Divorced Widow(er) Benefits

Can My Mother Receive Benefits On My Father's Record?

My mother is 81 years old, lives in Queens NY, married my father in Freeport NY 1961. My parents separated approximately in 1992, my father moved to Hamlet NC. My parents officially divorced in 2004. My father remarried in 2006. While still married to his 2nd wife my father passed away on February 29th 2016. Can my mother, his ex wife collect my father's SS since they were married for so many years? My mother his 1st wife began collecting SS when she was 65.


Are Social Security Rules Different Depending On The State In Which You Live?

Hi Larry, I need to know if the rules for SS is different from one State to another? I have two friends in Virginia, and both of them gets disability, plus both of their husbands are deceased and they draw a widows pension also. I tried to go draw on my exhusbands pension and was told I had to give up my SS to get his and it was over two hundred dollars less. The friends were not married to their husbands at the time. I hope you can help, thank you for your help, SaNdY

Hi Sandy,

Can I Still Apply For Divorced Widow's Benefits If I Remarried And Divorced Prior To Age 60?

I was divorced after 15 years, and remarried before age 60 to the very same person, then divorced again, all before the age of 60. I am receiving a reduced SS payment now at age 64. If he passes away, at 66 can I still apply for divorced widower benefits or is that remarriage to the same person before age 60 a technicality that would bar me from receiving those benefits?


Will I Be Able To Receive Full Widow's Benefits Even Though I Get Reduced Retirement Benefits?

I receive my reduced benefit of $720 at age 63. My ex receives 1200 in disability. If he passes away will I be able to Apply for 1200 in widower benefits if I have reached my full retirement age by then, even though I started receiving my own benefits early?


Will I Lose My Benefits If I Remarry?

Hello Larry,
I am 67, collecting benefits from my former ex-husband of 10 years who has been deceased for about 15 years, he never applied for his benefits. My question is if I remarry will I lose my benefits? He is still working and a widower, but I don't know if he is collecting benefits from his deceased wife. Can you give me both scenarios? Thank you for your time and effort.



Can I Draw Benefits On My First Husband's Record?

I was married to a man for 11 years who, when he passed away, was collecting SS. Since then I remarried, before the age of 60 and have been married, so far, for 13 years. My current husband is very ill and chances are I will survive him. I would like to collect on my first husbands SS when I become eligible since his amount is much greater than my second husbands. I've read that it is possible but have found no info on what makes it possible or how to go about achieving it.


I'm sorry to hear about your husband's health problems.

Is It True That I Can't Get Benefits On My First Husband's Record?

My first marriage lasted for one year. My second marriage lasted for 10 years and my ex husband died this year.
I will be 60 next year and am looking at options for retirement. I have a print out of widow benefits from my second marriage, that the local SS office gave me.
I do not know if my first husband is alive or dead. I was told at the SS office that since I was only married to him for one year, I am not eligible for any benefits from him. Is that true?


Will My Remarriage(s) Disqualify Me From Getting Surviving Divorced Spousal Benefits?

I was married to my first husband for 27 years. We divorced in 2008 when I was 52, and I remarried that same year. I subsequently divorced my second spouse 2+ years later in 2011. I was 54 at the time. My first husband has since passed away. I am currently unmarried, and have reached the age of 60. I found out a couple of years ago about the deceased widow(er) situation, and knew that not remarrying before age 60 would mean I could collect divorced widow benefits on my first husband's record.