Survivor Benefits

What Benefits Could My Friend Be Able To Receive?

My friend and her dependent daughters have recently suffered the loss of their main provider (the husband and father). He was young but paid into SS for some time. The death was a suicide.

My friend is 40 yrs old.
I am trying to help her by understanding what she is eligible for as far as benefits go. I would be grateful to hear your take on this.

Thank you,
A friend


If I Die Can My Wife Collect Social Security Survivor Benefits?

My wife and I were married in Nevada 2 years ago. I am 57 and she is 30. I am considering taking benefits at 62 She is from the Philippines. We are considering moving to the Philippines and by passing her chance to get a green card and later US citizenship. If I die, can she collect surviving spousal social security benefits at 62?


Is My Understanding Correct?

Linda DOB 12/31/1957 Age 60.
Spouse Deceased 1/28/2016 - Married over 10 years.
Spouse Age 56 at time of death.
Spouse was receiving SSDI at time of death.
Linda began receiving Widows Benefits at age 60.
Linda has received Widows Benefits for the months of December 2017 to present.
Linda applied for SSDI in June 2015.
Linda has been awarded SSDI benefits.
Linda's Date Of Entitlement began 12/2015.
Linda began receiving Monthly SSDI Benefits and Modified Widows Benefits effective 8/2018.

Will My Earnings Impact My Survivor Benefits?

I am 52, my husband (54) just died suddenly from a heart attack. I live in Georgia we have 2 teenage daughters. . I am an artist and sell consignment to a local shop. I have a 1099 with them - do not make much (2017 was $4800.00). Will this earning impact my survivor benefits? Because the amount I receive is 'unknown' (only paid if my art sells) am I considered 'working'. I don't want to put the wrong information when filing.

Am I Able To Collect Death Benefits On My First Wife's Record?

my first wife died when she was 26 years old in1983
she did not have much of a work history
Am I able to collect death benefits and will that effect my ss disability payout


Your deceased wife would need to have had enough Social Security work credits to be insured In order for you to potentially qualify for survivor benefits on her record. If she died at age 26, though, she would only need 6 quarters of coverage to meet the insured status requirement.