Survivor Benefits

Can I Use My U.S. Social Security Credits To Increase My Spanish Pension?

At FRA I will start collecting survivors benefits on my husband record (he passed in 2017). I worked in the US while married but I am also working in Spain right now where I expect to collect a pension on my own record. I know there is a totalization agreement between both countries. My question is if I can use my US credits to increase my Spain pension without affection my survivor benefits. Thanks!


I'm sorry for your loss.

Will My Widow's Benefits Be Affected If My Son Is Found Disabled?

My son has autism and some other neurological issues, he is 19. We are applying for social security disability under his fathers (my husbands) deceased record disabled child under the age of 22. MY husband died in 2014 and Previously my son received benefits till he was 19 and half . My question is if he is found disabled how is this going to effect my widows benefit at age 60 that I am entitled to receive, I am 49?