Divorced Widow(er) Benefits

Do I Qualify For Benefits On My Ex's Record?

I was married to my ex husband for 9 years and 8 months. He remarried (twice), one wife died, the other is living. He died recently, do I qualify for his benefits?


If your divorce was final before you had been married for 10 years, you couldn't qualify for survivor benefits on your ex's record unless you have an eligible child of his in your care.

Best, Jerry

Could I Remain Married And Get Benefits From My First Husband's Record?

I have been married to my second husband for 10 years. I am 61 years old. If my first husband of 26 years becomes deceased can I collect benefits from my deceased first husband? Do I need to divorce my current husband to do this or could I remain married?


Since you remarried before age 60, you could not become eligible for survivor benefits on your first husband's record as long as you current marriage is continuing.

Best, Jerry

How Can I Get Assistance?

I was married to my ex-husband twice. The 2nd time for ten years. He died July 2017. I am disabled but finding it hard for Social Security to accept that. I am 56 years of age, and my ex-husband was receiving disability benefits up to the time of his death. How can I get the assistance. I am facing eviction, just lost my car to repossession on Friday, October 27, 2017. I am facing homelessness and after all those years with that man, I should not have to succumb to that terrible position. I was a housewife and mother to his children.

Do You Know Of Any Exceptions That Would Apply In My Case?

Have there ever been acceptions to the rule about divorced and remarried couple and social security? I was married for 25 years during my former husbands prime earning years. We agreed for me to be a stay at home mom. We divorced and I remarried at 49. I am still married and my former husband died this year. I will not take my social security until I'm 70. *I just got my denial letter from social security saying that I do not qualify for widow's benefits.

What Can I Get From Social Security?

My x husband and I divorced after 29 years he has recently past and I am 62 and he was 60 what can I get as far as social security and spousal benefits


Assuming that you aren't remarried, It sounds like you would likely be eligible for surviving divorced wife's benefits. However, your benefits would be reduced for age if you start drawing them prior to your full retirement age.

Can I Collect On My Ex's Record If I'm Remarried?

I am 58 years old. I married my second husband at age 51. My own earnings record is dismal. (Projected benefits of $300 month). My husband is 62 and is currently collecting SSDI of $1200/month. (And has been for 5 years). I have a previous marriage of over 10 years. My ex-husband is a very high earner and I suspect his SS benefit would be about as high as one could get. We are willing to divorce after 10 years of marriage if it means I will be able to collect on my ex's record.

Can I Draw Additional Benefits If My Ex-Spouse Dies?

I draw only $700/mo from early application for SS (started at 63), I was married for 15 years and have been divorced for 10 from a man who is drawing disability of $1200. If he passes away after I reach full retirement age, am I able to draw a supplemental amount? Like $500 to supplement to his full amount? And would that be a different answer if his money is SSI instead of SS disability?


Can I Draw Survivor Benefits On My Ex's Record If I'm Remarried?

If my ex husband dies, can I collect on his social security even though I remarried. I'm 68 and draw on my own ss but it's not much. My current husbands ss is really small because he worked for the state and didn't pay in for 20 years.


You couldn't receive survivor benefits on an ex's record as long as your current marriage continues, unless your current marriage took place on or after your 60th birthday.

Best, Jerry

Will My Divorced Spousal Benefits Be Automatically Adjusted If My Ex Dies?

I am receiving ex spouse Social security benefits. I am 67, not married. I have read about ex spouse widow benefits and I have a question concerning that. Since I am not in contact with my ex, if an he passes before me, will my benefits be adjusted to the ex widows amount automatically?


Yes, since you are already drawing benefits on your ex's record, your benefit rate would automatically be adjusted upward in the event of his death.

Best, Jerry