Non-Covered Pension - WEP / GPO

Will It Affect The Calculation Of My U.S. Social Security Benefits If I Receive A Canadian Pension?

I'm a Canadian citizen, born in Canada in 1957. I moved to the U.S. in 1983 to go to graduate school, and have been here ever since (and am now a U.S. citizen). I worked for several years (1975-83) in Canada prior to moving, mainly summer jobs, so I made contributions to the Canada Pension Plan, but not a lot. I am currently eligible for a little over $100/month from the CPP.

Is It True That My Wife Won't Be Able To Collect Spousal Benefits Because I Took Disability Benefits?

My wife had only about 10 years of full time work in which SS taxes applied prior to her age 48. At 48, she took a job as a teacher which no longer has any SS taxes being paid. She is now 60 and has 12 years into the state’s retirement system and it seems that every year she continues to work only reduces what little SS benefit she had accrued. Given some health issues, and her age, it is highly unlikely she will be able to accrue any meaningful retirement benefit from her teaching.

Will My Social Security Benefit Be Reduced If I Receive My Husband's Pension When He Dies?

My husband receives a pension and we have chosen the option where if he dies i receive his pension. If my husband dies and I am receiving social security will my benefit be reduced because I am receiving his pension. Because WEP definitely reduced his social security benefit and Iḿ wondering whether that transfers to the widow if she begins to receive the pension. Thank you for your help.


If I Pay My Self-Employment Taxes Early In 2022 Can I Still Retire Effective With January 2022?

Due to being an Educator in an affected state for 10 years, I "only" have 29 years of SS Substantial Earnings, meaning I'm subject to a low monthly WEP Penalty if I retire in 2021 until I pass. For this and some other reasons, I'm putting it off until 2022. I want my last year of working in 2021 (before Retirement) to be in a 1099 Independent Contractor-type of Job, specifically as a Courier. Two related questions, please:

Will My Survivor Benefits Be Affected By WEP And GPO?

I turned 69 years old on Oct. 8, 2020. I am not a US citizen, I have not worked in the USA, I am a resident outside the USA, my country has no social security agreement with the USA. I worked in my country as a teacher and has retired a long time ago. My husband died recently from a service connected disease so I qualify for the survivor benefit even if I am not a US citizen and Not a US resident. My question is whether my survivor benefit will still be affected by WEP and GOP given that my own retirement benefit was from my own government work.

Can My Wife's Benefit Be Increased Based On The Spousal Benefit?

My wife is retired and receives a pension from the County of Los Angeles. During her working years, she had a small business and contributed enough to qualify for Social Security. She started her Social Security benefit at 62 and it was substantially reduced by WEP. I am 60 and will retire within the next five years. My FRA is 67. I am retired from the USMC and receive a pension from the military. I know I will get my Social Security benefits when I retire from my current job but can my wife's benefit be increased based on the spousal benefit?


Am I Correct That WEP And GPO Won't Affect My Wife's SS?

I will retire from teaching in a public school in Ohio with STRS after 35 years next year. My wife paid into social security for the past 40 years. I haven't paid much into SS so do not expect to receive any at age 65. However, I want to make sure my wife is able to recieve all of Social Security she earned through her own work. Am I correct to assume that WEP or GOP will not affect her own SS? Wiil she stop getting her own social security if I pass away and she becomes the beneficiery of my STRS pension?

Will My Retirement Amount From The U.S. Be Reduced Because Of My Work In Uruguay?

I worked many years in Uruguay before moving to US. Now I get to the necessary age to retire there for those years.
Now I am a US citizen and I have worked here enough to get my SS retirement. Is my retirement amount in US going to be reduce since I have the one in Uruguay. I am a citizen of both countries.
thanks for your explanation