Filing For Benefits

What Will The Online Application Ask Me About My Plans To Continue Working?

I will be at full retirement age next month (February, 2019). I have not yet applied for social security but I plan to apply online soon. I am self-employed and plan to keep working after retirement. Because I need to anticipate what the online application form will ask me regarding my plan to continue working beyond full retirement age, can anybody explain what the online form will require as it pertains to my plan to continue working (questions, documents, etc)?


Why Am I Unable To File Online?

I will be 66 in February, 2019. I tried to apply online for social security but it won't let me past the first page. I get the error "We cannot create an account for the social security number you entered". I know it is correct, of course. The only thing I can think of is that the system already has my SS # since I filed for Medicare a year ago.

I need answers, as I refuse to use the local Social Security office. I must get this done online. Please advise!


Which Month Should I Choose In Order To Get My FRA Benefit Rate?

I turn my FRA of 66 this April 15th 2019 (Born 1953). I began a Retirement application with the SSA to begin collecting my benefits as soon as possible after hitting my FRA.
My question is in the section where they ask when I want my benefits to begin, do I put April 2019 or May 2019 ? I want to make sure I receive 100% of my FRA benefit.

Thank You


How Can I Get Social Security To Process My Payments?

Dear Larry,
I filed for SS at a local office when turned 65, but was denied as the clerk was unaware that my 20+ years of work in Canada can be added to my 6 US credits. I filed an appeal online, but was ignored even though I got a confirmation that it was received. Then I sent another appeal with all the paperwork to a PO Box in Maryland. Once again, no reply. It has been 3 years since I was supposed to get my SS. How can I get them to reply and process my payments? The phone contact is beyond dysfunctional.
Thank you


When Can I File My Restricted Application For Spousal Benefits?

I was at the Social Security office today, offering paper work for my wife'=
s application. As I was there, I wanted to know if I had to wait until I turned 66 to file an restricted application, I turn 66 in March 2019, the young lady told me that I didn't need to wait since I was filling against my wifes earnings, Everything I have read indicated I would have to waituntil I turned 66 to file my restricted application, Which is correct??
Thanks for your help

Hi Ken,

Should I Put Any Comments In The Remarks Section Of My Application?

Good morning, and thank you in advance for your help with this. Your book, software and website have been our guiding lights this past year of planning and deciding, thank you very much, our strategy is determined, and we are ready to implement. Fortunately, we both have substantial earnings, I am currently 63.8 years and will begin collecting my benefits first, and then my husband will file and restrict his application to collect spousal benefits beginning next June when he reaches age 66.

Why Does Social Security Need The Birth Last Names Of My Current And Former Spouse?

I just completed the online application process and have placed it in hold status. One question I don't understand - why do they need the birth last names of my current and former spouse? These are not the names on their SS records. I'm concerned this could cause a mismatch and produce a delay later when my spouse files a restricted application for spousal benefits. My spouse did not change her name when we married and continues to use her last name from a previous marriage. The name I used in the application for spouse information does not match mine or her current last name.

Which Application Form Will Be Used When I File For Widow's Benefits?

My husband was receiving Social Security disability benefits upon his death at age 59 in 2013. I am age 62 and want to file for my widow’s benefit to be effective January 2019. As the higher wage earner I want to wait until age 70 to take my own retirement benefits. When I apply at the Social Security office will Social Security be using Form SSA-10 (Application for Widow’s Insurance Benefits) or Form SSA-1-BK (Application for Retirement Insurance Benefits)? Or something else? I want to complete the appropriate application form in advance so I am better prepared.