Can I Drop Part B Of Medicare And Re-Enroll Later Without Any Penalties?


I am still officially on social security disability, but no longer receiving any monthly payments as I have been working for over a year and making about 70,000 per year (and jointly with my wife over 350,000 per year). However, I am still on Medicare (as I never went through CDR review). I have a good medical coverage from my employer and would like to use it instead of paying Medicare premiums (my Medicare payments is quite high because of substantial family income).

What Would Happen If I'm Awarded Medicare Retroactively?


I have been applying for SSDI. However, due to late filing and appeals, I do not expect to get a detrmination from SSA untill at least 3 years from my initial filing date. Because of it I expect my MEDICARE benefits to be awarded to me retroactively. Between the retroactive award date for MEdicare and the actual award date (date when SSA determined that I received letter from SSA that I am eligeble for benefits) --I am planning to be covered by Obama care (ACA). What are the consequance of that?

Is There Anything I Can Do To Get Our Money Refunded?


My husband signed up for Medicare in Oct2019 to retire on Jan 1st.2020Before he received his first SS check in Feb 2020 we received a bill from Medicare stating we owed them a premium.So we paid the premium that was stated on the bill .And then when he received his first SS check in February 2020 that premium was deducted from his first check .We have been trying to get this refunded to us.

Do You Have Any Suggestions For Me?


I became eligible for Medicare on June 1, 2020. Now, Almost 3 months later, I still don't have a number or card. I applied for Medicare on-line in plenty of time (April 3, 2020.). I collected Disability back in the early 90's. Social Security is telling me that that is what is holding it up, but can't (or won't) tell me what that has to do with it. In the meantime, I am having to pay for all of my medical expenses out of pocket. I have called Social Security many times. I have written to politicians, Social Security, Medicare, all with no success in getting my Medicare.

Will I Qualify For Medicare Through My Spouse?


I am 63 years old retired on a pension, my occupation did not require that I pay into social security due to my pension. Working in other jobs when I was younger I did pay into social security for 26 quarters. My question is in regards to medicare, my wife is 56 years and is actively worked but is fully vested in the social security system. Will I qualify for medicare and social security benefits through my spouse? If so when would I qualify for these benefits?


Can I Get Social Security To Reduce My Part B Premium?


in 2018 I had about $58K earned income so Social Security charges me more for Medicare Part B in 2019 and 2020. I was in a health crisis most of 2019 so had far less earned income and this year was only able to work for about 4 months. I had to retire for health reasons and now am just "surviving" on Social Security alone as I lost all my retirement nest egg in the last Recession. Can I: (a) get Social Security to reduce my Medicare Part B premium to a level appropriate to my new financial situation and (b) if not can I DISCONTINUE Medicare Part B?