Survivor Benefits

Can I Switch From Survivor Benefits To My Own Record At Age 62 And Then Resume Survivor Benefits Later?

1) I'm receiving survivor benefits. In October, I expect to turn 62. Can I file for my own benefits at 62 and at age 66 and 4 months resume my husband's benefits?
2) Before my husband passed, he had filed for disability and received one month of social security benefits of approximately $2400. After he passed, my daughter (who was under 16 when he passed but is now 17) and I each began receiving just under $2,000 monthly. Once my daughter stops receiving benefits because she is past the age of eligibility, can I receive my husband's higher rate of about $2,400?

What Should I Do?

I have been denied any social security widow's benefits from my late husband's social security.

My birthday was May 3 1951. So I am full retirement age and have been since May 2017.

I have a social security history that has put me in the position of having extremely incorrect information being provided to me directly by social security specialists.
I could really use some help.
I will try to be clear.

Will My Survivor Benefits Be Reduced If I Start Drawing My Own Benefits Prior To Full Retirement Age?

My husband will be 66 in July 2018 and I will be 66 in Jan. 2019, 6 mos. after him. I plan to take my benefit at 65 1/2 (when he reaches 66) so that he can receive a spousal benefit on my record. When he is 70, he will take his own benefit. I know that my benefit will always be reduced because of starting 6 mos. before my full retirement age of 66. My question is will my survivor benefit (consisting of my husband's benefit increased by delayed ret. credits) also be reduced because I started my own benefit at 65 1/2?


Can My Sister In Law Receive Survivor Benefits Without Any Reduction Due To Earnings?

My sister in law Katherine is 64 (DOB 09/1954), widowed, but working full-time as nurse (estimated salary $48,000). Can she keep working to build her SS benefit; but receive survivor benefit from her late husband without reduction ($1 per $2) based on her earnings??


Hi Bob,

Will My Wife's Survivor Benefits Be Reduced If Her Daughter Also Qualifies For Survivor Benefits?

Good morning Larry,
A very unique situation. My wife is drawing benefits from her deceased ex-husband record and her own. Her daughter in on SSDI and is in nursing care. Currently working through a filing to prove she was disabled prior to age 22. At which point she could draw benefits and back compensation on her deceased fathers record (same as deceased ex-husbands record above). If the daughter wins this case, will this reduce my wife's monthly benefit she receives from her ex-husbands record?


How Much Would My Wife Get If I Passed Away After Age 70?

Hi Larry,
We have read your book and run our options with your software. I will be 66 in August (2018) and my wife was 66 in March .(2018) My SS would be 2100(66) and 2800 at 70. My wife's would be 1200 (66) and 1600 at 70 per our SS statements. I retired in 2013 and my wife hasn't been employed since 2006. I was in the Offset program, but SS was taken out for all 30 years that I worked. My pension was also reduced in 2014.

Is What I Was Told By The Social Security Representative Correct?

I am a widow aged 59, collecting childcare benefits because my stepson who gets disability lives with me. I am currently receiving $1,448.00 a month. I was told by the lady at social security that when I switch to the widow’s benefits in the event that my stepson does not receive his any longer or moves out, the amount that I receive will be the same, $1448.00 no matter when I get the benefit at age 60 or beyond. Does this sound right? I only took the childcare benefit because I was out of a job.