Non-Covered Pension - WEP / GPO

Are The Current Bills In Congress Proposing Repeal Of WEP Receiving Any Momentum?

Hi Larry, I know my question only applies to 4% or less of people claiming Social Security but has major implications for us, that of course being WEP. I'm well aware that it has been loathed and berated for 35 years. My question is whether with the current raft of repeal bills (H.R 141, H.R. 3934, H.R. 4540 and possibly others) there is any more momentum than there ever was in years gone by. I'm guessing the liklihood of any bill passing is slim to none but haven't counted how many previous bills died.

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How Will My 401(a) Affect My Benefits?

I'm struggling with one question, and I can't believe my situation is that unusual, but I can't find a definitive answer.
I'm eligible to collect a benefit on my former spouse's earnings record. I, too, worked and paid into Social Security for 40 quarters but my former spouse always made much more than me. I was told by Social Security the amount of the benefit I would be eligible to collect when I quit my job soon.

Will The Windfall Elimination Provision Prevent Me From Claiming Benefits On My Spouse's Record?

Hi Larry, I am considering filing for SS and having my wife file but suspend. She would claim her spousal benefit until she is 70, when she will file for her own benefits. I worked for the State of Alaska for 26 years. Will the Windfall elimination prevent me from claiming spousal benefits if she dies before me? And will my state employment result in other complications with SS benefits? My DOB is 12-23-52; her's is 8-17-51. Thanks! Paul

Hi Paul,

Can Your Software Calculate My Benefits?

Hi Larry,

I'm very interested in purchasing your software and would like to ask if it will be able to calculate my scenario as detailed below?

I lived in the UK for a long time and now the US and do not have "full" retirement in either country, as far as I understand the definition.

State Pension -
Made 25 Years Full Contributions
Still have 10 Years to Contribute (make up contributions)
30 Years Is Deemed To Be "Full" Contributions

How Will Social Security Calculate WEP And GPO In My Case?

Hello. I have been trying to get an answer to this question and no one seems to be able to help me. I participate in an alternative retirement plan that is considered a 401a. I understand that it is subject to WEP and GPO, and that Social Security will use a formula to calculate the assumed monthly payment to know how much to reduce Social Security payments. Assuming I stop working well before a "traditional" retirement age (let's say I stop at age 50), at what point does Social Security determine the monthly equivalent of the lump sum?

Will I Be Exempt From, Or Subject To, A WEP Deduction?

I have paid in my 40+ quarters of SS contributions. But, I also worked for an international organization overseas for several years without making SS contributions. I now receive a pension paid by this organization that exceeds the WEP threshold. When I file for my SS benefits, will I be exempt from, or subject, to, a WEP deduction? My pension has a non-US origin. Thank you.