Can Your Software Calculate Benefit Rates For People Who Retire Early But Want To Wait Until Age 70 To Claim Benefits?

Feb 10 2020 - 1:46pm

Hi Larry,
I have been unable to find a retirement calculator that reflects my desire to stop working at age 65 (stop receiving income) but delay filing until age 70. The SSA calculator assumes you will work up until the time you file for benefits which is not my desire. Does your Maximize My Social Security site provide calculators such as that, or could you recommend a planning resource that does? I would like to be able to take my earnings history from the SSA site and plug in future projected earnings to play with different retirement scenarios.


Hi Chris,

Absolutely. Our software ( allows you to accurately calculate your benefit rate using the earnings history that you can download from Social Security's website, and also allows you to add future projected earnings into the calculations. Future earnings are not presumed, though, as is the case with most estimates provided by Social Security, so it sounds like the software should be exactly what you're looking for.

Best, Jerry