Survivor Benefits

How Much Would My Wife Get If I Passed Away After Age 70?

Hi Larry,
We have read your book and run our options with your software. I will be 66 in August (2018) and my wife was 66 in March .(2018) My SS would be 2100(66) and 2800 at 70. My wife's would be 1200 (66) and 1600 at 70 per our SS statements. I retired in 2013 and my wife hasn't been employed since 2006. I was in the Offset program, but SS was taken out for all 30 years that I worked. My pension was also reduced in 2014.

Is What I Was Told By The Social Security Representative Correct?

I am a widow aged 59, collecting childcare benefits because my stepson who gets disability lives with me. I am currently receiving $1,448.00 a month. I was told by the lady at social security that when I switch to the widow’s benefits in the event that my stepson does not receive his any longer or moves out, the amount that I receive will be the same, $1448.00 no matter when I get the benefit at age 60 or beyond. Does this sound right? I only took the childcare benefit because I was out of a job.

Am I Out Of Luck?

I was married for 9 3/4 years. No one told me to hang on for 3 more months to make it a 10-year marriage. After many years alone, I found the love of my life. Our accountants told us not to marry due to tax reasons because I was still working full time and making good money while he was collecting Social Security and had a small income from an annuity. My love passed away unexpectedly when I was 55.

Can More Than One Surviving Spouse Or Ex-Spouse Receive Benefits?

My mom and dad were married 14 years a long time ago. My dad and his 3rd wife for over 10. My dad died. Do both women collect on his social security? and if so, does it diminish what the other "wife" gets? Or do they both get the same amount ... and do they both have to know the other is benefitting?


I'm sorry for your loss.