Railroad Retirement & Social Security

Why Do I Lose My Social Security Amount If I Receive RR Benefits?

WHY do I lose my Social Security Benefit amount if I receive RR benefits. What is the rational behind taking my legally earned retirement amount? I know RR benefits will be reduced dollar for dollar, but WHY? Will it do any good to hire a lawyer? or is that just more money down the drain? Thank you, Marie

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Is It Correct That I Can't Draw Railroad Retirement Benefits If My Social Security Benefits Are Higher?

Larry, I understand that I will have no RR retirement benefit from my ex-husband's RR retirement (we were married 20 years) if I start collecting SS at age 62, and it is more than the RR benefit would be. Is that correct? Also, if I choose to not collect SS benefit and draw RR retirement, can I still also work? If so, is their a limit on earnings? Thank you.


Can I Draw Tier 2 Railroad Benefits Now And Wait To File For Social Security Benefits?


I am still working and will be for another year until I am 66. My husband worked for the railroad. I called today to railroad retirement and was told I can draw the tier 2 benefit now and I would have been eligible when I turned 60. Is it true you can get tier 2 now and wait to start social security until 66 when I will be able to draw my full benefit?


Will My Railroad Retirement Benefits Be Affected If I File For Social Security?

I am 70 years old. I worked for a railroad for 30 years and started collecting railroad retirement at age 62; however. I also worked at another company for 18 years paying into social security and recently retired from there. Should I apply for Social Security as well or would my railroad retirement be affected? i didn't think I could collect both but just want to make sure.


Should I File For Railroad Retirement or Social Security Or Both?


I will be 65 February 14,2018. My husband is on railroad retirement as he worked 36 years for RR. I'm still working and I've signed up for medicare through social security. Should I have done that with railroad? Also, can I draw from RR retirement at 66 or should I draw from SSI? If my social security is greater, and my husband pass, do I receive his railroad retirement if it is greater than my social security? Lots of questions.


If I Start Drawing Railroad Benefits At Age 62, Can I File For Social Security At Age 70 Without Incurring An Age Reduction?

Hello Again Jerry - Yesterday (1/19/18) I posted a question regarding the Tier 1 age reduction created by filing for "early retirement" benefits from Social Security, and then subsequently filing for Railroad Retirement at my full retirement age of 66 years, 4 months. Shortly after sending my post I discovered the answer (noted in Railroad Retirement Board booklet RB 1, Age and Service Annuity, chapter 15 A 1, located on page# 11). Now I'd like to pose the reverse question which you may be able to help me with.

Can I Take Social Security Benefits At Age 62 Without Reducing My Tier 1 Railroad Rate?

Hi Larry - I’m 61 years of age and I’ve been notified by Railroad Retirement that I’m eligible to receive an annuity, as I have119 months of credited RR service. I also have earned enough credits to qualify for Social Security “early retirement” benefits at age 62. My question is can I file for and receive “early retirement” benefits from Social Security at 62, and then file for and receive Railroad Retirement benefits, without a Tier 1 Age Reduction at my full retirement age of 66 years, 4 months.

Will My Tier 1 Benefits Be Reduced If I File For Social Security Spousal Benefits?

I am a railway worker and turned 66 in December of 2017, I am still working for the railroad. My wife is 65 and has decided to file for her SS benefits. Will my tier 1 benefits be reduced if I file for spousal benefits from my wife's SS?


If you are receiving Railroad Retirement (RR) benefits and you file for Social Security (SS) spousal benefits, then yes the RR Board (RRB) will reduce your tier 1 RR benefits by the amount of your SS spousal benefits.

Will I Just Lose What I Paid Into Social Security If I Draw Railroad Retirement?


I will be 63 in March and I will have 10 years with the Railroad in March. However, I worked full time since I was 18, paying into social security. I have two questions: 1) Will I just loose the 30+ years of social security if I draw RR retirement? and 2) I have a disabled adult child (mentally handicapped). Will he receive social security benefits on me when i retire even if I'm drawing RR retirement?

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