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Will My Ex-Wife's Social Security Payment Be Affected If She Receives A Portion Of My Public Pension?

Hi Larry. I am a divorced police officer. I retire in 15 months. My ex-wife is going to get 14% of my pension. Will her social security payment be affected by my public pension through the Windfall elimination provision as my social security will be? Thanks in advance for your response.


Hi Mark,

No. The Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP) can only apply if a person is receiving a pension based on their OWN work and earnings that weren't subject to Social Security taxes.

Best, Jerry

Do You Have Any Idea Why Social Security Would Have Applied GPO In My Wife's Case?


My wife has a modest UK pension, and had her own full social security benefit reduced by roughly one-third of the pension amount, per the windfall elimination rules. I recently pulled the trigger on getting my own full benefits, after waiting and instead getting spousal benefits for a few years (I bought both your book and the subscription to your website and found both very helpful in our planning!!)

What Do I Do?

I received a notice from SSA today informing me that due to the Windfall Elimination Provision that my benefits have been reduced by $427/mo retroactive to my first benefit check, therefore I owe then $6784 in overpayment. I do not receive a pension. I did work as a pastor for 30 years and contributed to a 403B via payroll deduction. I have taken an annual distribution from that for about 3 years. The Church I worked for was a 501C3 corporation. SSA has the impression that I am eligible for a monthly pension-are they talking about my 403B?

How Much Will WEP Increase If I Wait Past FRA To Start Drawing My Benefits?

I am going to be hit with the Windfall Provision when I file for social security. I am currently at FRA however I recently found out that by delaying my filing date to get the 8% annual increase the Windfall Provision also goes up.
I have been unable to find out how much WEP will increase each year. I have used the your Software but that doesn't clearly spell this out. Will the Windfall increase cancel out the 8% increase? Is it worth delaying filing only to have the Windfall increase? Thanks


Is It True That My Social Security Amount Will Be Reduced If I Receive PERS Retirement?

Larry. I am a retired NV teacher in the (marvelous) PERS retirement system. I worked enough summer jobs and NV National Guard to qualify for about $900 when I turn 66.2 years old. The rumor mill out here claims that I’ll only get about $300 monthly from Social Security because I’m receiving PERS money. Please, tell me the rumor mill is wrong !!!!!


Will My Retirement Benefits From Brazil Reduce My Benefits In The USA Or Make Me Ineligible?

I have worked in Brazil and US. I am receiving retirement benefits from Brazil and now have filed in the US. They requested that I file for SSA795 and also send documents proving amounts received in Brazil.
Will this reduce my benefits in the USA or cause it to be denied?