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When Should I File For My Own Benefits?

My wife filed for SS retirement benefits at her FRA. She was born in October, 1953. I then filed for spousal benefits (under her work record). I was born in June 1952. I reach 70 years of age this June and would like to file for retirement benefits under my own work record. when should I request (file) that change? Further, will my wife have to request (file) for spousal benefits under my work record after my request is approved, or will SS automatically increase her benefit?

Hi. You can apply up to 4 months in advance of the month that you want to claim your benefits, so you could apply now if you'll reach age 70 in June 2022. Social Security won't automatically increase your wife's benefits, though. If she qualifies for benefits as a spouse she'll need to file an application for those benefits. Your wife wouldn't have to wait until your claim is approved to file her application. She could apply as soon as you file your application, or shortly thereafter.

Best, Jerry

Apr 18 2022 - 5:59pm
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