Railroad Retirement & Social Security

Will My Social Security Benefit Rate Be Reduced If I Took Railroad Retirement At Age 62?

I retired at age 62 with RRB. I am now 67 soon to be 68. I worked for the RR for 13 years which ended in 2000. I worked strictly under SS after that until retirement. I have never applied for SSI. When I called today I asked what my monthly benefit would be. I was told by SSA that it would be about $300.00 more per month than what my tier 1 benefit is from RR. This almost sounds to good to be true! Would there be a possibility they would reduce my SSI because of taking early retirement benefit from RRB? Thanks for any help.

Can I Get Six Months Of Back Pay?

Its me again Larry. I am the 85 yr old drawing railroad retirement who had never filed for social security. I did file and they have adjusted my benefit and included my delayed retirement credits. Good raise! However, they said nothing about the six months retroactive benefit. Can I get that or will I forfeit DRCs. I do not want to jeopardize my new monthly amount. Tks


Why Can't My Father Receive His Railroad Retirement And Social Security Widower's Benefits?

My Father is 96 yrs. of age he is retired from the railroad in 1980 and is receiving his benefits. His wife passed away in 2009 after working for Diebold's and having in all her quarters and was receiving social security. The RRB tells my Father he can't get her social security as a sole survivor. He does not collect what he had built up in SS because he didn't have enough quarters.They tell him that Tier 1 is SS . He and I am confused because he is not wanting to collect his SS but hers a sole survivor. Is there any way you could possibly help him reference this matter?

Why Can't I Receive My Own Social Security And A Railroad Widow's Benefit?

My late husband retired from railroad with 30+ yrs of employment in 1986. I have worked 30+ yrs at public work and paid into social security. My husband died Aug 08 and I started drawing widow annuity. But in Oct 2015, I applied on line for my social security (the amounts deducted from my cks for 30+ yrs).,And felt if I wasn't eligible . they would not send it. Well Social Security sent me a ck for $10,000+ deposit into my cking acct. Now, the RRB says I must pay this all back to them...........We both worked.....Where did my SS withholding go, if I can't receive it now?

Can My Wife File For Railroad Spousal Benefits At 60, And Later File For Social Security?

I am planning to retire in 2017. I am a 38 year railroad employee and qualify for the 60/30 railroad retirement. My problem is how to maximize my spouses retirement because she is 2 1/2 years younger than I am. My wife Evelyn has paid into social security for 30+ years, but is not eligible for early social security until age 62. Evelyn does qualify for spousal railroad retirement at age 60, but if she waits until age 62 her social security payment will exceed the railroad tier I thus giving her a larger payout.

Can I File For Social Security If I'm Already Receiving Railroad Retirement?

Larry you answered my question, but I was not clear. Actually (I am 85) I have been receiving Railroad Retirement since 1991 and thought it and social security had coordinated; however, I now discover that I can file for my 40 yrs of work under social security. Probably the Guiness book of records for this one. I am wondering if I can now get any delayed retirement credits (having never filed), any possible retroactive or lump sum benefits, and will my railroad Tier I benefits be deducted even though fully insured under both?

Should I Follow The Railroad Board's Advice?

I am turning 66 in January. I worked for a railroad for 20 years, and now 20 years for another company outside of railroad. I plan to continue working to 70. In contacting RRT, they recommended I begin taking SS at 66 in lieu of delaying until age 70, suggesting I would likely never recover the difference, even with the potential of added taxes to a higher bracket. Could you provide some clarity to the best decision?


Can I File For Social Security Benefits At Age 70, Even If I'm Receiving Railroad Retirement Benefits?

I current receive a small amount from my husbands railroad retirement. If I collect the full amount once I turn 66, can I cease collecting this and then collect my full retirement from my social security at the age of 70?


Yes, you can. Obviously, it would only be advantageous for you to do so if the Social Security benefit amount is higher. Social Security will credit you with delayed retirement credits from age 66 to 70, even if you're receiving railroad benefits during that time.

Can I Accrue Delayed Retirement Credits From Social Security And Get Railroad Benefits?

I am trying to get some specifics. I am currently 65, wife is 62. Will be retiring from rail road in 2017 (age 66) . Been there for the last 26 years but my division didn't go into the Rail Road Retirement system until 6 years ago. I don't really need to file for full RRB or SS benefits right away so would like to know if I would be able to file SS under a restricted application, accrue delayed credits and then file for full RRB. Will the delayed credits I earn for waiting transfer to my RRB benefit. Its my understanding that your Tier 1 benefit is basically SS.