Filing For Benefits

Am I Filing Too Early?

I have an appt with SSA to file for benefits on April 29, 2019. I will be 70 on August 5, 2019, and don't want to my benefits to start until I am 70. Will I be filing too early if I do it on April 29?
Also I am subject to WEP so it is more complicated than most. I am going to buy your software so I am informed when I go in for my appt. If the numbers your software give me are different than the numbers they give me as to my benefit amount, how do I resolve this?

How Do I Delete An Online Application?

How do I delete an online application for social security benefits which I did not finish nor do I want to finish it? There was no option to delete the application online.


As far as I know, you can't delete an online application that you've started. If you decide not to apply, just be sure NOT to electronically sign and submit your application. Your partial application will then remain in Social Security's database so that you can resume the application at a later date if you change your mind.

Best, Jerry

When Should My Wife File Her Application?

I just applied for SS benefits to start May 1. I'll be 66 in April. My wife is 66 1/2 and will file a restricted application and ask for only her spousal benefit. What should the exact timing be for her to apply for benefits. Even though I'm not yet receiving a benefit, can she apply now? Or should she wait until I'm "on the books" and receiving a benefit?


Will My Husband Be Penalized For Waiting Until Age 69 To File For Part B Of Medicare?

I will retire Jul 1 2019.from a NYC agency. I become 65 5/22/19. My spouse has been retired and covered under my medical. We both will sign up for Medicare Part B. Will he be penalized for waiting until now that he is 69? His DOB 9/13/49. He collects SSA check since 2011 when he retired at 62. Do we apply online or in SSA office? When do I apply, since I retire 7/1/19?


Will I Be Able To Stop My Application If The Benefit Amount Is Too Low?

How would you explain a discrepancy among the retirement benefit calculators at and with agents as well as my SS Statement?
The Online Calculator, Retirement Estimator as well as my SS Statement state one amount for my PIA while the Quick Calculator, Detailed Calculator and an agent at my local SS office state a different amount. The difference is about $84, which would be 2-3 weeks of food for me, so it matters.