 2023 - 12:24pm

Is My Social Security Affected By My Canadian Pension?

My wife and I are Canadian citizens, ages 62 and 65. We are collecting CPP in Canada, and will be applying for SS in the US soon We have worked 24 years in Canada and 24 here in the US. Is my social security affected by my Canadian pensions? Our CPP is minimal, under $300/ month each . We are not U S citizens but have a green card

Hi. Yes, if both you and your wife are collecting CPP pensions that are based on your own individual earnings in Canada, then your U.S. Social Security retirement benefit rates will likely be reduced due to the Windfall . . . Read More

Category: Non-Covered Pension - WEP / GPO
Posted: May 18 2023 - 12:15pm

What Will I Need To Bring With Me When I Apply For Divorced Spousal Benefits?


Hi. At a minimum, you'll need to show Social Security a certified copy of your divorce decree. And, if the divorce decree doesn't show your marriage date, you'll also need to show them proof of your marriage ( It's possible that you could also be asked for proof of age, such as a birth or baptismal . . . Read More

Category: Miscellaneous
Posted: May 16 2023 - 10:20pm
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