Railroad Retirement & Social Security

Is The Information I Received From A Railroad Retirement Board Representative Correct?

A Railroad retirement board representative advised me that I could receive a reduced age benefit ( if I desire to take it now, at age 63) from my ex-husband's Tier I benefit and continue to receive my divorced spouse annuity granted to me in our divorce, as this is a lifetime annuity for me. He also told me I could take a reduced age benefit now from the USRRRB and discontinue receiving the benefit at say 66 or even 70, to then apply and receive my own social security benefits from there on. My questions are: 1) Is this information correct?

Can I Get Both Social Security And My Husband's Spousal RR Pension?

I have been told I could not get both SS and my husband;s spouse RR pension. Now I hear that has been reversed and I can now have both? Can you help with this?


If you file for both Social Security (SS) benefits and for Railroad Retirement (RR) benefits, what you would receive is a) the higher of your SS benefit or your tier 1 RR benefit rate, plus b) any tier 2 RR benefits for which you qualify. Thus, there's no way that you could get both benefits in full at the same time.

Am I Entitled To My Age 70 Social Security Rate That's Higher Than My Tier 1 Railroad Retirement Rate?

Larry - I worked for the Railroad , NJ Transit for 7.5 years. I retired from there in April of 2017 at age 68.5. Currently I am collecting tier 1 benefits at $3,076 and my tier 2 benefits are at $299 per month. I also worked paying into Social Security for 43 years. I am turning 70 in October 2018, My Social Security benefits at age 70 are at $3,285 per month. I applied to Social Security to receive the $3,285 to replace my Tier 1 benefits, the difference being $209 a month (Tier 1 $3076 minus $3285 SS = $209).

Can I Replace My Tier 1 Railroad Benefit By Filing For A Higher Social Security Benefit?

Hi. I was eligible for late husband's railroad retirement when I turned 60 few weeks ago. I am working part time for now to keep health insurance with my employer. My question is.... There is Tier 1 (social security) and then Tier 2. If my social security benefit is more than Tier 1 can I apply for that at age 66 and replace the Tier 1 with my social security benefit?


Yes, that can be done.

Best, Jerry

Will My SS Amount Be Changed To Railroad Tier 1 And Tier 2 After My Husband Retires?

My husband works for the railroad. I am two (2) years his senior. If I file for SS at 62 will my amount be changed to the railroad Tier I and Tier II after he retires? I will continue to work until he retires but want to know if my monthly amount will be recalculated to a higher amount? If so will I have to reapply for benefits?


Is It True That My Friend Can't Get Both Social Security Benefits And A Railroad Pension?

My friend receives a pension from her late husband railroad pension. She has been told that she cannot receive her own SS benefits and the RR pension. Is that true?
It seems to me that her own SS benefits should not count against her late husband's RR benefits.


Do You Think This Is Wise?

After reading Get What's Yours, I decided to wait until FRA (August of this year) to file for my divorced spousal benefit-ex was a railroad employee to whom I was married for 30 years. I called in and was convinced that it would make no difference if I just started drawing right away; difference is $23. I work part time and plan to continue. I asked would my own SS continue to grow and was told that it would. Do you think this is wise, or should I suspend before everything goes through?