Survivor Benefits

What Would Be My Wife's Best Strategy In The Event Of My Death?

I am 68, wife 53 and son 9. I did file and suspend and wife and son receiving payments. I will take full benefits at age 70. Wife does not have significant SS contribution. She has not been working for last 15 years. I have a cancer that statistically will give me about 5 more years. My question is what is my wife's best strategy upon my death when she will be about 58-60 and my son 14 or so?


I'm sorry to hear about your prognosis.

Would I Qualify For Benefits?

larry. My husband and I were married a short time until he had a stroke. Because he was a very wealthy man a group of attorneys with the help of a small town Judge divorced us> My husband died in May of this year; would I qualify for any benefits??


I'm sorry for your loss.

If your divorce was final before your husband's death and unless you were married for at least 10 years, then it doesn't sound like you could be eligible for any survivor benefits on his record.

Best, Jerry

Can I Wait Until Age 70 To Switch From Survivor Benefits To Retirement Benefits?

I am a widow currently receiving child in care Social Security payments. I am planning to sign up for my widow's benefits at my full retirement age of 67 (but why sign up for my husband's benefits if I am already receiving them because I care for our daughter?). Then I could switch to my own benefits, which will be maximized and more than my widow's benefits, at age 70. Can I do this or am I considered SSDI so I will be automatically switched to my own retirement at age 67?

Is It True That You Can't Get Survivor Benefits If You're Receiving More On Your Own Record?


My mother recently passed away at age 62 she had just started receiving social security benefits this year. My father who is 65 has been receiving benefits for quite some time now and since he worked longer was receiving higher benefits than my mom. My dad was recently told about survivor benefits and applied but was told since he received more than my mom he did not qualify except for the lump sum of $255. Is this usually the case? and what happens to the benefits my mom did not get to receive?


I'm sorry for your loss.

Am I Entitled To Any Benefits Other Than SSI?

This is really long I was granted disability in the 90 s at that time my check it seems was 4 or 5 hundred and something my husband got cancer few years after that long story short when he started drawing my check was cut we had to get divorce so my check would go back up because we couldn't make we lived together the whole time and got remarried a week before he died am I entitled to any benefits besides what I get now which is ssi


I'm sorry for your loss.

Is Our Understanding Correct?

My sister in law (born in 60) is about to be widowed. Her Husband (born in 59) is passing from cancer. They have a 22 year old disabled daughter (age 22 been disabled since age 2). The daughter currently received SS benefits for her own disability. Disability paperwork for the husband has been filed but is not yet approved. We understand the husbands disability will be permitted to be passed to his daughter at a 50% level and his widow will be able to collect his death benefit until such time that her own benefit exceeds her husbands.

Will My Children's Benefit Rates Be Adjusted If I Return To Work?

Hi Larry, My 39 year old husband applied (and was quickly approved) for SS disability benefits last year when he was diagnosed with a terminal illness. During the process, the Social Security Rep advised me to file for my 2 children and myself at the same time. After he died, the 3 of us began receiving benefits, in equal amounts, up to the family max. Now that I am preparing to go back to work, can I decline benefits?