Survivor Benefits

Can I Collect Benefits On My First Husband's Record?

I started collecting Social Security at 62, I am married now and have been for almost 15 years. I was married previously for almost 5 years and he passed, he never collected any of his Social Security benefits he died at 56, I've been collecting Social Security for 11years, when my second husband started collecting his at 65, I am 4 years older than him. I get like $5.00 more a month with second hubby's Social Security. My other husband who passed can I collect on his? I was married to second husband before 60, we were married when he passed! First husband!
Thank you

Am I Entitled To Any Of My Deceased Wife's Benefits?

My wife passed I 2016,we were both on ssdi am I entitled to any if her benefits ?


I'm sorry for your loss.

The only way that you'd potentially be eligible for survivor benefits from your wife's account is if her full Social Security disability SSDI rate was higher than your SSDI rate. You'd also need to be at least age 50 to be able to qualify for disabled widower's benefits (

Is It True That I'd Get A Higher Benefit Rate If My Second Ex-Husband Dies?

I worked. My ex husband of more than 10 years worked and was a higher wage earner than myself and my second ex husband and passed away. My second ex husband worked and is still living. I am currently collecting on a survivor benefit from my first ex husband. If my second ex husband passes away, I was told by a SS agent that I should come in when he passes that I could be eligible for a higher amount. Is this true? (Of the 3 of us the the first husband was the highest earner, the second ex husband second and of course as the female I was the lowest earner)

Do I Have A Right To Dispute Anything?

Hi Larry - I read your article, "Social Security is Shortchanging Widows and Widowers" and it feels really like its a happening thing. I am a widower as of 2017, received the initial death benefit when I filed and began receiving survivor benefits as I was the caretaker of two children under the age of 16. Earlier this year (before this COVID-19 struck), I received a letter from the SSA stating I would no longer be receiving benefits (as caretaker), because my daughter was turning sixteen in May. Yet, I was also turning 60 in May 2020.

If I Get Married Outside Of The Country And Then Die, Will My Wife Receive Any Benefits From My Social Security?

If I get married out of the country and die, is my wife will reacive any benefits from my social security.. thanks


Sorry, but I can't answer that question without a lot more information. Whether or not your widow could collect benefits from your Social Security record would depend on such factors as her age, how long your marriage lasted, your widow's country of citizenship and residence, and whether or not the two of you resided together in the U.S. for at least 5 years.

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Am I Eligible For My Deceased Husband's Retirement Fund?

Hello I am a gay man .my husband by common law(I believe) died in April 23 2010.i am on ssi .we were together for 20 years .i was told I couldnt Do anything until I was 48 years old. Am I eligible for his retirement fund we both helped each other so he could retire comfortably. I would at least even somewhere I can at least get this on paper


I'm sorry for your loss.