Railroad Retirement & Social Security

Do I Get Any Credit For My Earnings Under Social Security If I Just Receive Railroad Retirement?

I retired from the railroad with 41 years of service. I also worked concurrently with non railroad employers under SS. I realize I can't get two separate T1/ss pensions. My question is do I just get the higher of the two (obviously RRR) and do I get "any" credit for the SS wages and If so "where" does it show the difference that SS income made? Thx


Is It Correct That I Would Be Able To Collect Social Security Early And Sign Up For Railroad Retirement At Age 70?

I was told that I could sign up for social security before I reached 70 years old, collect that amount and then sign up for my eligible Railroad Retirement at age 70. The idea was that I could collect the maximum amount from them because they make up the difference in the total amount as if I'm 70 years old and I won't take the lesser amount that the Tier 1 would be had I signed up earlier. As such, I would be able to collect SS early and also get the maximum amount later from Railroad retirement. Is that correct?


Can I Get Social Security Survivor Benefits If I'm Receiving Railroad Retirement?

My ex husband passed away in 2017 at age 67. He was collecting social security benefits. we were married almost 14 years. I have never remarried. I currently receive railroad retirement benefits. I understand that I may be entitled to receive some of his SS benefits as well. is this true ? if so, who do I contact ? SS or RRB? would my RRB benefits be reduced ?


Can I Draw Railroad Retirement At 65 And Still Earn Delayed Retirement Credits On My Social Security?

If I worked in social security employment for 23 years then work in Railroad employment for the last 22 years and retire at age 65, full retirement age 67, and I begin drawing my railroad at age 65 with 22 years of railroad employment can I earn delayed retirement credits for social security up until age 70 and at that time have social security certify those credits to the RR board and get an Increase in benefit from the RR board?


Can My Railroad Earnings Be Used To Calculate My Social Security Benefit?

I worked under RRB for a short period of time in 1985 and 1986 and am retired on Social Security. According to the Certificate of Service Months and Compensation forms I recently found I have 14 months and $18, 509.48 Total creditable compensation. Can this be used for Social Security wages or retirement wages.


Can I Start Out Drawing Railroad Spousal Benefits And Later File For My Social Security Benefits?

Hi Larry,

My husband worked for the railroad for 16 years but also worked in the private sector paying social security tax. He is eligible for tier 1 and 2. If he takes that, can I take half of his and then apply for my own full social security at a later date and will it still continue to increase while I am taking half of his?


Can I Collect My Deceased Husband's Social Security And My Railroad Retirement Benefits?

I am 56 years old. I have worked at the railroad for 20 years, and plan on retiring with full pension at the age of 66, because that is when I'll have my 30 years in. I am a widow, my husband died 13 years ago, and he paid into social security. I have not been remarried. My question is: How do I collect his social security? Can I do it before age of 66? Can I collect while I'm still working for the railroad? Can I collect social security and RRB benefits?


I'm sorry for your loss.