Survivor Benefits

Will My Earnings Impact My Survivor Benefits?

I am 52, my husband (54) just died suddenly from a heart attack. I live in Georgia we have 2 teenage daughters. . I am an artist and sell consignment to a local shop. I have a 1099 with them - do not make much (2017 was $4800.00). Will this earning impact my survivor benefits? Because the amount I receive is 'unknown' (only paid if my art sells) am I considered 'working'. I don't want to put the wrong information when filing.

Am I Able To Collect Death Benefits On My First Wife's Record?

my first wife died when she was 26 years old in1983
she did not have much of a work history
Am I able to collect death benefits and will that effect my ss disability payout


Your deceased wife would need to have had enough Social Security work credits to be insured In order for you to potentially qualify for survivor benefits on her record. If she died at age 26, though, she would only need 6 quarters of coverage to meet the insured status requirement.

Will My Wife Qualify For My Social Security Benefits If I Die Before Age 62?

Both my wife and I are 59. I have had cancer 2 times but am now clear of it. However was wondering, if I die before age 62 will my wife qualify for my earned social security benefits. We have no children under age 16. Thanks


Yes, if you die and you earned at least 40 quarters of Social Security coverage (QC), your wife could potentially qualify for widow's benefits on your record. And, if you died before age 62 the minimum number of QCs required would even be slightly less than 40.

Is It True That My Friend Can Receive Divorced Spousal Benefits Even Though She Was Married Less Than 10 Years?

I have a friend who was married less than 7 yrs and divorced and they had 1 child. She is just over 62 yrs and says she is collecting on her ex husbands SS record until she turns 70 then she will collect on her own SS record. The child is over 18 and her collecting is not due to disability, handicapped or other reason. She says the 10 yr rule is for those who had no children. Is this true?


Will I Be Able To Continue Receiving My Benefits When My Children Are No Longer Eligible?

Hi. My husband passed away 2 years ago. I was 48 and my kids were 16,14 and 10 at the time. We all collect survivor benefits, except for my oldest who aged out, but his portion was redistributed to the rest of us. I am wondering if I will still continue to receive my benefits once my youngest ages out. I will be 55 at that time. Thank you in advance for your assistance! Adriana

Hi Adriana,

I'm sorry for your loss.

Why Would Getting Married Affect My Girlfriend's Social Security?

My girlfriend and I want to get married. She receives some type of social security. She divorced. Her ex-husband passed away when her daughter was 11. Her daughter received SSI and now as an adult received SSI disability. My girlfriend also receives a monthly check we assume for caring for her daughter who will never be able to live alone. She was told if she was to get married she would lose the check receives. Her daughter does work a part-time job but is unable to drive etc...

Could Someone Have The Option Of Drawing Reduced Survivor Benefits On One Record And Later Switching To Unreduced Survivor Benefits On Another Record?

Your answer to the question today regarding whether a reduction due to age of a claimed spousal benefit would carry forward to a claim of spousal benefit on the record of a new spouse post FRA begs a related question.

Can My Mother Switch From Drawing On My Father's Record To My Father-In-Law's Record?

My mother is 77 years old now. At 60 she started collecting the Survivor benefit off of my deceased father's Social Security claim. She has never gone back to Social Security to switch over to the full retirement age benefit that my father-in-law would have been entitled to had he lived. He worked for 30 years paid Social Security taxes and died at the age of 56. Can she switch over from the Survivor benefit to his full retirement benefit at this point?