Survivor Benefits

If My Husband And I Are Both Drawing Benefits And One Of Us Dies, Would The Survivor Only Get One Benefit?

If both me and my husband are currently drawing Social security if a death occurs we would only get one pay out monthly correct.


Yes, in most cases as long as the surviving member of a couple is at least full retirement age (FRA), they are paid roughly the higher of their two benefit rates.

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Where Does My Husband's Money Go That Social Security Took Out For All These Years?

Hi. I recently lost my husband to covid he was 56. I called as. And they said when I reach 60 I can start collecting. He also had a life insurance policy. That makes me go over the 18,000 a year limit they gave me. Where does my husband's money go that they took out for all these years. Will I not ne entitled to any of it. Does it change at full retirement age. And I can make over that amount. Can I have my kids receive it at what his full retirement age was. I cant see how they can just keep it after all these years of him paying into it


Will My Survivor Rate Still Be Reduced If I Earn Too Much To Receive Any Reduced Benefits?

i filed for survivor benefits early (age 62) in 2019 because i was told i needed to start the process in the usa in order to claim a survivor benefit due from some work abroad in our earlier married years. it turns out that was not true, but i discovered it too late to revoke my application.
in any case, my benefits have been suspended from the beginning because i earn well over the earnings limit, so i have not been paid anything to date.

Should I Apply For Mother's Benefits Given My Daughter's Intellectual Disability?

My daughter just turned 16. She is ADD dyslexic, and has intellectual disabilities. She was just tested through her school and has an IQ of 67. She currently receives survivor benefits from her father. She will be 19 during her 12th grade year. My morhers insurance stopped this month. 1. Should I apply for a mother's insurance now that she has been retested and seems like she would qualify as a disabled child,? 2. Should I file for disability for her at 18, or now, or wait until her survivor benefits expire? 3.

Can I Trust The Survivor Rate I Was Told That My Child Would Receive?

My wife and I have begun planning for our future family, and that includes determining how much life insurance we need. To avoid purchasing excess life insurance, I looked up the tentative amount of the Survivor's Benefit generated by my earnings to date. I was pretty surprised at the amount payable to my child if I were to die this year: $2,144 a month!

Is This Statement Correct?

Hi Larry,
Can you tell me if the following statement is correct?
**If I start collecting SS benefits at age 62 and my spouse waits until full retirement age.... and when one dies, the survivor will get to claim the maximized benefit as their own -- and that would be my spouses benefit.
It will be significantly larger than mine.


Will I Ever Receive Spousal Benefits?

My wife died at the age of 37 in 2009 while our children were 2 and 6 years old at the time. They have received child benefits from SS, but I have never received spousal benefits as I was told by SS there was a maximum family benefit. When my son turned 18, his benefit stopped while my younger child still receives hers. I was again told I would not receive spousal benefits due to the family maximum benefit being reached even though SS publications state I should receive benefits as the parent of a child under 16. Will I ever receive spousal benefits? I have not remarried.

Am I Eligible For A Survivor Benefit Or Not?

Thank you very much that your answer to my question! But sorry, it is still unclear to me if I am eligible for US survivor benefit or not? I am 49 years old, taking care of a child 9 years old, who is also UK citizen and receive UK Child Benefit,( never received US Child Benefit). My child hasn't been adopted by my husband. We were married for 7 years and he was getting US Social Security retirement pension. I would appreciate any information at this matter. Thank you!