Filing For Benefits

How Soon Do I Need To Contact Social Security To Switch To My Own Social Security?

Hi Larry. I will be 70 years old in March of 2021. I started drawing my deceased husband's social security in Jan of 2017 at my full benefit age of 66. At the time there was about $50 difference between his and mine. I opted to collect his and wait until I turn 70 in order to switch to my social security in order to collect more at that time. How soon do I need to contact the Social Security Administration to switch to my social security and are there any suggestions or advice you can give me to make this process go smoothly? Thank you.


Why Is It So Hard To Apply For Social Security?

why is it so had to apply for social security especially when you know you are eligible


I don't know what kind of problems you've encountered, but in most cases it's not that difficult to apply for benefits. The current pandemic has caused a lot of problems for Social Security, though, and while their offices are closed to the public the only options for filing are either a) online (, or b) by telephone.

How Should I Answer The Application Question Asking What Month Benefits Should Start?

The question on the social security application reads Benefits should start in ? Options are 1/20 through calendar until 11/20 no 12/20. My birthday is 10/23/1950. If I answer 11/20 will I receive a check in November. My understanding Is for social security purpose I am considered 70 on 10/1/20 and should receive my first check in November


How Do I Go About Switching From Spousal Benefits To My Own Benefits?

Thank you for the Maximize my Social Security software. We have been using it for several years and and also read your book. We really appreciate your work, thank you.
Wife took Social Security at 62 in 2018 (diagnosis of cancer but healthy now!)
I took restricted (born in 1951) at that time
I am now retiring and would like to take my own Social Security benefits. I prefer to do this online but I’m not certain of the procedure. Do you have any guidance on this?

Can My Wife And I File Online?

I am currently receiving spousal benefits under a restricted application that I filed at age 66. Once I turn 70, I want to apply for my full retirement benefit and have my wife apply for a spousal benefit. Is it possible to do this online or on the phone or must we go in person to the Social Security office? By the way, I recently purchased Maxifi and love it!


What Month Should I Claim My Benefits To Get Them As Early As Possible?

My DOB is 12/1/1958 so I will be 62 this year. What effective month should I use to get my benefits as early as possible?



The earliest month that you can qualify for Social Security retirement benefits is the first month that you're age 62 for the full month. So, since you'll be 62 for the entire month of December, you could claim your retirement benefits as early as that month. Social Security pays benefits a month behind, though, so your benefit for December won't be paid to you until January.