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Will I Still Be Eligible For Benefits If I Turn 62 Shortly Before My Husband's Disability Benefits Change To Retirement Benefits?

My husband is disabled and will turn 66 on October 18, 2021. If I turn 62, 11days before his disability changes, can I still be eligible to receive benefits? Also, I was teaching and paying into the Texas Retirement System, but I had to drain my retirement account due to medical issues. I have worked in the private sector before teaching , so I know what my SSI will be @67. To fill in the gap, I substitute teach but I can’t pay into TRS. I hope you can give me a definitive answer, because the SSI Blue Book leaves a lot to be desired

Saturday, May 29, 2021 - 15:55

Can My Wife Take Her Benefits Before Her FRA And Take Spousal Benefits Later?

Im planning on taking my social security at 70 since my wife is 4 years younger and higher survivor benefits. My wife does have retirement benefits but less than half of mine. If she takes her benefits before her fra can she take the spousal later at her fra or is deemed to be taking both. Thanks

Thursday, May 27, 2021 - 09:47

Can I Retire At 62 If I'm On SSD?

I'm 58 and on ssd for lung cancer can I retire at 62 or will I lose some of my money i receive now

Hi. If I understand your question correctly, you're receiving Social Security disability (SSDI) benefits and you want to know if you can collect Social Security retirement benefits at age 62. You can't collect both SSDI and Social Security retirement benefits at the same time. You could switch from SSDI to Social Security retirement benefits at age 62, but if you do so your monthly rate would then be reduced for age.

Monday, May 24, 2021 - 21:29

Am I Able To Retroactively Get The Three Months Of Benefits I Missed?

I am 67 years old and got my first payment for April in May of last year. I turned 66 on January 28th of 2020 and was eligible at that time. I went to the SS office as I had had some problems with my 2017 tax return as the numbers contributed to SS were more than they should have been. The IRS instructed me to get an updated W2 or a letter from this employer. I got the letter and the IRS excepted it. When I went to SS, twice two different offices I was told I needed an amended W2.

Wednesday, May 5, 2021 - 14:17

Can I Claim Social Security On My Husband's Account And Let My Own Rate Grow Until Age 70?

My husband started getting social security at his full retirement age. I am 62 and plan to work until 70. Can I claim social security on his account. I understand I will not get 50% of his benefit because I am not at FRA. My question is if I claim tbe benefit now but work until 70, will I get my eligible benefit at the age of 70 or will get the beneft as if I retired at 62.


Wednesday, April 28, 2021 - 13:07

Would My Strategy Work If I File In Two Different Months?

Following up on my question earlier today: "Can I Claim Retroactive Spousal Benefits Based On A Restricted Application And Later Claim My Own Benefits Retroactively?" (Thenk you for that answer)
Would my strategy work if I filed in two different month rather than the same month (June and July). I would then pay back my Dec. HSA contribution so I'm clear on the 6 month rule.

If I call SS on July 1 to apply for my benefits to begin that same month, will they?

Monday, April 26, 2021 - 17:06

Can I Claim Retroactive Spousal Benefits Based On A Restricted Application And Later Claim My Own Benefits Retroactively?

I turned 70 1/3/21. My spouse turned 66 summer of '20 and started taking her SS workers benefit. I contributed to an HSA thru 2020 and so need to wait until 7/1/21 to begin taking SS benefits b/c Medicare starts 6 mos before enrollment in order to finish 2020 contributions to my HSA. To get my max due benefit, can I file a restricted appl. for spousal benefits only on 7/1 get 6 mos retroactive spousal pymts - and then apply for my benefits (a week or two later?) and get 6 mos retroactive payments of mine? I have received two opposite responses when from different SS employees.

Monday, April 26, 2021 - 15:11
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