Survivor Benefits

Is Our Understanding Correct?

My sister in law (born in 60) is about to be widowed. Her Husband (born in 59) is passing from cancer. They have a 22 year old disabled daughter (age 22 been disabled since age 2). The daughter currently received SS benefits for her own disability. Disability paperwork for the husband has been filed but is not yet approved. We understand the husbands disability will be permitted to be passed to his daughter at a 50% level and his widow will be able to collect his death benefit until such time that her own benefit exceeds her husbands.

Will My Children's Benefit Rates Be Adjusted If I Return To Work?

Hi Larry, My 39 year old husband applied (and was quickly approved) for SS disability benefits last year when he was diagnosed with a terminal illness. During the process, the Social Security Rep advised me to file for my 2 children and myself at the same time. After he died, the 3 of us began receiving benefits, in equal amounts, up to the family max. Now that I am preparing to go back to work, can I decline benefits?

Would I Qualify For Benefits On My Deceased Husband's Record?

My husband recently passed away, he was receiving ssi (disability) benefits. His was $840 and his daughters $298. They sent a letter saying hers would now be $698. I was never put on his ssi because not legally married . Now listed on his will as wife. I made $29,000 last year and 58 years old. Would I qualify for benefits or should I just leave it alone and let his daughter collect. (She lives with me) I will be her legal guardian)


I'm sorry for your loss.

Am I Entitled To Both Social Security And VA Benefits?

My husband worked for the Veterans administration am I entitled to receive both social security and V A benefit? My husband died in 2009.
Thank You

Hi Mary,

I'm sorry for your loss.

I can't really answer your question without more information. If your husband was insured for Social Security benefits you may be eligible for widow's benefits, but you would have to be at least age 60 or 50 and disabled to qualify.

Would I Be Eligible To File On My Deceased First Husband's Record?

I am 70 and I am not eligible to file on my husband as, I worked for the state, would I be eligible to file on my first spouse who is deceased.


Assuming that you are currently married, you couldn't be eligible for benefits on a prior spouse's record unless you were age 60 or older when you married your current husband (

What Do I Need To Do To Prove A Common Law Marriage?

I am 56 years old and just got approved for disability in April 2017. My Ex husband was violently murdered in Oct. 2016 and I have applied for and been denied widows benefits. The reason I was denied was that we weren't married for 10 years. We started living together in 1979, got married on Dec. 29, 1983 and filed for separation and started living back together, but went thru with the divorce on Dec. 30, 1985. So in NC we weren't married for 10 years, but we moved to Georgia which was a common law marriage state until Jan. 1, 1997.

Will My Benefit Rate Stay The Same For Life?

I am 67 and just started receiving as benefits based on my deceased former husband. We were married for more than ten years. I can't seem to find an answer to a question. Will the monthly dollar amount stay the same for my entire life?


Except for cost of living increases, the answer is likely yes. Survivor benefits are calculated based on the primary insurance amount (PIA) of the deceased worker, which in turn is based on the deceased worker's earnings history.

Why Will Our Total Benefits Go Down When My Oldest Child Is No Longer Eligible?

My husband passed away in 2012. At that time our kids were 3,9, 13. My oldest child turns 18 this month. Each child used to receive $1,568 in benefits but now two younger children are suppose get $2,020 each. I am trying to understand why the whole amount ($1,568*3 which I assume our family maximum benefits) did not get redistributed over the remaining children after my oldest turned 18. What will happen when my second child turns 18?

Hi Anna,

I'm sorry for your loss.

Am I Eligible For Any Survivor Benefits?

I divorced my husband have never remarried he he die 13 yrears ago I am 53 and disabled before he died am I entitled to an y survivor benefits


Possibly. In order to be eligible for disabled surviving divorced spousal benefits, you must have been married to your ex-husband for at least 10 years, and he must have worked and paid into Social Security long enough to be insured. You may want to contact Social Security to find out if you can qualify for benefits.

Best, Jerry

Does The Income I Receive Affect My Survivor Benefits?

I am 54 with a 13 year old dautghter my wife of 13 years died 3 years ago, one month after her farther died, her will did not address the trust her parents had set up so my wifes inheritance will go to my daughter insted of me. My daughters money is now in a trust being invested, they are paying me $1000.00 a month for my daughters expenses. I am not working at this time but I am colecting surviver benefits. I will also be colecting dividens from a malpractice suit from my wifes death. My question is do either one of these incomes affect my surviver benefits?