Non-Covered Pension - WEP / GPO

What Effect Will WEP Have On My Ex-Wife's Divorced Spousal Benefit?

My ex-wife and I are almost exactly the same age, turning 65 in about 6 months. At 65, I will claim and receive a pension based on non-covered employment. My ex will file for spousal benefits when we turn FRA at 66. What effect will WEP have on her divorced spousal benefits on my record? Also, if I file for divorced spousal benefits on her record will WEP be a factor? Stumped in SinCity ;-)


Will Both Of My Canadian Pensions Be Used In The WEP Calculation?

I worked in Canada before becoming a US citizen. My CPP benefits will result in a WEP deduction to my Social Security benefits. However, I also have a small pension for work I did for the British Columbia government while in Canada. The BC Public Service Pension Plan is a defined benefit pension plan to which both my employer and I contributed ...and both my employer and I also contributed to CPP during this period. Will both my BC pension AND my CPP pension benefits be used in the WEP calculation? (WEP publication only refers to CPP/QPP). Thank you.


Will My Spousal Benefit Be Less Than 50% Of My Husband's If I'm Affected By WEP?

My husband and I will both be affected by the WEP reduction. I have less than 20 years of substantial contributions, and he has closer to 30. Will my spousal benefit be less than 50 % of his reduced benefit because I have less years of substantial contribution?

I've looked and looked for an answer to the question and have been unable to find it. Thank you for your help.


Do I Have A Case To Challenge Social Security's Determination?

I worked in the US for 10 years on a green card and, for the last 20 years in France (having given up my green card) - paying in to the AGIRC/ARRCO private pension program. Being 66, I have returned to live in the US on a new green card and applied for my US pension highlighting that I receive a French private pension. My former "estimate" of $1,480 for my US pension has been reduced to $1,100. I believe that AGIRC/ARRCO, being personal paid programs (like, I believe, IRA/401K) are should NOT be treated like a formal "state" pension from France (which I do not receive).

Will I Get Both US & German Social Security?

I have worked 12 years in Germany and will receive a company pension, I also paid German social security during this time. I also have paid in 34 years of US social security, 31 of those meeting substantial payments in the given year. My question, as I meet the 30 year substantial payment test, will I get both US Social Security and a small German Social Security that I am intitled to for my 12 years? Thanks


Is It True That WEP Won't Apply Until I Start Receiving My UK Pension?

Hello Larry,

I am a UK Citizen. I retired last year at age 60 after working in the US since 2004. I have now given up my US residency and am living in the UK and Australia. I am eligible for Social Security and am now trying to understand how my UK state pension ( for which I am also eligible) will affect my social security payments.

Is it true to say that if I elect to take my social security at age 62 WEP will not apply until I start receiving my UK State pension at age 66?

Would GPO Affect My Divorced Widow Benefits?

I have been collecting my SS since the age of 65 which was reduced because of the WEP provision. I retired from UCI Medical Center but retained my Orange County Medical Center retirement benefits after UCI purchased the hospital. I worked under that retirement system from 1971 to 1991 and did not pay into SS under that system I was married from 1966 until 1986 until I was divorced. I moved to Arizona and worked mostly part time at another hospital in 1992 until my retirement in 2013.