Child Benefits

Why Did Only One Of My Children Receive An Increased Benefit Amount?


My 2 children (twins) are receiving social security payments due to their father’s disability. At the time that the payments started, there were 4 children (my two plus the dad’s two).

One of the dad’s other children turned 18. I received a letter in May 2019 indicating the benefit for only one of my children is being raised because the benefits to another person ended in June 2017.

It looks like they recalculated the benefits and determined an additional amount was due to my oldest son.

Can I Appeal Social Security's Decision To Stop My Benefits?


Hello, I have been receiving benefits from my deceased father for over two years now but my income has reverently stopped and I have discovered it is because after 2 months of being 19 my benefits will stop. When I applied for these benefits no one had told me this information or that after a certain amount of time after being 19 that I am not eligible for these checks anymore and was told that they had sent me a letter but I have received nothing.

How Can You Find Out If A Child Is Due Survivor Benefits?


If a grandparent has guardianship of a grandson and the mother died and the only information that you have is she died at the age of 21, and coroner will not release information on her death and is holding the body, and can for up to a year, how does one find out if he is due survivor benefits? Grandmother is the Father's mother. The two were never married. CPS was involved in the Guardianship. Maternal grandmother had a celebration of life and wanted donations to go for her only son who is in the care of the Paternal grandmother and Grandfather.

How Much Money Can I Receive In Benefits If I Adopt My Granddaughter?


How much money can I receive in benefits if I adopt my granddaughter she is 3years old now


I can't give you a definitive answer without much more information about your situation. Adopting a child wouldn't have any effect on your own benefit rate, but an eligible child can be paid an auxiliary benefit of up to 50% of the primary insurance amount (PIA) of a living parent who's drawing either Social Security retirement or disability (SSDI) benefits.

How Can I Establish That I Paid 50% Of My Grandchild's Support In The Year Before I Filed For Benefits?


I was born on 12/22/1942 and began receiving SS benefits on 10/22/2008 when I was 65 years 10 months. My grandchild for whom I am a legal guardian, has been living with us full time since early 2008. I realize to claim benefits for him I need to establish that I have provided at least 50% support for for a year prior to receiving my benefits. I did not claim him on my Federal taxes for 2007 or 2008. However I covered the total cost for his home and other expenses during this time period. His parents are totally disabled.