Non-Covered Pension - WEP / GPO

Will The Benefits I Receive On My Ex-Spouse's Record Be Reduced When I Decide To Retire?

I am divorced after 40 years of marriage, age 69, and began receiving social security benefits on my ex-husband's record at my age 66. Early in our marriage I worked in the private sector but barely earned my 40 quarters to be eligible for social security. I returned to teaching and no social security is withdrawn from my earnings. However, since I returned to teaching later in life, I elected to participate in a 401 A (defined contribution program) and not the annuity/pension program.

Should I Get A Lawyer?

I started receiving SS survivor benefits in 2014. At the time I was asked on the SS application if I was receiving a government benefit and my response was no. A year in 2015 I became illegible to buy 5 years from the Teacher Retirement System in Texas. Along with the 5 years I had available and the 5 years I bought back I began receiving $800 per month from TRS. I have been getting the SS spousal benefit and the TRS annuity now for since those years. I recently filled out an application to switch to my SS at age 70 (in 3 months) and have been made aware of the WEP/GOP.

How Does GPO Affect The Amount I Can Collect On My Ex-Spouse's Record?

My ex spouse and I were both born in 1953. He took early retirement and is drawing a pension on which he did not pay social security benefits. He had a few years when he did have earnings under social security. I have paid social security on all my earnings. I used your calculator and was advised to file a restricted application and for ex spouse benefits. I plan to work on. I want to understand GPO and how GPO affects the amount I can collect on his record and how that might change when my ex files for his own and Social Security on my record.

Will My Husband's UN Pension Prevent Him From Receiving Spousal Benefits?

My husband receives a pension from the United Nations Joint Staff Pension fund. He was not a citizen while employed at UN and did not contribute to social security. Is he entitled to claim spousal benefits based on my social security record? We pay taxes on the taxable portion of his UN pension. The local social security office told us that his pension is considered a government pension. I've been reading online that it is considered a foreign pension and therefore he can claim spousal benefits. Who's right?


Will My SS Be Reduced If I Receive Any Of My Husband's Pension?

I receive ss from the public sector. My husband worked both public and private sectors. He receives reduced ss and a fireman's pension. I will receive 40% of his pension. Will my ss be reduced if I receive any of his pension?


No. Receipt of a spousal or survivor benefit from a pension program that's based on your spouse's work and earnings would have no effect on your Social Security benefits.

Best, Jerry

Will My Social Security Benefit Be Reduced If I Receive A FERS Pension?

I paid into SS and have my 40 quarters and also paid into FERS and am fully vested. Is my SS reduced because of double dipping?


No. Your Social Security benefits wouldn't be reduced due to receipt of a FERS (Federal Employee Retirement System) pension, because earnings covered under FERS are also subject to Social Security taxes. Social Security benefits are only subject to reduction under the Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP) if a person receives a pension based on their work that was exempt from Social Security taxes.

Best, Jerry