Non-Covered Pension - WEP / GPO

Am I Excepted From The Windfall Elimination Provision?

Am I an exception to the Windfall Elimination Provision? I am a clergy person who began my career in June 1984. At that time I exempted myself from Social Security by filing form 4361 with the IRS. I have worked for religious non-profits much of my career but have also had jobs which withheld social security taxes. The Social Security Administration has a two-page flyer that says in part, "The Windfall Elimination Provision doesn't apply if: ...

Do I Have A Grievance?

I am a Federal retiree who also worked in private industry. I receive both a Federal Pension and Social Security.
In the latest issue of the AARP Bulletin, Jane Bryant Quinn states that your Social Security can't be less than
half of your Pension (see page 31 of the bulletin). My Social Security is 29% of my pension - do I have a
grievance since it is less than 50%?


If I Accept My Husband's Social Security Do I Still Have To Pay Windfall Elimination To Social Security?

My husband Social Security Benefit at 70 years old is about $3800, mine is $1000.
My pension from CalSTRS is about $525 a month.
We are divorcing.
Question: If I accept his social security do I still have to pay Windfall elimination to the Social Security? How much would it be?


If I Die Before My Wife, Will She Be Penalized If She Receives Part Of My CALPERS Pension?

I am a retired police officer and my city and I paid no SS taxes. I have 25 years paying into SS in other jobs. My wife has only 32 quarters, thus she draws from my SS, which is obviously reduced because of WEP. If I die first, her SS should increase, but will they continue to penalize her because of my CALPERS Pension, for which she will be entitled to 50%? Thanks!


WIll My Social Security Be Reduced By 40% Due To WEP?

Larry, I just turned 62. My adult life was spent working as a police officer. For 18 years I worked for a county that paid into SS. The county also contributed to the State of Idaho public employees retirement fund. For 16 years I worked for a city that contributed to a 457 fund instead of SS. I have a lump sum valuation from this 457 fund. I do not receive monthly payments. I also voluntarily contributed a substantial amount of money to this fund.

Will My Social Security Be Reduced If I Receive A Survivor Pension Based On My Husband's Government Work?

I will be eligible for Social Security full benefits at 67. My husband will have a municipal government pension that will have a survivor option. If he predeceases me, and I collect the survivor government pension benefit, will my social security be reduced? Thank you.


No. Receipt of a survivor pension based on your husband's government work would not affect your Social Security benefits, regardless of whether you're receiving your own Social Security retirement benefits or widow's benefits.

Best, Jerry

What Is The Formula For Computing My Wife's Spousal Benefit If She's Getting A Government Pension?

My wife and I are both retired, She was a Government employee and receives a pension. I am 72 and she is over the FRA. What is the formula for determining her Spousal benefit? Do I subtract two thirds of her pension from my Social Security and she gets the balance, or is the formula different?

Thanks, Rick

Hi Rick,

Does The WEP Applied To My Benefit Also Affect My Wife's Spousal Benefit?

When my social security benefits were approved, WEP was applied. later when spousal benefits were approved it was half of my PIA. But the WEP calculators in the ssa site shows the spousal benefit as equal to half the 90% first bend point value which is far higher than what she is getting. Should my spouse also be paid with the WEP or is the calculator figure right?