Non-Covered Pension - WEP / GPO

How Will The GPO Affect Me?

My husband passed away on November 12 2014; subsequently I am now working at a public school to support me and my children. My question is when I file for survivors benefits at 60 how will the GPO effect me? I only make 12,000 a year and they take out for the teachers retirement fund but I live in Louisiana so they do not have agreement with social security. I will be working for the school system for 12 years by the time I file .

Thank you for your response to this critical question


I'm sorry for your loss.

How Can I Determine Much My Husband's SSDI Rate Would Be Reduced By His NYC Pension?

My husband is applying for SSDI, and recently took disability retirement as a NYC public schook teacher. For his pension, he was encouraged to count all former service time so recently applied for some of ancient hours in the city system. The hours total maybe 4 months of a career of over 20 years. But we learned from SS that because no security tax was taken on those hours, his SSDI payment could be reduced. How can I find out how much the offset would be, so we can evaluate if he should pursue getting those hours applied to the pension (not yet processed) or forgo them?

Will My PERA Retirement Reduce My Spousal Benefits To Nothing?

I am currently 66 and started collecting my deceased ex-spouses social security benefit at full retirement age (December 2017). He has been deceased for 9 years and we were married 30 years. It is $1,656.00 per month. I also worked for over 20 years and paid into social security, but mine was only going to be $786.00 per month. I have worked for a school district for almost 25 years and have not paid into social security but into PERA. My question is: Will my PERA retirement reduce the spousal benefits to nothing? Is there anything else that factors into this?

Does This Information Change Your Answer?

Thank you Larry for answering my question. I'm not sure why I would fall under the WEP if I paid into the national health system to qualify for a pension in the UK and Canada Pension Plan). I've paid what I needed to in order to get a pension and also social security in the USA. I'm sorry if my question was misleading, I saw an answer on your website mentioning something about working for the government, and may have given the impression I didn't pay the required amounts from my wages. In all cases, I have always had drawn from my wages the required amounts.

Will My Social Security Disability Be Affected By My Husband's CSRS Pension?

Hi Larry, I am currently collecting Social Security Disability. I worked for the Census Bureau for about 20 years. My husband has worked for the Postal Service for 45 years and will be retiring soon. He is a CSRS employee. Will my Social Security be affected by his pension income? Thank you for your help.


Is There Any Way For Me To Regain A Full Pension From America?

I am an American citizen, I moved to Canada when I left the US Air Force. I retired at 67 and applied for my Social Security benefits. I also qualified and paid into Canada's Old Age Pension and receive a pension. The US steals half the pension in a clawback that I and my employers paid into to qualify. Is there any way to regain a full pension from America?


Was It Correct For Social Security To Deduct My Husband's UK Social Security From His US Social Security?

My husband died in 2011. He was born in the UK. He worked there from age 15 to age 29 when he emigrated t the USA. He worked in the USA where he became an American citizen from age 29 to age 65. When he received his social security pension they deducted his small social security pension from the UK. Which he did pay taxes in the U.S. on. Recently I was told this should not have happened. Your opinion