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Am I Out Of Luck?


In August 2014, having reached my FRA, my disability benefit automatically converted to a retirement benefit. I immediately applied for spousal benefits and filed form 521 to withdraw my retirement benefit as if I had never filed for a retirement benefit thus allowing me to accumulate delayed retirement credits. Upon request, I payed back the one retirement benefit check I had received. So far, everything had been confirmed in writing as expected. In May 2018, I applied for my retirement benefits to start at age 70.

Am I Correct That My Wife Couldn't Start Receiving Spousal Benefits Until I Start Drawing My Benefits?


Today is 9-1-18. My 66th FRA birthday is in 3.5 months (12-16-18). My wife does not have/will never have enough work credits to draw a benefit on her own work record in the U.S. Her 67th birthday is 10-17-18. We have no children. My monthly benefit per SS at FRA is 2,750$/month. If I postpone filing until I'm 70, then between the two of us we are not collecting 2,750 + 50% of 2,750 for 4 years or about 198,000$ (ignoring both cola increases and inflation).

Is It True That I Can't File For Widow's Benefits Because I Was Born In 1956?


Can I apply for Widow's benefits at age if I was born in 1956?
I am still working and turned 62 this year. I wanted to file for widow's Benefits first and then switch to my at age 70.
I was told I would not be able to do this. My husband passed away a few years ago at age 71.
He had been collecting SS since he was 64. My SS will be higher then the widow's benefits at age 65, but it sill makes since to let my grown more until 70. If I am in good health.

If I Want To Start Collecting Benefits At Full Retirement Age, What Should I Request As My Starting Date?


If my birthday is 6 Jul and I want to start collecting Social Security at full retirement age do I need to request 6 Jul as starting date or 1 Aug for example. Will that make any difference? Also, if I start collecting 1Aug, do my earnings for that year (Jan through Jul) will count towards retirement or just full years?