Survivor Benefits

Why Can't I Draw Anything From My Deceased Husband's Social Security?

Why is it that I can not draw a dime from my deceased husbands pension after 29 years of marriage and he paid into Social Security? Why am I being penalized for working to help provide for our family and retiring with a pension after 32 years????? Where does his money go if not to me?????


I'm sorry for your loss.

How Does The Social Security Office Verify Marriage?

I am marrying a woman who lost her husband in 2008... She is currently 55. She did not think about his social security benefits until somebody asked her about it after our private wedding last week. She learned she could be eligible at 60 or 62 if she remains unmarried...but we just got married I asked the officiant to withhold the formal legal filing of the marriage signed certificate until we sort this out. Are we better off to treat our marriage as a ceremonial affair and stop completion of the certificate with our county clerk?

Any Ideas?

Husband on SSDI for 17 years. We been married over 25 yrs im told I may not can draw survivor or widow benefits cause I'm 59 and not been declared disabled. But I can file for them when I turn 60...and a 8 yr old grandchild has lived with us for 2 yrs.they said it would be up to case worker. Any ideas


Can I Collect Benefits On My First Husband's Record?

I started collecting Social Security at 62, I am married now and have been for almost 15 years. I was married previously for almost 5 years and he passed, he never collected any of his Social Security benefits he died at 56, I've been collecting Social Security for 11years, when my second husband started collecting his at 65, I am 4 years older than him. I get like $5.00 more a month with second hubby's Social Security. My other husband who passed can I collect on his? I was married to second husband before 60, we were married when he passed! First husband!
Thank you

Am I Entitled To Any Of My Deceased Wife's Benefits?

My wife passed I 2016,we were both on ssdi am I entitled to any if her benefits ?


I'm sorry for your loss.

The only way that you'd potentially be eligible for survivor benefits from your wife's account is if her full Social Security disability SSDI rate was higher than your SSDI rate. You'd also need to be at least age 50 to be able to qualify for disabled widower's benefits (