Railroad Retirement & Social Security

Can My Wife Get Social Security Now And Railroad Spousal Benefits Later?

I am 60 and eligible for RR retirement at age 62. My wife is 2 years older than me. Can she draw SS from 62-64 and then switch to RR Retirement (spousal portion)?


Yes, your wife could take reduced retirement benefits on her own record at 62, assuming that she qualifies, and then later get Railroad spousal benefits. I can't tell you whether or not that's her best strategy, though.

Will I Be Able To Collect Both Social Security And Railroad Retirement Benefits?

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Statement: I'm 58 and have worked a combined 2.5 years for three different rail roads in my life time, otherwise I have worked and paid into social security. I am thinking of taking a job with the UP for approximately 8 years to get a RR pension and retire at 66.

Question: Since I have so many years paying into regular SS for 38.5 years, will I be able to collect SS along with the RR pension which would be a total of 10.5 years...or, will all my SS benefits be transferred to the RR pension for a larger pension?

Can I Take Reduced Social Security Benefits And Later File For Railroad Retirement?

Hi, I spent most of my career contributing to Social Security but for the last 6 1/2 years I have been working for a labor organization that pays into the Railroad pension. I am going to retire this year at age 64. Can I take a reduced Social Security benefit until I turn 66 then apply to Railroad pension and get the unreduced Tier I and II benefits from the Railroad?


Can I Draw My Social Security At Age 62 And Switch To A Railroad Divorced Spousal Benefit Later?

I will be eligible for a divorced spouse annuity from the railroad retirement board at age 62 (I am currently 55). Can I collect my own social security at age 62 and wait until some later age (say, 70) to stop collecting my social security and start collecting the RRB annuity? (Is this what is meant by file and suspend?) Thank you for your help.


Why Can't My Mother Get Her Social Security Benefits?

Larry, I am asking for my mother, age 90, soon to be 91. She retired from a local school system with benefits from Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System. What bothers her most is all her years of paying into the Social Security and has be advised that she cannot receive that because see is under my deceased father's Railroad Retirement Benefits. Can you a clear up this matter for her and me, I suppose????

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Will My Social Security Benefit Rate Be Reduced If I Took Railroad Retirement At Age 62?

I retired at age 62 with RRB. I am now 67 soon to be 68. I worked for the RR for 13 years which ended in 2000. I worked strictly under SS after that until retirement. I have never applied for SSI. When I called today I asked what my monthly benefit would be. I was told by SSA that it would be about $300.00 more per month than what my tier 1 benefit is from RR. This almost sounds to good to be true! Would there be a possibility they would reduce my SSI because of taking early retirement benefit from RRB? Thanks for any help.

Can I Get Six Months Of Back Pay?

Its me again Larry. I am the 85 yr old drawing railroad retirement who had never filed for social security. I did file and they have adjusted my benefit and included my delayed retirement credits. Good raise! However, they said nothing about the six months retroactive benefit. Can I get that or will I forfeit DRCs. I do not want to jeopardize my new monthly amount. Tks


Why Can't My Father Receive His Railroad Retirement And Social Security Widower's Benefits?

My Father is 96 yrs. of age he is retired from the railroad in 1980 and is receiving his benefits. His wife passed away in 2009 after working for Diebold's and having in all her quarters and was receiving social security. The RRB tells my Father he can't get her social security as a sole survivor. He does not collect what he had built up in SS because he didn't have enough quarters.They tell him that Tier 1 is SS . He and I am confused because he is not wanting to collect his SS but hers a sole survivor. Is there any way you could possibly help him reference this matter?