Divorced Widow(er) Benefits

Can I Collect Survivor Benefits On My Ex's Record Even If His Benefit Is Smaller Than Mine?

Can I collect survivor's divorced benefit off my ex husband even if his benefit is smaller than mine at age 66. I plan on working and would like my benefit to grow and switch to mine at age 70. I would like to work until I am 75 ....we will see.
If the above is not possible, would it be to my advantage to collect at full retirement age 66.4 ..$1654 per month or wait till I am 70 and collect $2287 per month. I most likely will break even when I am 79....I am in great health, will live long:)

Hi Doreen,

Can I Get Surviving Divorced Spouse's Benefits?

I am 70, and retired at my full benefit age of 66 in 2013. My x-spouse (we divorced in 2002) is retired & receiving Social Security. Can I get Surviving Spousal Benefits?


If your ex dies before you and you were married to your ex for at least 10 years, and if your ex's benefit rate is higher than yours and if you are unmarried or you remarried after age 60, then yes you could be eligible for surviving divorced spousal benefits.

Best, Jerry

Would I Be Eligible For Divorced Surviving Spousal Benefits?

Hello Larry
I am a 65 year old female who is employed with a salary of 58,000$
I was married for 16 years when my husband and I divorced.
I remarried and approximately 2 years later, my first husband died.
My second husband and I divorced about 4 years after the death of my first husband.
Would I be eligible for divorced survival spousal benefits?
If so, would it be better to wait until my FRA? (66).
And how does social security figure out benefits when a worker dies young?
My husband was 41 when he died.

Can I Collect My Ex-Spouse's Benefits?

I was married for 9 years many years ago and just found out that Massachusetts does not recognize my 1987 Santo Domingo divorce! If that's true, can I collect his SS benefits? He passed 2011 at 61 and I will be 66 in August. Thanks!


I can't really answer that question. I can only tell you that you must have been married for at least 10 years in order to potentially qualify for surviving divorced spouse's benefits, so if you were legally married for longer than that then it's possible that you may qualify for benefits on your ex's record.

Would I Be Able To Collect Benefits On My Ex-Spouse's Record?

My ex spouse recently passed away at age 66. I am 61.5. The marriage lasted 20 years. He re married. I did not remarry. I work full time. Would I be able to collect any benefits?


That depends on your level of earnings. It sounds like you could qualify for surviving divorced spouse's benefits, but Social Security would withhold $1 of your benefits for each $2 that you earn in excess of $17,040 this year. So, you may or may not be able to receive benefits now.

Can I Get Benefits On My Ex's Record If He Dies Outside The U.S.?

I was married to my husband for 11 years. I am 12 years older than him. When we separated in 2002, I discovered he was not an american citizen, but had come to the US on a student visa when he was 15, sponsored by his uncle. His parents came to the US when he was in college. After college he worked professional jobs until 2005 when went back to Fiji (court ordered.) My question to you, ...( The news from Fiji is..my X husband is dying of cancer.) Will I be able to file for a widows pension in the event that he passes, here in Sacramento? He is 56 now.

Will I Be Able To Collect Widow's Benefits From My 1st Husband?

I was married for 22 years and divorced, I remarried at age 45 and I'm currently divorced. My question is will I be able to collect widow social security pay from my 1st husband (marriage).


Your subsequent marriage and divorce would not affect your potential eligibility for surviving divorced spousal benefits on your first husband's record.

Best, Jerry

Is There Anything I Can Do?

About a year ago, I went to a Social Security office to ask about the possibility of collecting from my ex husband's social security, since he had passed away. I was 5 days short of the rule that you had to be married at least ten years to reveive benefits from your ex-husband. I was married on January 24th, 1986 and divorced on January 19th 1996! However, to my delight, I was told that when I turn 66, I would be entitled to my dead ex-husband's social security because he had passed away and was not remarried so no one else would have claimed it.

Can I Still Get Survivor Benefits If I Don't Have A Death Certificate?

I was married for over 10 years and my ex husband died this past year at the age of 62 . I have not remarried and I will soon turn 58.He did not remarry. My understanding from reading your book "Get What's yours......", as long as I remain single I can collect on his social security at age 60, I have divorce papers but do not have access to his death certificate, so can I still collect? I assume I would get his full benefits, but how can I determine what that would be? I assume that would be considered income (I work full time).