Railroad Retirement & Social Security

Will My Brother Get Any Survivor Benefits If My Father Passes?

My father is retired from the railroad.
My brother is disabled.
I was wondering will my brother get any survivor benefits if my father passes.
Thank you


My expertise is limited to Social Security benefits, not Railroad Retirement. You'll probably need to check with the Railroad Retirement Board (RRB) to find out if your brother could qualify for Railroad benefits.

Can I Begin Taking Social Security Benefits And Still Accrue DRCs On My Railroad Retirement?

I am 66 (9/1951) wife is 64 (9/1953). Worked for Rail Road and have both RRB and social security benefits as well.

Will I be able to begin taking my social security benefit/wife begin spousal benefit and allow RRB to accrue delayed credits until age 70? Will RRB continue to accrue DRC if one begins taking social security?

Will I be able to claim restricted under wife's benefit and then allow RRB to earn DRC?

Please confirm. Thanks for your time.


Can My Wife Start Drawing Her Social Security At Age 62 And Still Get A Full Railroad Spousal Benefit Later?

I am 64 and am currently on RRB occupational disability. My wife just turned 62 on (/3/2017). I have been led to believe that she could file for reduced SS benefits at 62 on her own earnings, which were meager and will only net her a monthly premium of $628. Then when she turns 66 and 2 months, she can file for her RRB Spousal benefit which at this date figuring roughly half my current RRB premium is around $1350.

Can I Now Draw Social Security?

I retired from the railroad 21 years ago on a disability. Since then I have worked enough to qualify for social security. Can I now draw social security on what I have earned the last 21 years.


Yes you can, assuming that you are at least age 62. However, if and when you file for Social Security (SS) benefits the Railroad Board (RRB) will only pay you the higher of your Social Security benefit rate or your Tier 1 Railroad Retirement (RR) rate, in addition to any Tier 2 RR benefits to which you are entitled.

Am I Allowed To Collect Both RRA And SSA Benefits?

At my full retirement age of 66, I applied for RRA benefits and was awarded $2170 mo. In 2017, at age 70 I contacted RRB and was told to apply for SSA benefits and was was awarded $2883 mo. I was working for the railroad in 1965 and got my draft notice in Sept or Oct. I resigned from the Santa Fe to wait for my enlistment date. I served for 3 years and about 5 mos and was discharged on May 19, 1969 on a Friday and went to work for the Southern Pacific the following Monday. I enrolled into college and when my GI bill kicked in, I resigned from the SP.

Is My Wife Entitled To Both Her Social Security And A Railroad Widow's Benefit?

Hi Larry,
I recently married and my wife is a widow. As A surviving spouse she receives her deceased husband's RR Tier 2 (NOT TIER 1) Pension as he worked for the PRR for over 30 years. We wanted to be legally married & with that being said the RRB reduced her Tier 2 monthly benefit by $264 - down to $1443.
My wife worked herself for 40+ years as an X-Ray Tech in 2 hospitals paying into SS (FICA) all that time.

Can I Get Social Security And Railroad Retirement?

can i get social security benefits and my railroad retirement. I will retire from the railroad in december with over 10 years service and will be 62 in december?


Yes, but you can only receive the higher of a) your Social Security (SS) benefit amount or b) your tier 1 Railroad Retirement (RR) rate, plus any tier 2 RR benefits to which you are entitled. So, it will likely only benefit you to file for Social Security benefits if and when your SS benefit rate would be higher than your tier 1 RR rate.

Best, Jerry