Railroad Retirement & Social Security

Can I Get Social Security And Railroad Retirement?

can i get social security benefits and my railroad retirement. I will retire from the railroad in december with over 10 years service and will be 62 in december?


Yes, but you can only receive the higher of a) your Social Security (SS) benefit amount or b) your tier 1 Railroad Retirement (RR) rate, plus any tier 2 RR benefits to which you are entitled. So, it will likely only benefit you to file for Social Security benefits if and when your SS benefit rate would be higher than your tier 1 RR rate.

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Is What I Was Told Correct?

my husband is ready to retire from metro north and I have been on SSDI for over 20 years. I was told that I can keep my SSDI benefits but cannot have the Tier 1 benefits from my husband. When we were speaking to the person regarding exit, he said if I had SSI only I could keep that and the Tier 1, but being that it is SSDi I cannot have both.Is this correct? If it is not can you guide us please. Thank you


Am I Missing Out On Benefits?

My husband worked for the Rairoad for 32 yrs.but passed away before eligible to retire (age 53). This was his only employment and never paid into Social Security. At the time of his passing I was 52 and went to work full time paying into S.S. I had worked some before his death.. My social security wages were strictly my earnings. I took Railroad widows pension at 62 and continued to work until I was 76. I am aware of the double dipping rule but am wondering how or if this affects my retirement as to claiming S.S. also.

Will I Automatically Be Eligible For Railroad Retirement Benefits On My Husband's Record?

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I am a teacher who has worked in NYSTRS for 30 years and my husband 36 years at metro north rail road. I know there is two tiers in the RRRS and that the first tier is supplemental for social security in essence. But my question is. When he retires am I automatically elegable for his RR Retirement? I have made a substantial amount more that him and I am going to take my social security at 62. Will he receive his tier 1 and 2 and his spousal benefit from SS??


Why Do I Keep Getting Statements From Social Security If I'm Receiving Railroad Retirement?

I keep getting a earnings statement from Social Security saying i can collect a sum of $281.00 in pension but i am retired from the RailRoad for almost 14 years now. Why do i keep getting this. When i worked for the RailRoad i did have a side job and paid Social Security but should'nt that been included in my pension? What should i do with this statement i get ever year. Hope you can help. Thank you


What's Going On?

i have received social security disability for many many years, my husband retired from the rail road, just about 3 years ago, All of a sudden the rail road had taken over paying my medicare part B deductible at a much higher amount!! IF however, they tell me, i let them ( the rail road retirement board ) take over paying my SSI to me, they will lower the deductible again. is this bribe? am being punished for not letting them pay my SSI? what gives?


Can I Collect My Social Security Benefits At Age 55?

Hi, I am a wife of a RR worker and 2 years older. My question is that I would like to retire at 55 (I do have roth ira and s@p 500 plus my own 401k) could I collect my own SS starting at 55 then when i am 64 start to collect on my husbands pension and stop receiving SS? I know you cannot do both at the same time and technically I wouldn't be. But at least I could get some of what I have worked for and not just throw it away.


Can I File For Social Security At Age 62 And Then Switch To An Unreduced Railroad Retirement Benefit At FRA?

Hello Larry, my apologies but I forgot to include some information in a previous question (pasted below). I am actually elidgible for both SS and RR having worked 26 years under SS and the last 10 years under RR. I am 59. At 62 can I file for early payment under SS but then at full retirement age 66.5 switch to a payment under RR in order to receive an unreduced payout?.
My previous question was related, but focused on me claiming a spousal SS payout at 66. See below. Thanks much!
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