Divorced Widow(er) Benefits

Would I Be Able To Draw Higher Benefits On My Deceased Ex-Husband's Record?

I was married to my ex-husband for 28 years before divorcing. I remarried and so did he. He passed away about 8 years later and received SSD and a Veterans disability at the time of his death. Would I be able to draw his higher amount of SS since we both remarried? How can I find out how much that amount would be? I am 63 now and having a lot of health problems and would love to go ahead and retire and enjoy what time I have left.


Why Am I Not Getting As Much As I Was Told?

My ex-husband passed away in 2/2019. He was collecting his SS of $2,180.60. The representive informed me that I could collect $2,180.60 once I turned 66 in 10/2019 because I'm now 65 years old I could Now collect $2,120.10 NOW. it would be my choice. I choose to take the $2,120.10 now. Within a week later they placed over $2,000. in my bank account. The next week I received a letter indicating that I would only receive $1,798. I feel they are cheating me. What can I do about this? 1. What happen is me getting 100% since we were married over 10 years? 2.

Will I Receive A Higher Benefit Amount When My Ex-Spouse Dies?

I had been drawing off of my ex spouse's benefits; when I reached age 70 I started to draw from my own. When my ex spouse dies will I receive a higher amount and will that change automatically or do I have to apply for it. I have not been in contact with him for 20 years and would not know if he were to die.


If your ex-spouse's benefit rate is higher than your own benefit rate, it sounds like you'd be eligible for his or her higher rate as a survivor. You'd only get the higher of his rate or your rate, however, not both.

Can I Go Back And Claim Benefits On My Deceased Ex-Husband's Account For The Years When I Was Age 62 To 66?

I am 67 and retired collecting my own social security. I was just told that I could have been collecting my deceased ex-husands social security when I turned 62 until I retired at age 66 then switch to my social security. We were married 14 years and I am not married. Can I go back & collect from his social security from age 62 to 66?


Would My Drawing Divorced Survivor Benefits Have A Negative Impact On My Ex's Widow?

Hi. I went to the SSA office to apply for my benefits having just turned 62. The woman who helped me told me that I was eligible for divorced widow benefits which had never occurred to me. This would benefit me pretty significantly but I want to make sure that it does not have a negative impact on his wife at the time of his death.

He and I were married for 13 years - 81 to 94. He was married to his second wife for less than 10 years and they had a minor child at the time of his death in 06.

How Can I Prove That My Common Law Marriage Lasted 10 Years?

I was common law married to my ex for 10 years before we married for two years before divorcing. He died last year. I have a child by him who was born the first year in our common law marriage. My question is: I am trying to claim his benefits and they want proof of common law marriage. I thought it would be easy since we filed our tax returns together but have since found out you can only go back 4 years for the transcripts. We were common law married in the 90's. Any suggestions?


Would My Sister's Survivor Rate Be The Same Even If She Starts Drawing Before Her Full Retirement Age?

Larry, my sister just found out her ex-husband of more than 10 years died in August. He had filed for Social Security in 2017 and was receiving a monthly benefit of about $2700. She will turn 66 on Feb. 2 of 2019. She has been told by a SS representative that she can file for a deceased divorced spousal benefit now and get payments back to his death. When she asked if she should wait until her FRA she was told it wouldn't make any difference, the payment would be the same. Is this correct?