Survivor Benefits

Am I Correct That I Should Have Been Paid Benefits In The Past, And Can I Do Anything About It Now?

My former spouse died at the age of 36 in 1995. I was 37, and cared for our two children, who were 10 and 7 at the time of his death. I applied for survivors benefits and advised I would receive three separate checks for each of us. When the following month came, I only received two checks, one for each of the children individually. I called the office to inquire about it and was then told I didn't qualify for widows benefits. I didn't apply for widows benefits, I applied for survivors benefits, which they had that information.

Would I Be Eligible For Survivor Benefits On My Ex's Account, Or Spousal Benefits?

Hi Larry,

Last year when I turned 66, I did a file and suspend on my benefit to claim 1/2 of my current spouse's Social Security which was very minimal. My current spouse passed away and I was switched to survivor benefit on his record which was a very small amount. Social Security asked me if I had been previously married for longer than 10 years.

How Much Of My Deceased Partner's Social Security Can I Receive?

Dear Larry: you've been helpful before..just one more question..I've been receiving my partner s full social security from the home he's been in for the past 4 years ( he's just passed), I am age 57 and on disability ( SSI R), do I continue getting the whole check are 71 percent but can I still collect my SSI ( 950.00). My partners check was 2000.00?. Some say because I was already getting the full amount I get to keep it, but I just don't know..please help.. thank you kind sir!


I'm sorry for your loss.

What Should My Sister Do To Get Survivor Benefits?

My sister is 70 yoa. She collects a pension from the Dallas PD of $50,000. Her husband deceased two years ago. He was getting SS benefits when he passed. My sister has tried on two occasions to collect survivor benefits but was denied twice telling her that she makes too much money to get survivor benefits.
What should she do as I am told that she is entitled to his benefits.