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Will I Be Able To Draw Off Of My Second Husband If He's Not Retirement Age?


Hi Larry, I am trying to plan for my retirement, I am 59. I was married 19 years to my first husband., who is retired military. I do receive a monthly retirement from him. I am remarried 20 years now. My second husband is 9 years younger than me. My question is, would I be able to draw off of my second husband if he is not of retiring age? will I need to draw on my own? I am wanting to retire at 62. Thanks you for your help. Lena

Hi Lena,

Is There Any Reason To Switch From Spousal Benefits To My Own Benefits?


Hi. Are there any reasons I should switch from getting my spousal benefit to my own benefit? The Story: At my FRA (age 66, in 2016) I took a spousal benefit, and have been gathering DRCs on my own benefit. I'll be age 70 later this year, but MMSS calculations show that, even with the DRCs thru age 70, my own benefit amount will still be less than my currently-received spousal benefit.

Can My Husband Claim His Social Security In January And Still Receive The Six Month Retroactive Lump Sum?


I am collecting my Social Security and my husband is collecting spousal benefits. He will turn 70 in July, 2020. We do not want to increase our income this year due to tax reasons and Medicare IRMAA income limits. Collecting his full Social Security for half of this year would put us over the income limit for IRMAA and force us to pay the Medicare surcharge in 2022.

Am I Correct In My Understanding Of How My Benefit Amount Would Be Calculated If I File At Age 62?


I hope I can make my inquiry understood, it's a bit confusing hence my questions.
1. Am I right in understanding that when I apply for benefits at 62, I will receive the larger of either my own benefit amount, or half of my husband's benefit, minus 30% for either option since I will be retiring before FRA?
2. Will the calculation include the delayed retirement credits he earned, or will it be based on his primary amount without allowing for the credits?

If I Elect A Lump Sum For 6 Months Of Retroactive Benefits Will It Be Smaller Because I've Been Receiving Spousal Benefits?


I am receiving a spousal benefit based on my wife's benefit. I turn 70 in December of this year. If I elect a lump sum for the previous six months will it be smaller because I have been receiving the spousal benefit?


Yes, you can't be paid both your own benefits and your spousal benefits for the same month(s). Therefore, if you elect to start your own benefits retroactively, the spousal benefits you've already been paid for those months will be deducted from your back pay.

When My Disability Benefits Stop Can I Switch To Drawing Survivor Or Retirement Benefits?


I am 63 years old and has been receiving SSDI. Recently I started working again while on SSDI and plan to work for longer than 9 months while receiving about $4,000 each month. I understand that after 9 months the social security will stop issuing social security disability checks. However, according to SSA I would still be considered disabled as SSA has not had a chance to reevaluate if my disability ended.

Do You Have Advice On The 'Deal' That I Was Offered?


After filing benefits start at 70 this Aug, SSA agent called w/ retroactive offer going back year (started online app Jan so retro 6 months to July 2019, thou submitted app this May). I never heard such thing. Offer is lump sum 9 months retro 18K (wow). Catch is benefit, for life, as filed 7/19, 13 months earlier. Was pressured on call to decide then. I said had do math. Told had decide very soon. Agent called back less 24 hours later asking, "you decide yet?".