Non-Covered Pension - WEP / GPO

Has Anyone At The Federal Level Considered Reducing This Year's Substantial Earnings Amount Given The Current Economy?

Larry, I continue to work, have a small monthly pension from a state retirement fund and am collecting Social Security benefits. My monthly SSA benefit checks are reduced somewhat with the WEP based on my state (CO) retirement pension. I have been whittling that WEP deduction down each year by continuing to work and currently have logged 27 years of Substantial Earnings, with three to go before that WEP deduction is completely eliminated. I see that the published Substantial Earnings (SE) minimum for 2020 is $25575.

Can I Receive My Full Social Security And A Survivor Pension From My Wife's Civil Service Work?

My wife is retired from federal government civil service. She pays for survivors benefits to be paid to me upon her passing. I will draw from my social security at retirement. Will I be entitled to all of the survivors benefit as well as my full social security if she passes before me? Thank you


Can I Delay My 401a Pension Payouts Until Age 70 To Defer GPO Offset?

I am trying to find out two things regarding the Government Pension Offset provision: I currently work in higher education that does not pay into SS. I hope to retire soon...I have a 401A pension plan through the university.

My question is twofold:

1. Once I retire, can I delay by 401a pension payouts until 70 in order to get the full Survivor Benefit that is available due to the death of my husband (he paid into SS his whole life)?

Will I Receive My Full Social Security Benefits Even Though I Receive A CSRS Survivor Benefit?

I’m currently receiving a survivors annuity from my wife who was a post office employee under the CRSR programMeaning she did not pay into Social Security she paid into a retirement pension will I be able to receive my full Social Security benefits even
Even though I’m Receiving survivors benefits


Yes, receipt of a federal CSRS survivor pension would have no effect on any type of Social Security benefits for which you may be eligible.

Best, Jerry

How Will SSA Calculate The WEP Guarantee If You Become Eligible For A New Non-Covered Pension?

The Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP) guarantee is based on 50% of the amount (in U.S. dollars) of your non-covered pension in your first month of concurrent entitlement to the non-covered pension and Social Security benefits. How will SSA calculate a new pension amount, to subtract 50% of the amount of non-covered pension or introduce some adjustments to this amount like COLA or others.
Thank you


Can I Get Credit For Additional Years Of Substantial Earnings After I'm Age 62?

I'll be subject to WEP and am wondering if I can contribute past age of 62 (not yet receiving benefits) to have a few more years of substantial income counted toward the calculation.

Also, I would qualify at age 62 if all years were averaged until that point. Do you think that the bill is going to pass? S. 3401: Equal Treatment of Public Servants Act of 2020


Shouldn't My Mother Be Able To Receive Her Maximum Social Security Benefits In Spite Of Her German Pension?

Hi Larry,
I have a question on behalf of my mother. She worked 30 years in the US and about 10 years in Germany. She is 85 and receives social security from the US and Government retirement funds from Germany. However, although she paid quite a bit into SS they reduced her benefits significantly because of her Germany pension. Is this correct? Shouldn't she be able to receive her maximum SS benefits regardless of her Germany pension? She only receives about $600 per month from Germany.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Why Does Your Software Show My Wife Getting A Spousal Rate Of Zero?

I have your MaxSS software but am confused why it returns a $0 spousal benefit for my wife.

I turn 70 this April and will be starting my SS benefit that month. Wife turns 63 this October and is retiring from public school teaching this May with a school pension. She also has ten years significant prior SS earnings.