Survivor Benefits

Would My Grandchildren Lose Their Survivor Benefits If We Adopt Them?

my grandkids father died . So now they recieve social security. The mom is in jail but getting out soon. the problem is dcfs is ruining the normalness of our lives.
The kids are paying for there parents crimes.
dcfs wont leave them alone so we want to adopt them. then they will leave them alone. But will they lose there social security if we adopt.....My daughter is willing to give them to us so they can be free to live..


No, your grandchildren's survivor benefits would not terminate if they are adopted.

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What Benefits Can My Disabled Daughter And I Receive?

My deceased (1993) husband retired from GM AFTer 32 years . We have a 37 years old daughter who has been mentally DISABLED since birth. He received pension from GM, however, she nor I received any pension benefits after his death. Is my daughter entitled to his pension, as well as myself


Sorry, but I only know about Social Security benefits. If you're asking about your rights under the GM pension program, you'll need to contact the company that administers that plan.

What Benefits Count Toward The Family Maximum Benefit?

I am 2 years older than my wife and have a adult "child" with disabilities (since birth). If I suspend taking my benefits to maximize my wife's survivor benefit (her benefit is low as she stayed home with our daughter) is my wife's 100% survivor benefit and my child's 75% limited by the family maximum and is the family maximum based on my FRA benefit or my 32% higher benefit at age 70?
Thanks for your help...

Hi Jeff,

Will My Social Security Benefits Affect Long Term Disability Payments From My Employer?

I am on LTD from my work since 1997. When my ex husband passed away, Social Security granted me the survivor benefit early at age 60 under disability. Can this affect my LTD ? Also, I returned to work recently and it did not work out and my LTD administrator stopped my LTD right away and I think, I may have back payments from them because of recent work activity. I think, they are now putting me under early retirement under their workers comp.


When Can I Start Receiving Surviving Divorced Spousal Benefits?

I am a divorced woman 60 years old. We were married for 10 years and 9 mos. He has died about 10 years ago. When can I collect his ss? I thought if I could now I would continue working pay off my bills mostly hospitals and Dr then stash the remaining in my retirement savings plan. I would continue to work at least until 66.


What Does The Surviving Member Of A Couple Receive?

I am 72 and my spouse is 76. We have been receiving benefits since we were each age 66. If one of us dies, then one benefit goes away completely and our own benefit is not enough for either of us. if I buy your book, will it help us increase our benefit? Is it possible to receive our own benefit plus a portion of the deceased spouse benefit. I was also married previously for eleven years. Can I receive a benefit from a previous spouse in addition to my own individual benefit?


How Do Survivor Benefits Work?


I am 38 years old with 2 children (14 & 11). My husband passed away in 2012 at the age of 39. I am collecting social security benefits on behalf of my children. I am not currently collecting any benefits on behalf of myself. I have multiple questions. Do their benefits expire when they are 18 or out of school? In addition, when can I start collecting widow benefits? Does remarriage effect this?

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