Survivor Benefits

Can I Receive Survivor Benefits While My Children Are Young and Still Receive Benefits At Retirement?

My husband passed away at age 41 and I am the same age. We have three children under the age of 18 and am wondering what my options are for receiving social security benefits. I was told that I could collect survivor benefits for the three children as well as myself.

Could I Draw Off Of My Husband's SSI Income After His Death?

I'm 40 and hoping to marry soon. The person whom I may be marrying will turn 60 in August. Nine months before I met him he was diagnosed with Parkinsons. After months of visits his Doctor determined him disabled, but still in his right state of mind to make decision. He now gets a disability and SSI monthly income. He only has one living Daughter (which has nothing to do with her Dad's Family and in her eyes no female is the right one for her dad).

Am I Eligible To Receive Partial Benefits From My Deceased Husband's Record?

My husband passed March 15 2019 at 56 and was on SSDI am I eligible to receive partial benefits. We were married for 8 yrs.


I'm sorry for your loss.

In order to qualify for widow's benefits you must be at least age 60, or at least age 50 and disabled. If you aren't yet old enough for widow's benefits you would likely qualify for at least a one-time $255 death benefit based on your husband's record, so you'll probably want to contact Social Security to apply for that if you haven't already done so.

Best, Jerry

Can My Wife In Mexico Be Paid Spousal Benefits If I Die?

If my wife whom I married 10 years ago never lived in the U. S. for the reason she was deported back to Mexico when I married her. She was illegally her in the
U. S. She was denied entrance to the U. S. When she applied. I am 86 years old now and she is her very early 50's. Will she qualify for spousal benefits if I pass away? I send her money every month to Mexico since I am obligated to support her as a husband.


Could My Wife Qualify For Mother's Benefits If I Die?

If I pass away before my FRA and before filing for my Social Security retirement benefit, I guess my widow can claim a survivor benefit on my work record and receive up to 100% of my PIA, but she will have to wait until her own FRA in 2027 to claim it or it will be reduced. But because she will be taking care of our disabled adult child, could she immediately file for mother's benefits, and receive some fraction of my PIA right away? The child would receive a DAC survivor benefit of 75% of my PIA, I guess.

Will My Daughter's Benefits Go Up When Her Brother No Longer Collects?

Hello! I am looking for information regarding survivors benefits..I seem to be finding information that does not directly apply to my situation..My daughter and her brother get benefits due to their father passing a few years ago..however he has a different mom..he will be turning 18 this year, so my question is, Will her benefits go up once he turns 18 and no longer collects?


Will My Mother's Benefits Continue If My Daughter Is Disabled?

My daughter is 15, and will be 16 in December. She receives dependent survivors benefits, and I receive mothers survivors benefits as well. I would like to apply for disability for her based upon intellectual disabilities, to extend my benefits, and ensure she can continue to draw on her father's record. In Her last testing, she had an IQ of 67, along with several severe adaptation issues. I took her to a psychologist for testing anxiety for about a year. He makes determinations for SSA and says she qualifies.

Is It Too Late For Me To Collect Survivor Benefits?

My wife passed away back in 2001. She was 31 years old and just graduated college with a master's. It was a medical issue that cause her death. My mind was going all over the place and never thought about SS. Another family member wife just passed , he is collecting ,cis it to late for me to collect ?


I'm sorry for your loss.

It's never too late to apply for survivor benefits, but you must meet the requirements in order to qualify. Also, you can normally only claim benefits for a maximum of 6 months retroactively.