Divorced Widow(er) Benefits

Can I Collect On My Ex's Record If I'm Remarried?

I am 58 years old. I married my second husband at age 51. My own earnings record is dismal. (Projected benefits of $300 month). My husband is 62 and is currently collecting SSDI of $1200/month. (And has been for 5 years). I have a previous marriage of over 10 years. My ex-husband is a very high earner and I suspect his SS benefit would be about as high as one could get. We are willing to divorce after 10 years of marriage if it means I will be able to collect on my ex's record.

Can I Draw Additional Benefits If My Ex-Spouse Dies?

I draw only $700/mo from early application for SS (started at 63), I was married for 15 years and have been divorced for 10 from a man who is drawing disability of $1200. If he passes away after I reach full retirement age, am I able to draw a supplemental amount? Like $500 to supplement to his full amount? And would that be a different answer if his money is SSI instead of SS disability?


Can I Draw Survivor Benefits On My Ex's Record If I'm Remarried?

If my ex husband dies, can I collect on his social security even though I remarried. I'm 68 and draw on my own ss but it's not much. My current husbands ss is really small because he worked for the state and didn't pay in for 20 years.


You couldn't receive survivor benefits on an ex's record as long as your current marriage continues, unless your current marriage took place on or after your 60th birthday.

Best, Jerry

Will My Divorced Spousal Benefits Be Automatically Adjusted If My Ex Dies?

I am receiving ex spouse Social security benefits. I am 67, not married. I have read about ex spouse widow benefits and I have a question concerning that. Since I am not in contact with my ex, if an he passes before me, will my benefits be adjusted to the ex widows amount automatically?


Yes, since you are already drawing benefits on your ex's record, your benefit rate would automatically be adjusted upward in the event of his death.

Best, Jerry

Could Anything Be Done To Prevent My Mother's Ex-Husband From Getting Benefits On Her Record?

Mother died of cancer a 2 yrs. ago. She had no will, but made her adult daughter 'power of attorney'. Mother was divorced from step-father for 6 yrs. They had been married 10 yrs.! Step-father immediately started collecting dead ex-wife's social security.
1.. Would it have made a difference if mother had a will to challenge his actions?
2. Does the natural born daughter (power of attorney) have any legal rights to her mother's social security? The mother would not have wanted this to happen!

Can I Switch To Drawing Survivor Benefits On My Ex-Husband's Record?

My ex spouse and I divorced in 2003, after more than 10 years of marriage. I began receiving social security disability on or right around that time. He never remarried. I remarried in 2013 and my husband died 364 days later. I began receiving survivor benefits after his death. My ex husband also passed away in 2015, after receiving on one SS retirement check. Can I change which spouse I receive the survivor benefits on,as my ex had considerable more income. Thank you Larry for any assistance you can provide me. Donna

Hi Donna,