Survivor Benefits

Could My Cousin's New Wife & Child Get Benefits On His Deceased Wife's Record?

My 72 year old cousin is collecting Social Security benefits based on his deceased wife's earnings. He remarried and has a 10 year old daughter. Is his daughter eligible to collect on his former wife's earnings?
And when he dies, will his now wife of more than 10 years be able to collect benefits based on what he was collecting. The Social Security office has no record of his earnings.
Thank you


No, your cousin's new wife and her child would not be eligible for benefits on his deceased wife's record.

Best, Jerry

Am I Entitled To Survivor Benefits?

Hi - I am in my late 30s, my wife of the same age passed away- I am caring for a child that we had together. I am currently receiving only a surviving child benefit under my child's name, which I have to account for and report on each year. Am I entitled to a surviving spouse benefit as well? SS office had told me 'no' because my income is above a certain amount. In addition - IF I remarry in the future, do I lose my child's benefit? IF I am entitled to spouse benefits, would I lose that as well if I remarried? Thank you!!


Can I Get Benefits On My Deceased Wife's Record?

i would like to know if i would be getting benefits,from my wifes ssdi she was collecting when she died.i am also diabled and 53 years ssdi was a higher amount than hers.if i am not able to collect on hers,what happens to her ss.


First off, I'm very sorry for your loss.

Unfortunately, the answer to your question is no. If you are already receiving benefits on your own record that are higher than your wife's full rate, you wouldn't be eligible for any additional widower's benefits.

How Is The Family Maximum Distributed?

Hi Larry. I have 2 questions one regarding Parisi and one regarding multiple eligibility.
Situation: My mother receives retirement benefits under her own record, and survivor benefits under my father's (adoptive) record. I receive disabled adult child benefits under my father's (adoptive) record. My sister recently became disabled and receives benefits under her own record and under our father's (adoptive) record.

Would My Grandchildren Lose Their Survivor Benefits If We Adopt Them?

my grandkids father died . So now they recieve social security. The mom is in jail but getting out soon. the problem is dcfs is ruining the normalness of our lives.
The kids are paying for there parents crimes.
dcfs wont leave them alone so we want to adopt them. then they will leave them alone. But will they lose there social security if we adopt.....My daughter is willing to give them to us so they can be free to live..


No, your grandchildren's survivor benefits would not terminate if they are adopted.

Best, Jerry

What Benefits Can My Disabled Daughter And I Receive?

My deceased (1993) husband retired from GM AFTer 32 years . We have a 37 years old daughter who has been mentally DISABLED since birth. He received pension from GM, however, she nor I received any pension benefits after his death. Is my daughter entitled to his pension, as well as myself


Sorry, but I only know about Social Security benefits. If you're asking about your rights under the GM pension program, you'll need to contact the company that administers that plan.