Survivor Benefits

Will My Benefits Continue After My Daughter Turns 18?

My husband died in 2007, our daughter was only 10 months old; I was 33 years old. Since then my daughter and I have been receiving Social Security Benefits. From what I understand, she will stop receiving benefits when she turns 18. I have a few questions:
1. Will I continue to receive my portion of SS benefits after she turns 18?
2. Will her benefits get redistributed to me or do they simply stop?
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I'm sorry for your loss.

Will My Wife's Military Survivor Benefits Be Reduced By Her SS, Or Vice Versa?

I receive a military pension and participate in the SBP for my wife. I also receive Social Security payments and my wife does also off of my SS benefits. When I pass and my wife starts receiving annuitant pay through the SBP program, will her survivor benefits from SS be reduced or vice versa? I cannot find the answer any where on the web.


Is There Any Way To Claim More Than 6 Months Of Retroactive Benefits?

My friend's wife died in July, 2013 at the age of 56. He was 64 at the time. He never applied for survivor benefits, never remarried, and has continued working as the President and CEO of a small company. He turned 70 in December shortly after realizing that he could get spousal survivor benefits. When he called Social Security, they told him that he was limited to only 6 months of retroactive benefits and that he should contact a lawyer.

What Benefits Could My Friend Be Able To Receive?

My friend and her dependent daughters have recently suffered the loss of their main provider (the husband and father). He was young but paid into SS for some time. The death was a suicide.

My friend is 40 yrs old.
I am trying to help her by understanding what she is eligible for as far as benefits go. I would be grateful to hear your take on this.

Thank you,
A friend


If I Die Can My Wife Collect Social Security Survivor Benefits?

My wife and I were married in Nevada 2 years ago. I am 57 and she is 30. I am considering taking benefits at 62 She is from the Philippines. We are considering moving to the Philippines and by passing her chance to get a green card and later US citizenship. If I die, can she collect surviving spousal social security benefits at 62?


Is My Understanding Correct?

Linda DOB 12/31/1957 Age 60.
Spouse Deceased 1/28/2016 - Married over 10 years.
Spouse Age 56 at time of death.
Spouse was receiving SSDI at time of death.
Linda began receiving Widows Benefits at age 60.
Linda has received Widows Benefits for the months of December 2017 to present.
Linda applied for SSDI in June 2015.
Linda has been awarded SSDI benefits.
Linda's Date Of Entitlement began 12/2015.
Linda began receiving Monthly SSDI Benefits and Modified Widows Benefits effective 8/2018.