Survivor Benefits

If I Get Married Outside Of The Country And Then Die, Will My Wife Receive Any Benefits From My Social Security?

If I get married out of the country and die, is my wife will reacive any benefits from my social security.. thanks


Sorry, but I can't answer that question without a lot more information. Whether or not your widow could collect benefits from your Social Security record would depend on such factors as her age, how long your marriage lasted, your widow's country of citizenship and residence, and whether or not the two of you resided together in the U.S. for at least 5 years.

Best, Jerry

Am I Eligible For My Deceased Husband's Retirement Fund?

Hello I am a gay man .my husband by common law(I believe) died in April 23 2010.i am on ssi .we were together for 20 years .i was told I couldnt Do anything until I was 48 years old. Am I eligible for his retirement fund we both helped each other so he could retire comfortably. I would at least even somewhere I can at least get this on paper


I'm sorry for your loss.

Is It True That I Could Qualify For Survivor Benefits Because I Was My Mother's Caretaker?

Hi Jerry, Thank you for your column.
My mama died on May 12th, approx six weeks ago. She was 89 and I am 61. I have been her only and full time caretaker for more than 7 yrs.

I have full POA and am the executor of her estate. (even though there is no estate to be executor of)
We lived on SS, she drew SS from my deceased father's benefits and I receive SS disability. I knew that if mama passed away before me that my $943.00 a month disability wasn't going to pay our mortgage and utilities every month and that I would have to do something.

Is It Possible For Me And My Son To Get His Father's Social Security?

Hi Larry,
My baby’s father is American. He is very sick, cancer an unfortunately the prognosis is very bad. While we are processing that. He wants to get married to pass his social security check on to my and our son.
I want you to know if ;
- that is possible?
- if it has an effect on my income here in Belgium
-will it increase my taxes?
- can the American state claim my child? My son is Belgian now and he’s under my custody.
- how much will I receive and how much will it cost?

Kind regards

What Benefits Are My Deceased Friend's Wife And Children Entitled To?

My friend just passed away. He was born on 1/24/1957(63 years old)He was working and not collecting S.S. benefits. He leaves behind 3 kids-twins aged 9 and one child aged 11. Also a young widow 40 years old. What S.S. benefits are the Widow and 3 kids entitled to? She is the sole caretaker for the children. Thanks for any advice you can give-Marty.

Hi Marty,

I'm sorry for your loss.

Am I Correct That I Should Have Been Paid Benefits In The Past, And Can I Do Anything About It Now?

My former spouse died at the age of 36 in 1995. I was 37, and cared for our two children, who were 10 and 7 at the time of his death. I applied for survivors benefits and advised I would receive three separate checks for each of us. When the following month came, I only received two checks, one for each of the children individually. I called the office to inquire about it and was then told I didn't qualify for widows benefits. I didn't apply for widows benefits, I applied for survivors benefits, which they had that information.

Would I Be Eligible For Survivor Benefits On My Ex's Account, Or Spousal Benefits?

Hi Larry,

Last year when I turned 66, I did a file and suspend on my benefit to claim 1/2 of my current spouse's Social Security which was very minimal. My current spouse passed away and I was switched to survivor benefit on his record which was a very small amount. Social Security asked me if I had been previously married for longer than 10 years.