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If I'm Fired Can I Start Getting My Widow's Benefits?


Hi Larry I am 58 and my husband died a few months ago. I want to retire at 62. Should I get my husbands ss. And wait to apply for mine? Also I have an ex husband that I can claim ss on. How should I work this put to my benefit? One last question, my job is kinda iffy due to 19, if I am fired can I start getting my widowers benefits?


I'm sorry for your loss.

If My Sister Files For Her Own Benefits Now Will It Reduce Her Future WIdow's Benefits?


Hi Larry, My sister's husband died in November 2015 at 65 years. He hadn't filed for Soc. Sec. Five years later my sister is 62 years old.

1) If she files for her own Soc. Sec. now, at an age reduced amount, would that early filing affect her available amount from her husband's surviving spouse Soc. Sec. at her Full Retirement Age of 67yr. 2m?

Could My Girlfriend File For Her Benefit Now And Then Switch To Half Of My Benefit When We Marry?


I am 68 and my girlfriend is 66. I don't intend to file for social security benefits until I am 70. We intend to marry at that time. Her benefit now would be around $1,586 and my benefit at 70 will be close to $3,400. The question is, can she file for her benefit now and then when we marry, would she be able to switch and get 50% of my benefit?


Is There A Fix For My Problem?


I made a big mistake and filed for ex spousal benefits one month before my FRA. I have been collecting for 1 year and 1 month. I want to file to collect under my own earnings. When I called SSA they quoted me my own earnings amount??? I asked about the deeming issue but they were clueless. Please say there is a way to fix this or I will be out $2,000 a month. Thanks Linda

Hi Linda,

If I Start Drawing Reduced Spousal Benefits And My Husband Dies Before I Reach FRA Can I Wait Until FRA To Get An Unreduced Survivor Rate?


My spouse took his SS benefit at his full retirement age. If I decide to take SS benefit at age 63 (34 months early) and increase my benefit by opting for a spousal benefit instead I realize I'll be receiving a reduced benefit. My question is... If my spouse then dies before I reach my full retirement age will my survivor benefit be reduced automatically because I've opted for a spousal benefit instead of my own or do I have the option to remain on my spousal benefit amount and delay survivor benefit until I reach full retirement age?

Would I Be Allowed To File For Spousal Benefits Now And Wait Until FRA To Switch To My Own Benefits?


Hi Larry,

I'm 64 . My husband is 70 and he has been collected SS benefits since age 68. I want to file for benefit but not sure to file spousal or my own. My estimated PIA will be slightly lower than my husband. if I apply for spousal benefits now and wait till my FRA (66 and 4 mo.) to switch to my personal benefits, will that be allowed? If allowed, what is the consequence?

Thanks in advance for your time. Your expertise is greatly appreciated!


Hi Suk,