Divorced Widow(er) Benefits

Will SSA Really Suspend My Survivor Benefits When I Reach Age 62?

I will be 60 in a few months and have applied for my divorced deceased ex spouse benefit with SSA. The representative said that I fall under new regs implemented a few years ago and that I will be notified a few months prior to my 62nd birthday requesting that I apply for my own social security benefit. If I don't then my divorced deceased ex spouse benefit will be suspended. I asked for the POM Manual regs.

Is A Divorced Widow Required To Apply For Her Ex-Husband's Social Security?

Is a divorced widow required to apply for her X husband's social security. I have a client whose apartment rent is based on income and it would dramatically increase should she HAVE TO accept his benefit rate? This might force her to move...


No one is actually required by Social Security to file for benefits, but there can be consequences for not filing. For example, if a person is receiving Supplemental Security Income (SSI) they must file for any Social Security benefits for which they are eligible or else their SSI payments will stop.

Can I Get Full Ex-Spouse Survivor Benefits If I Take Retirement Or Spousal Benefits First?

Can I receive full ex-spouse survivor benefits if I took either of these options first
1. Take ex-spousal benefits ( half his record) at 66 leaving my record to grow to age 70. I would be receiving about $200 less than on my own record for those four years to get about $300 more for life at 70. If I am eligible for full ex-survivor benefits I would be receiving about $800 more than my age 66 benefit and about $500 more than my age 70 benefit, depending on the death of my ex-husband

If My Ex-Husband Dies Before My Present Husband Could I File For Survivor Benefits On His Record?

I am 60 and presently married for the 2nd time. My ex-husband was a CEO and had substantial income particularly at the end of his career (in excess of $1 million a year). I was married to my ex-husband for over 10 years and have now been divorced from him for over 15 years. I plan to apply for reduced benefits under my account at age 62 -- my PIA is 1350. Then to apply at age 64 for excess spousal benefits (once my husband [PIA 2900] has begun receiving his benefits -- he plans to file for benefits at age 65).

Can My Mother Also Draw Benefits From Another Husband's Record?

My 86 yr old mother was married 3 times. For a number of years, she has been drawing SS spousal benefits from her 2nd husband. Can she also draw SS spousal benefits from her 3rd husband (my dad). They were married for more than 10 years when they divorced and he is now deceased.

My dad was also a veteran of 2 wars. He was drawing VA benefits when he died. Is my mother eligible for any veterans benefits because of his service? Thank you.


If My Ex-Husband Dies Will I Be Able To Collect Social Security On His Record?

Hi Larry,

I was married to my ex-husband for 22 years. I remarried, but that marriage ended after just 7 years. I started collecting SSDI at the age of 62-63, but now since I’m 65 years old I’m receiving regular social security. My ex-husband who I was married to for 22 years and is 63 years old is in ill health. He is in the process of applying for SSDI, but if denied he will start collecting his regular social security sometime this year.

Does This Change My Situation?

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Apr 17 2018 - 3:40pm

Thank you for your quick response - it is much appreciated. I was probably not as clear as I should have been.
To confirm, my Ex-husband turned 62 years old on 1/24/16 and he passed on 2/19/16 prior to receiving his first social security check. Does this change the situation? and would i only be entitled to half of his benefit at age 62?

Thank you again!